Villarreal recalled; Smith optioned

The Reds recalled RHP Pedro Villarreal from Triple-A Louisville on Wednesday and optioned RHP Josh Smith back to Louisville.

Smith, who was called up on Monday, did not get into either of the last two games.

Villarreal struggled during his eight games in Spring Training, with a 13.00 ERA. He allowed at least one run in each of his last seven appearances and overall had 17 hits and 13 runs, including three homers given up.

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The Reds are in real trouble out of the pen. There are 3 guys that need to go. Why is it that management cannot understand this? Gregg, Badenhoop and Parra are those three. We have young talented pitchers in the minors that will do a much better job than these losers. Give them an opportunity which will be great experience for them also. Schumaker also needs to hit the road, he is pathetic. Changes need to be made now, not later. The Reds can win this if they can solidify the pen. They have an incredible lineup, better than average starters, but when you call upon someone to put the lights out, and they throw fastball after fastball down the middle of Broadway, well, we know the results of that.

Would have optioned Gregg. Let him work things out at Louisville, not in the bigs.
What “talented” pitchers do the Reds have in the minors? Am stumped with that one. And too much money invested in Badenhop. Give him time to learn the hitters and adjust to the NL. Parra?? Slim pickin’s in this bullpen (excluding Chapman and Cingrani). Hope Dominguez makes it back. Got three AB’s (admittedly all strike outs), and he was gone.

Villarreal ????????????? WHY?????????????????????????

Excerpt from one of Mark’s articles on…
Villarreal appeared in 12 games for the Reds last season and had some good showings. Although he had a 4.30 ERA, he left all 11 of his inherited baserunners stranded. But the results were poor as he competed for a bullpen spot in Spring Training. The 27-year-old had a 13.00 ERA in eight appearances, with 13 runs and 17 hits allowed, including three homers.
It turned out there was a partial reason behind the struggles. Before his third appearance of spring vs. the Rockies at Salt River Fields, Villarreal’s right ring finger got slammed by the bullpen door and the fingernail fell off.

How about Iglesias, Stephenson, Lorenzen, Corcino, Moscot, Dennick, shoot even Axelrod or Lecure are better than Gregg….There are a lot of good options bullpen wise for us down there.

Why bring up Smith just to send down two days later for another terrible reliever . The Reds don’t know what the hell they’re doing . What a joke .

Can’t do Dennick. Just claimed off waivers by the Dodgers.

Good enough for a contender but not the Reds . Lol

Will the beat writers ask Walt why in the world you would keep Gregg, but DFA Corcino and Dennick?. And why bring up Smith not pitch him then bring up another bad reliever in Villareal?. Do they know what the heck they are doing? They using a dart board instead of common sense?

Haven’t asked but it’s pretty simple (for now). Gregg is under contract for $1.5 million. Corcino and Dennick were at the league minimum. Dennic also didn’t have very good numbers. Veterans making some $$ tend to get a longer leash. But this can’t keep up much longer at this rate, no matter how much $ is involved.

Whoever signed Gregg needs fired .

Did Corcino get picked up off waivers. Also, thanks for the last sentence of your comment.

Glad to see were not the only one’s frustrated Mark. Losing Dennick sucks because Manny Parra isn’t that great and Dennick was our next best lefty option. Mark, can you let me know what’s going on with Amir Garrett? Is he hurt? I know the organization was real high on him before the year. But I’m not seeing any stats on him yet for the season.

Rainout on 4/15; game #2 today will be makeup game. Garrett scheduled to pitch
today in 2nd game.

He’s starting?

Game 2 Makeup of 4/15 PPD
CHA: Colome (0-0, 0.00)
DAY: Garrett (0-0, -.–)

Not too sure what happened…It wasn’t Garrett that pitched last night, instead it was Barrett, Astin (W, 1-0).

Not sure if he was rescheduled or it was a misprint, but in any event, he is scheduled for tonight’s game…FRI, APRIL 17, 7:05 PM ET, Garrett.

Ooops, nevermind my message below then. Thanks bud!

Thanks Neb! He’s one guy I definitely want to keep an eye one.

I think the Reds do too; he’s on the 40-man.

???? Garrett didn’t start game 2 yesterday for Dayton? I have no idea whats going on with him?

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