Game 8: Reds at Cubs

Hamilton 8

Votto 3

Frazier 5

Phillips 4

Bruce 9

Byrd 7

Pena 2

Cozart 6

DeSclafani 1


LOL, looks like Hamilton’s hand injury was mighty serious huh? Definitely needed to sit him against Lester and his awful pick off move…..That was just an excuse. Stupid coaching may kill this team more than the bullpen.

It is a toss up on which one is worse.

Well at least the guys in the bullpen are trying……

Price is in a tough situation. I’m sure he did not act alone in the decisions concerning the bullpen make-up. Maybe I’m being naïve on that, but he is now the one who must live with those decisions. Who does he turn to.
Bullpen ERA:
Chapman 0.00
Hoover 0.00
Cingrani 3.00
Badenhop 6.00
Diaz 8.31
Parra 9.00
Gregg 15.00
I commented couple weeks ago that it would be mid May before we knew what we had. Looks sooner than that. Need to give the 8th inning setup to Hoover now to keep or to loose. Can’t use Chapman 2 innings every time out. Use Cingrani more. If the remaining 4 don’t improve big time, then some major changes are in order. Quit worrying about their emotions and egos. They must be productive or be replaced, pure and simple.

“Can’t use Chapman 2 innings every time out.” Why not? Wasn’t he being groomed year after year to go long? When will he ever be used in the 8th? In my opinion, he is being misused, year after year; should be used as long relief, not necessarily a final inning closer. Let another guy that can only go 1 inning share in closing the ballgame.
We seem to have fallen into a trap…waiting to use our golden arm, but only if the team is up by the 9th inning; if not, we use others and end up losing the ballgame on occasion. Makes no sense to me. Use the hot hand and follow through with the thought and intent of the off season; that Chapman will be used more than the one inning. How many games must we lose in the late innings in order to validate a thought we had, but never utilized?

This organization has NO plan . How do you come out of spring training not knowing how your bullpen is going to work . This is professional baseball , is is not ? What other organization has that problem ? Neb , you’re right . Games are won and lost in other innings besides the ninth . If the game is on the line in the 7th , that’s when Chapman should be called on to pitch . This team , with it’s makeup , needs to think outside the box .

Honestly hadn’t thought of it in the way you’ve expressed. I guess I’ve fallen into the trap of waiting to see Chapman trotting out in the 9th to finish it off. However, I don’t agree with him in long relief. You’re comment on the previous post was correct…we should be 6-1.

Will the be getting a brand new set of about 5 or 6 relievers for tonight…especially a group that knows the general location of home plate so they can throw strikes. I found it hard to believe the Reds could find a worst bullpen group than last year. Any amount of hitting the Reds may have will not overcome this horrible relief pitching. They really stink.

While I agree that Hoover might be the best option ya’ll have such sort memory when it comes to his results last year you want him gone and one week into this year you want him to be the setup man it is sometimes kinda funny. The bullpen is a mess maybe somebody can get it together I hope

Save Opps…4
Save Opps…0

Seriously? They designate Corcino and Dennik ,but keep awful Gregg and Para??. Dennik didn’t look bad at the end of the season last year as a lefty out of the pen. And Corcino was the future. he is only 24!!!. Gregg isn’t going to help this team.

Never really expected much from Diaz. Seems unlikely that a pitcher who spent 12 years in the minors would find success as a setup man in his first full season in the majors. Hopefully Hoover is back for real and Cingrani or Parra can be the lefthanded options in the 8th

I guess it is better to have these issues with the pen early in the year, while there is still time to right the ship. 155 games to go.

Any word on Mesoraco ? Are the Reds going to list him day to day for 10 days , play with 24 players, and THEN put him on the DL retroactive ?

Man!! Gregg gives up a bomb – and he’s still left in! What next – give him a bonus?

Fire his brother , Bryan Price , as well . What a poor excuse for a manager .

Partial report from Mark on Mesoraco…
“He still has a bit of soreness,” Reds manager Bryan Price said on Tuesday. “So he’s continuing to do some rehab stuff in Cincinnati. It’s a day-by-day thing. We hope to have him back soon.”
Mesoraco underwent an MRI, which did not indicate a serious issue, and is rehabbing at Reds medical director Dr. Tim Kremchek’s facility.

On a brighter note; the Reds haven’t had many innings like this either last year
or so far this season.
Cincinnati – Top of 4th
Hamilton singled to left.
Hamilton stole second.
Votto singled to right, Hamilton scored.
Frazier grounded into fielder’s choice to shortstop, Votto out at second.
Phillips singled to center, Frazier to second.
Bruce singled to left center, Frazier scored, Bruce out at second, Phillips to third.
Byrd singled to left, Phillips scored.
Peña walked, Byrd to second.
Cozart flied out to center.

These are the kind of innings we need to have more of…

In the bottom of the 7th, both Cingrani and Hoover were warming up. Then, in the 8th, Gregg started the inning and was touched up for another 2-R HR. I really wish I had an understanding of exactly why Price chose to bring in Gregg over either of the other two. Wish I really knew what his thinking was or why he (or another) made the decision. I know we all think we know the reason why Price did what he did, but that’s nothing but conjecture, speculation and guessing.

His game management decisions are terrible IMO. Got to be the worst in baseball in this regard. He was lucky he didn’t cost us another game. I was honestly looking for him to pitch Chapman in the 8th and 9th.

Here is a list of past Managers that were better than .500…
What makes these guys stand out, in my mind, is that they were
all decisive and put winning first and foremost; no hand holding,
no molly coddling, and no apologies. They were tough, get it done
Managers. I have to wonder if there are any more future Managers
out there with like fiber. In my mind, it is the ingredient that we are
now lacking, sorry to say.

Neb, you are right on the money . I couldn’t say it any better .

It seems to me that the coddling and confidence stroking is for the rookie league, low A, and high A as you are helping the young kids develop and understand the total game. Much less so in AA and AAA. By the time a player reaches the Majors they should understand they have arrived at an elite performance based level and the coddling and stroking should stop.
Also, a pitching coach would be the one to do the confidence building as he works with them, not the manager and his game management decisions. I think Price has not (and maybe can’t) made that transition.

To our chagrin…we have expended a great deal of energy to play
the kind of ball we have (5-3), but we have only amassed a one-game lead
over the Cards (3-3); half-game over the Cubs (4-3). Although we have
only played 8 games thus far, saying that trite and redundant phrase, “we
have plenty of time”, has never played well for us. We need to win each and
every game possible and we already have spit the bit on two of them. If we
don’t have the right horses in the BP, we need to admit it and craft a trade
like we did to get Broxton. But, with that said, it seems to me that we do have
the right players albeit already in the BP or in the minors. Now, we need to
play them correctly.

There’s one reason Price keeps throwing Gregg’s butt out there….Because he’s trying to justify cutting Lecure or anybody else for him. HE’S NOT EVEN GOING TO MAKE IT THE MONTH I PROJECTED. I’m going to Wrigley tonight, and if he’s still in uniform and I’m close enough, well he’s gonna hear it from me. We have a plethora of options in the minors but this organization/coaching staff keeps throwing Gregg out there. It’s honestly an insult to all of us fans. Desclafini had just thrown an absolute gem. You already screwed over Cueto once with Gregg. Then you give Gregg a chance to do the same last night. He gives up a two run bomb, and you FREAKING leave him in????????? Price is guy everyone should be on. Gregg can’t help that he’s old and washed up. But he seriously shouldn’t be a Red by the time I get to Wrigley tonight.

Mark, if your not going tonight and want me to send some pictures. Let me know of an email or something to send them to.

Another great post !!!! Why didn’t Desclafani start the 8th ? Price is pathetic .

Yeah, that’s another good point. Are our starting pitchers not allowed to go 8 innings or something? The kid looked real good, and didn’t show any signs of tiring. It’s said that every day we are left with stupid managerial decisions to scratch our heads about. The people who say that Price doesn’t have much of choice…..COME ON NOW!!! Plenty of other people available yesterday to bring in instead of Gregg, crap I would have rather seen Josh Smith who they just called up yesterday…..but who do we see coming back from the commercial….oh yup Kevin Gregg. I mean it’s almost comical because it’s just such a horrible horrible horrible coaching move. All done just to try to prove to everyone that he cut Lecure and kept Gregg for a reason. SOMETIMES YOUR WRONG MR. PRICE AND YOU HAVE TO ADMIT IT AND MOVE ON! NOW COME ON UPPER MANAGEMENT…GET RID OF PRICE & GREGG ALREADY! Price is a GREAT pitching coach, but a horrible manager. Sorry, but the truth hurts. I’m just going to watch the rest of this season and treat it like I’m watching and episode of “The League” or “Seinfeld” or something.

Gregg and Diaz have given up four 2run home runs in 8 games played.

5-3 and in first place in arguably the best division in the league. Lots of positives in the first set of series against some tough teams. I for one am pleased. Yes, there is some fine tuning to be done as with most teams. The sky is not falling.

Should be 7-1. Can’t give away wins, and we have twice already. No question about it.

Hey – Reds oughta go after that 3rd baseman. Uncalled for, as BP clearly already at base, to fall on him to try to force him off base. BP shook up pretty bad as it was – coulda been worse. Mgr shoulda been all over umps for that too.

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