Price on Corcino

Reds fans that were used to hearing about RHP Daniel Corcino being a prospect in years past might have been surprised that he was designated for assignment and claimed off waivers on Friday by the Dodgers.

Here is what Reds manager Bryan Price had to say about Corcino:


“The development has slowed,” Price said. “It doesn’t mean he’s not a big league pitcher or won’t sometime be a very good one. It’s just that the progress he had made through 2011, had slowed down a bit. I think he can pitch in the big leagues but to be really good on a good team, he’s going to have to continue to mature. And we have to protect the guys we feel are closer to helping us here. I think we had some guys ahead of him on the depth chart. That was a decision that we had to make that we felt was best for the club.”

“We lost [Ryan] Dennick too – and stuff like that. You don’t like to lose your own players. Everybody has to go through it when you’re challenged to find roster spots.”

Corcino was 11-7 with a 3.42 ERA with 34 walks and 156 strikeouts at Class A Dayton in 2011, and 8-8 with a 3.01 ERA, 65 walks and 126 strikeouts in 2012 at Double-A. But he had a 5.91 ERA at Triple-A and a 4.14 ERA at Double-A last season.

With Michael Lorenzen, Robert Stephenson, Jon Moscot and others the organization is high on, it appears that Corcino wasn’t as prominent in the future plans as he once was.


Mark, thanks for getting the 411 on Corcino. He really shocked me since he arrived in the bigs last year. Didn’t do very well; 18.2 IP, 4.34 ERA, 13 H, 10 BB, 15 SO. A guy that had it all, but lost it all in the course of less than a year. Reds invested a great deal of time and effort; guess this is one of the unsuccessful stories for the Reds.

I think his unorthodox delivery finally got to him. No consistency in locating the plate. Reminded me of the Cubs reliever (can’t remember his name….think it began with an M) that the Reds picked up last year and then let go. Could be great at times but walks killed him. Hope the Dodgers can help Corcino. Price didn’t mention that they addressed the delivery without success. I would like to believe they did.

Brett Marshall.

Mark, thank you for the inside info on Corcino. That does not change the real facts about the Reds decisions to keep people like Gregg, Parra and Badhopp. We have young talent in the minors that I would rather see the Reds take a chance with rather than keep these batting practice types on the roster. If we start to drop in the standings because of a poor middle relief crew, what then? I am sad that we cannot get some front office decisions to strengthen our staff. Have a great weekend. GO REDS!

OK boys…let’s reverse the trend tonight…like giving Johnny some support!?*

lst inning…
The old Joey, a refreshed Frazier, but a high-strike swinging Byrd.
Reds 1…

Surprising that Byrd continues to be pitched above the belt and continues to be
had by the same pitch; again and again and again. He’s been around the block…
adjust big guy; come on!

Price states he thinks Corcino can be a major league pitcher some day, but his progress has slowed since 2011. Did he miss the no hitter Corcino threw in 2012 , which went along with a pretty good year overall? I think they gave up too soon. I expect to see Corcino do well with the Dodgers.

i have to agree sandra if they think he could be a MLB pitcher someday they should have figured out how to make it happen while he was still with the reds.

They kept Gregg and Parra over young arms like Corcino and Dennick? Brilliant Walt, brilliant.

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