Hamilton, Byrd struggling at plate

Since getting off to a nice start, Reds leadoff hitter Billy Hamilton has cooled quite a  bit. He started out 4-for-9 in the first two games, but is batting .107 (3-for-28) in his last seven games. Entering the day, he’s 1-for-13 on the road trip and his last walk came when he drew two bases-on-balls April 10 — which also was the last time he stole a base after a 7-for-7 start in the first four games.

Not a coincidence, the Reds offense has also slowed since the 4-0 start, and without Devin Mesoraco’s absence.

“We’ve also had to move Brandon [Phillips] up to the four-hole without having Devin here, which I hate to say shortens our lineup but it’s certainly not the lineup we anticipated,” Reds manager Bryan Price said on Saturday morning. “Having Brandon hitting further down the lineup really gave us authoritative bat there in the back of the lineup. It’s certainly important. [Hamilton] is a big factor in our offense. He’s quite often in scoring position. He’s going to score in a myriad of ways with his speed. And it’s just one more guy for us to knock in with that middle of the order group we have. It’s pretty important that he’s on base as far as generating our offense. [But] we’ve got seven other guys that have similar responsibility to get on base and drive in runs.”

And one of those players should be Marlon Byrd, who is off to a poor start after a strong Spring Training. Byrd enters Saturday batting .132 (5-for-38) in his 10 games. He still had Price’s full support.

“We’re definitely going to have way more leeway with a veteran player that’s got career numbers,” Price said. “He’s coming off a year where he hit 25 homers and drove in over 80 runs. That doesn’t just disappear because he struggles for a 10-game stretch. I’m looking forward to him breaking out and the impact it will have on our lineup, for sure. I haven’t lost any faith that he’s going to have a real nice year for us.”


The only guys that are hitting….Votto (he always finds a way), Cozart is hitting pretty good, and Phillips got started in the Cubs series. I don’t believe Mesoroco has ever started hitting this year. He’s swinging for a home run in every at bat. Byrd swings at a lot of pitches that are eye level.
And then there is the bullpen……

Sadly if this team doesn’t change their hitting approaches as a team they are going no where but South in the standings. But oh well we Reds fans Are not supposed to expect more. Just be happy we have a MLB team. Since the only 2015 excitement is 3 days in July. Yay!😦

The Reds are due for a major overhaul. With the current roster they will be battling the Brewers for 4th place in the division. Price is one of those guys that is valuable as a coach but lacks what it takes to be the manager.

Couldn’t believe he had Bailey pitch to Carpenter. Bailey over 90 pitches in first outing. Carpenter hitting about .600 lifetime against Bailey. Parra ready and waiting.

My team is on the field … let’s just play 7🙂 … don’t even bother to put other guys out there since we play a man or two short on the roster for some periods of time every year! Does any other team do this as much as the Reds? Let’s review the Reds situation. We hit HR’s or really struggle to score. The overall approach at the plate is not great. The reality is … the lineup is just not very good. The pitching is not as good as it has been over the last several years. The bullpen (supposedly fixed in the off season🙂 ) Is awful! The manager is suspect at best. The GM has signed several players to big, long contracts that really put the team in a bind. We have other players nearing the ends of their contracts that we either really want but can’t afford them or can’t wait for the contract to be done so we can move on from them. I think it’s time to move the pieces that are worth something soon and just start the rebuilding process. Hopefully, we can rebuild quickly and in a year or two be ready to really compete again while also trending up .. instead of trying to contend while trending down. I’ve been a Reds fan my entire life 40+ years … I will always cheer for them but I’m also realistic. This team is going nowhere. It’s mediocre AT BEST … no reason to try to BS (Reds organization) us knowledgeable Reds fans … just do what needs to be done and stop pretending we are better than we are. If you (Reds Organization) really think we are good … then we have a much bigger problem than I thought!

Mitch . You’re right on the money . This organization has NO plan . Their scouting and development of talent is terrible . The veterans they continue to spend money on to “strengthen “the team are always the last ones available . I’ve said for a long time they take way to long to determine if a player is hurt enough to go on the DL . Now they will have 2 day to day players on the 25 man roster . (Hamilton ) My only guess it saves them money not to call up someone . OR Latos had a point or two about this medical staff . It really is sad . AND screw the all star game !!!!

Sorry guys I am back from vacation. Time for the Reds to get back to winning. 4 in a row when I left.

No more vacations for you.

Spell check changed my name to highly how does that happen

It’s ‘HIGHLY’ unlikely that their is an explanation. SPELL CHECK KNOWS.

Would someone please tell me why Mesoraco isn’t on the DL ?

@Old Jim
It’s ‘HIGHLY’ unlikely that their is an explanation that makes sense.

Excerpt from one of Marks on MLB.com…
Until there were two outs in the Cardinals’ sixth inning as the Reds trailed by a 3-1 score, Bailey had a chance to get a quality start. With runners on first and second, his 92nd and final pitch of the game was a 93-mph fastball lifted to the wall in right-center field by Matt Carpenter for a two-run double that broke open the game.
That made the lefty-hitting Carpenter 17-for-29 (.586) lifetime against Bailey. Manager Bryan Price had lefty reliever Manny Parra warming in the bullpen, but stuck with his starter.
“At this point in time, I felt that Homer had the stuff to get it done,” Price said. “[Carpenter] had hit the ball soft three times — a soft single his first at-bat and two soft groundball infield outs. It felt like Homer earned that right to face that hitter right there.”
Bailey allowed three hits in the first inning, but also got a double play. Matt Adams’ RBI single put Cincinnati down by a 1-0 score. Jason Heyward hit an 0-1 fastball into the right-field bullpen for a two-out home run in the second inning. Yadier Molina’s RBI double with one out in the fourth inning made it 3-0.
For only the fifth time in his career, Bailey did not record a strikeout. He said he felt fine physically.
“It’s definitely different. You can’t prepare for that, especially with the limitations I’ve had,” Bailey said. “I’m not going to use that as an excuse. Bryan asked me if I was good for the sixth. I told him I was. Then they had a few hits early in the counts. That was kind of the plan anyways, to try and get early outs. Knowing I didn’t get the same base as everybody else did, I was trying to get early outs. Doing that, you have to be in the strike zone. That’s the way it goes.”
Over his career of 21 starts vs. the Cardinals, Bailey is 6-11 with a 5.44 ERA. At Busch Stadium, he is 1-6 with a 6.56 ERA in 10 starts. St. Louis has scored four or more runs against him 11 times.

Price should be managing to Win and not worried about players feelings. I am sure he had no idea about Carpenters .586 batting average off Bailey. Great game preparation. What a joke.

“It felt like Homer earned that right to face that hitter right there.” So sad Price is so touchy feely, instead of considering that Bailey had done his job, thrown 90+ pitches in 1st ML outing, was facing a LH hitter who was batting .586 for career against Bailey. I’m sure Homer felt stroked, appreciated, and his ego was not bruised.

Price sucks .

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