Barnhart called up

The Reds recalled catcher Tucker Barnhart on Friday from Triple-A Louisville and optioned catcher Kyle Skipworth to Louisville.

Also, RHP Daniel Corcino, who was DFA’d Monday, was claimed off waivers by the Dodgers.

Skipworth did not get into a game after he was called up from Double-A Pensacola. He was added catching protection when Devin Mesoraco missed the three-game series vs. the Cubs with a left hip injury.

Mesoraco is expected back for the Cardinals series.

Barnhart was batting .313 (5-for-16) with three doubles in five games for Louisville.


Interesting…Dodgers are needy; picked up both Dennick and Corcino.

Oddly, Dodgers DFA’d Dennick to make room for Corcino.

Fact of the matter is, we have now lost two options with way more upside than Kevin Gregg or Jason Marquis….Hopefully, we’ll grab Dennick back if possible.

I keep hoping the Reds will be one day be mentioned in the same breath as the Cardinals. I hope it’s before I pass on. Tired of watching my favorite team since 1972 that can’t get to the next level again since 1990!!!! Nor won a playoff series since 1995!. And the window keeps closing with zero urgency to do what it takes to get to the World Series. The Reds have Votto back and nobody else is stepping up and getting the big hit when needed. Sadly the Reds wait till it’s to late to help the team when it’s crucial like last season at the deadline. Just as it was in 2013 when they screwed up by not getting a big bat in LF when Ludwick got hurt and refused to add on at that deadline. Will Bob be happy seeing his team battling for last at the All-Star break? I had hoped when they started 4-0 I would be wrong about the Reds this season, but they have made bad decisions in the bullpen at the start of the season. And Price not using Chapman for 2 innings in the Sunday home game against the Cards. Then leaving Gregg in to face lefty hitters in the 11th when he should have used Para . But what also hurts is our bench not doing much of anything at the plate. I see the Cardinals always focused and do what it takes to win. Make adjustments. Go the other way, etc and have a plan at the plate. Why can’t this team be expected to do the same? Where is the players ticked off? And sadly Byrd isn’t the 2013 version. His bat is slowing down. I’m just bummed our front office seems more focused on the All-Star game than getting the Reds better players to get to the next level. After Cueto and Chapman leave what will be the next excuse they give fans?

Very well put .

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