Game 9: Reds at Cubs

First pitch at 8:05 p.m. ET

Hamilton 8

Votto 3

Frazier 5

Phillips 4

Byrd 7

Bruce 9

Pena 2

Cozart 6

Marquis 1


Mark, when is Devon coming back? Any updates on his hip problem? Thanks

Mesoraco will be day to day for 10 or 11 days while the Reds play a man short . Then they’ll put him on DL retroactive . This is how they operate . Terrible organization .

Who saw “what” in Gregg that keeps him on the 25 man roster?

They can’t cut Gregg, then They’d look terrible for keeping him the first place. This is all a power move, and it’s completely blowing up in the organization’s face. Huge Reds fan, and always will be. But I’m loving this one. Gregg shouldn’t even be on ANY MLB roster, and we keep throwing him out there in the 8th inning or close games just so that Price and the organization can maybe eventually say….”That’s why we kept him.” Problem is, it’s never going to happen.

Phillips batting 4th for last three games…
7 for 13
.538 BA

You know I was just thinking about all the people on here last year who kept saying play Meso every game I think we now know why the Reds don’t do that he is not a strong durable player. They have to be careful with him. Once again BP shows his value to this team.

Dodgers Claim Ryan Dennick
By Jeff Todd April 15, 2015
The Dodgers have claimed lefty Ryan Dennick off waivers from the Reds, Ken Gurnick of tweets. Los Angeles has designated David Huff to clear roster space for the move.

Dennick, 28, has only minimal experience at the big league level. He struggled through the 4 2/3 innings he saw last season, allowing six earned runs, including two long balls, and walking four batters while only retiring three by way of strikeout. But Dennick was solid last year at Triple-A. Over 50 frames, he put up a 2.34 ERA while striking out 7.2 and walking 3.2 batters per nine.

Here’s how fast our early success can be fleeting when we think we are on top of the league and there are plenty of games left…
Chicago Cubs 5 3 .625 – 3-2 2-1 32 27 +5 W1 5-3
St. Louis Cardinals 4 3 .571 0.5 1-1 3-2 26 20 +6 W1 4-3
Cincinnati Reds 5 4 .556 0.5 4-2 1-2 33 37 -4 L1 5-4
Pittsburgh Pirates 3 6 .333 2.5 1-2 2-4 29 30 -1 L2 3-6
Milwaukee Brewers 2 6 .250 3 1-5 1-1 23 44 -21 L1 2-6
…couple more games like the last few and we will fit in just fine with what many of the prognosticators suggested pre-season opener…”no better than 4th”. We gotta get those bats cook’n; the BB boys especially..Bruce and Byrd. Phillips on fire batting 4th;
amazing psychological upgrade for ‘dude’.

Cubs…RF 32, RA 27, DIFF +5
Cards…RF 26, RA 20, DIFF +6
Reds…RF 33, RA 37, DIFF -4
Pretty much describes our current dilemma…

Looking forward… the road trip resumes play on Friday with the start of a three-game series vs. the Cardinals. Ace Johnny Cueto will start the 8:15 p.m. ET opener against Michael Wacha. Cueto has not fared well historically at Busch Stadium, with a 5.80 ERA in nine career starts.

After 8 games…
NL rankings, positions and numbers:
Batting: #9….227/.289/.367/.656, #6 RBI-30, #T2 HR-9
Pitching: #10…3.66 ERA, #7 .229 BAA
Fielding: #2….994 FLD%

When this guy lost the Cy Young(s) to a very talented SP in LA, it didn’t need to be…
this season, thus far, is another illustration of the frustration for the guy…
…although his pitching has been spectacular, with pin point precision, you really
have to wonder if the lack of constant and continual ‘support’ chews a bit at his
innards. He certainly deserves more, and to be honest…anything that he is capable of getting later this year, I for one hope he gets it. He’s special and he’s treated the Reds with all consideration and professionalism.

Only one team on the small market-money pecking order lower than the Reds in the NL…Milwaukee Brewers.
Actually, if you think about that for a minute or two…our owner continues to spend a great deal of money (team salary) relative to their market-making order. The good news is that after next year; starting in 2017, the Reds will have the opportunity to negotiate a new TV contract which will increase revenues considerably. Yet and still, the Reds remain at the bottom of the league relative to small market teams.

Spending money is one thing . Spending it wisely is another .

Cueto deserves WAY better. Add a manager who wants to come with Kevin Gregg after he throws 7 innings of shutout ball, and the door in now wide open for Cueto. He’s leaving no matter what and I think he should. He’d be an idiot to stay here. No matter how good the fan base has been to him. He’s become my favorite Reds pitcher of all time. But he DEFINITELY deserves better. Hope management is smart enough to get something for him, instead of letting him walk at the end of the year.

Well, I sat in my works Suite last night @ Wrigley, which is right next to Theo Epstein’s suite, proudly sporting my Reds hoodie, cheering proudly. Only to remember that we have Jason Marquis in our starting rotation and Kevin Gregg in our bullpen. I know I keep saying they both will be and should be gone. But screw it, keep em around. Not like this might be one of our last chances in a while to do something. Not like Cueto isn’t a free agent after this year, and once we lose him, we lose all together. Not like the fan base deserves the respect to put the best players on the field. Does anybody else feel like we are getting completely cheated by our organization right now? They really are gonna sit here and try to feed us the BS and Jason Marquis passes the eye test over Rasiel Iglesias? We’re 8 games into the season and were already the biggest joke in baseball. That ball that feel in between Votto, Marquis and Pena last night shows where this teams head is right now. You go out there starting a guy like Jason Marquis and your offensive moral isn’t going to be that good. Keep losing, I don’t care. That way we can trade Cueto at the break and actually get something for him.

Agree how morale can be affected by lack of support.

Re: Byrd. Uneducated observation, it looks to me that he is a fraction of a second late getting his hands back into hitting position. Slices a lot foul to the right side. Definetly need to get him going. Boesch not looking good at plate either. Defensively Byrd is better than I expected.

Yes, I have read that he works out constantly in the off season; he takes his physical well being to heart. And, his D shows it!

Jason Bourgeois now on 60-day DL dating back to 4/5. Left Shoulder Fracture. Might
return in late May.

How in the world are we just finding out it was a shoulder fracture. Wasn’t the initial report something different like a rib. Could be wrong, I’m old.

No, I think you might have missed it; it was reported as such (after the MRI).
What is troubling is that he was recently reported to be returning in “4-6 weeks” from March 15th. This new report asserts that his condition is worse than expected or not healing as it should.

Thanks man.

The way the Reds handle injury reports has always been troubling . Now there’s Mesoraco . He’s hurt or he’s not . It seems to always take the Reds a longer time to figure that out . Let’s play a man short for 10 days and then put him on the DL .

Here is a look at the Reds top 10 prospects + 1…
#1…Stephenson, RHP
#2…Winker, OF
#3…Howard, RHP
#4…Lorenzen, RHP
#5…Desclafani, RHP
#6…Garrett, LHP
#7…Travieso, RHP
#8…Blandino, SS
#9…Crawford, RHP
#10…Ervin, OF
…#24…Corcino, RHP (has lost a great deal of ground)…

Didn’t take too long for these guys to get on track.
Today’s headlines…
“Lackey, Carpenter spark St. Louis’ 4-0 win over Milwaukee”

1. Los Angeles Dodgers $272,789,040
2. New York Yankees $219,282,196
3. Boston Red Sox $187,407,202
4. Detroit Tigers $173,813,750
5. San Francisco Giants $172,672,111
6. Washington Nationals $164,920,505
7. Los Angeles Angels $150,933,083
8. Texas Rangers $142,140,873
9. Philadelphia Phillies $135,827,500
10. Toronto Blue Jays $122,506,600
11. St. Louis Cardinals $120,869,458
12. Seattle Mariners $119,798,060
13. Chicago Cubs $119,006,885
14. Cincinnati Reds $117,197,072
15. Chicago White Sox $115,238,678
16. Kansas City Royals $113,618,650
17. Baltimore Orioles $110,146,097
18. Minnesota Twins $108,945,000
19. Milwaukee Brewers $105,002,536
20. Colorado Rockies $102,006,130
21. New York Mets $101,409,244
22. San Diego Padres $100,675,896
23. Atlanta Braves $97,578,565
24. Arizona Diamondbacks $91,518,833
25. Pittsburgh Pirates $88,278,500
26. Cleveland Indians $86,091,175
27. Oakland Athletics $86,086,667
28. Tampa Bay Rays $76,061,707
29. Houston Astros $70,910,100
30. Miami Marlins $68,479,000

Lot’s of talk recently about Soriano…
Reds GM Walt Jocketty tells John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer that despite the team’s bullpen issues, he hasn’t reached out to agent Scott Boras about Rafael Soriano, and Boras hasn’t contacted the Reds about Soriano (Twitter link). Jocketty feels that Soriano would be too expensive, according to Fay. While Soriano may not be in the mix, the Reds certainly need to pursue some form of upgrade. Kevin Gregg has allowed runs in each of his four outings (two runs in three and one in another), and the team’s collective 4.55 ERA is the fifth-highest in baseball. The group’s FIP is even worse, as no team sports a worse mark than Cincinnati’s 5.10.

What is FIP?…

Fielding Independent Pitching (FIP) measures what a player’s ERA would look like over a given period of time if the pitcher were to have experienced league average results on balls in play and league average timing. Back in the early 2000s, research by Voros McCracken revealed that the amount of balls that fall in for hits against pitchers do not correlate well across seasons. In other words, pitchers have little control over balls in play and assuming short-term fluctuations in BABIP are attributable to the pitcher is likely incorrect. McCracken outlined a better way to assess a pitcher’s talent level by looking at results a pitcher can control directly: strikeouts, walks, hit by pitches, and home runs.

FIP is a measurement of a pitcher’s performance that strips out the role of defense, luck, and sequencing, making it a more stable indicator of how a pitcher actually performed over a given period of time than a runs allowed based statistic that would be highly dependent on the quality of defense played behind him, for example. Certain pitchers have shown an ability to consistently post lower ERAs than their FIP suggests, but overall FIP captures most pitchers’ true performance quite well. For this reason, FanGraphs’ version of Wins Above Replacement (WAR) for pitchers is based on FIP rather than on ERA and even analysts who prefer a different method of determining WAR find FIP to be extremely useful and informative.

Last time I looked , Defense and luck were part of the game .

Reds to reunite ’90 World Series team at GABP
By Mark Sheldon / | @m_sheldon | April 16, 2015
ST. LOUIS — The last World Series championship claimed by the Reds 25 years ago will be celebrated next weekend with more than 30 members of the 1990 team scheduled to appear at Great American Ball Park on April 24-25.

It was a wire-to-wire season for the Reds that year with the club in first place every day of the regular season. After beating the Pirates in six games for the National League Championship, Cincinnati defeated the A’s in a four-game sweep for the World Series.
The players and coaches scheduled to participate: Todd Benzinger, Glenn Braggs, Tom Browning, Keith Brown, Norm Charlton, Eric Davis, Rob Dibble, Mariano Duncan, Kip Gross, Chris Hammond, Billy Hatcher, Danny Jackson, Barry Larkin, Terry Lee, Terry McGriff, Hal Morris, Randy Myers, Paul Noce, Ron Oester, Paul O’Neill (Saturday only), Joe Oliver, Luis Quinones, Sam Perlozzo, Jeff Reed, Jose Rijo, Ron Robinson, Rolando Roomes, Chris Sabo, Scott Scudder, Stan Williams and Herm Winningham.
On Friday, April 24, before the Reds play the Cubs at 7:10 p.m., members of the ’90 team will be at the Hall of Fame from 5:30-7 p.m. ET for a meet-and-greet. There will be a commemorative print from the team given free to all fans at the game while both the Reds and Cubs will wear 1990 throwback uniforms on the field.
Postgame, there will be an on-field ceremony to honor the team and a fireworks show.
Nasty Boys Bobblehead on 4/25
Come out to Super Saturday at Great American Ball Park on April 25 to celebrate the 1990 champs with your Nasty Boys Bobblehead
Before Saturday’s 1:10 p.m. ET game vs. the Cubs, there will be a triple bobblehead of “The Nasty Boys” Dibble, Charlton and Myers given to the first 25,000 fans in attendance. There will be another meet-and-greet with fans in the Kroger Fan Zone at 12:15 p.m. before pregame ceremonies.
For more information, including special ticket packages available during the series, go to

This is really nice to see from our revived SS…

I called for a breakout year at the plate for Cozart. The kid has the tools and the swing to at least be an average MLB hitter. Add being the best defensive SS in baseball, and he’s not nearly as bad as everyone makes him out to be. Need everything we can get out of him offensively to have any chance this year since our bullpen and staff are certainly lacking.

Cozart is a very good SS, but his knock is that he has limited range. I think Simmons
of Atlanta is the best D SS in this years group. I have seen this kid go to the 3B side of the left side of the INF, start and complete a DBL play; his range is incredible.

Raisel Iglesias P Louisville Bats…goes tonight.

Cubs add new phenom…playing 3B and batting clean-up…
Cubs fans have been anxiously awaiting the debut of Kris Bryant since he began obliterating the upper levels of the Minor Leagues in 2014. The No. 2 pick in the 2013 draft, Bryant batted a Herculean .325/.438/.661 with 43 homers between Double-A and Triple-A last season. Unsurprisingly, he ranked as the game’s top prospect according to Baseball America and ESPN’s Keith Law, while ranked him second and Baseball Prospectus ranked him fifth.

Trent said that Tucker Barnhardt and Meso are on the plane with him on the way to St. Louis

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