Game 7: Reds at Cubs

Negron 8
Votto 3
Frazier 5
Phillips 4
Byrd 7
Bruce 9

Pena 2

Cozart 6

Leake 1

**Roster moves: OF Raisel Iglesias and INF Chris Dominguez optioned to Triple-A Louisville.
Catcher Kyle Skipworth called up from Double-A Pensacola
Pitcher Josh Smith called up from Triple-A Louisville.

Corresponding 40-man roster moves pending to make room for Skipworth and Smith.

Devin Mesoraco is back in Cincinnati having an MRI on his left hip because of discomfort.


Lefty on the hill and no Meso? uh oh……

John Fay says Mesoraco in Cincy getting an MRI on his hip. Kyle Skipworth and Josh Smith have been called up. Iglesias and Dominguez to L’ville. Skipworth move is to have a backup catcher for tonight. I am guessing Smith will just be up till Saturday when Bailey is activated.

Guess Mark beat me to the punch

Hey Mark…we are one short on the lineup.

No catcher? That’s gonna make it tough to win.

No Billy Hamilton vs. the worst pitcher in MLB at holding runners on base. Makes sense.

Yeah that’s what we’re dealing with here. Lester won’t throw the ball to first so let’s not play the fastest guy on the planet! UNBELIEVABLE!

Hamilton is injured. See the web site for details.

More roster moves ahead…and very soon…
Bailey up…
Bourgeois up…
I remain convinced that Gregg will be sent down.
Also, depending on Mesoraco’s and Pena’s health, Bourgeois may
replace a few different players.

Have to wonder what’s going on with Mesoraco’s left hip. Don’t recall seeing or hearing anything about a problem prior to today. He wasn’t hit there; he didn’t slide anywhere on it; wonder what happened.

I remember you commenting a couple weeks ago about the concern over Mes’s abundance of injuries and physical problems for such a young player. Looks like another one to add. I do get frustrated with the Reds for their lack of explanations when a player misses games and goes for tests. What is it…what caused it?

You have a good memory; I didn’t want to ‘pile on’.

Excerpt from…
Jon Lester’s first start with the Chicago Cubs didn’t exactly go as planned, and he knows he needs to be better going forward.

Keeping Billy Hamilton and the Cincinnati Reds off the basepaths could prove crucial if he hopes to get on track.

Lester will surely be looking to do a better job of slowing down baserunners after allowing three stolen bases in as many attempts. Lester hasn’t thrown over to first base since April 30, 2013, a span of 60 starts and 399 2-3 innings.

He’ll need to be especially careful against Hamilton, who’s responsible for seven of the Reds’ major league-leading 10 steals.

“I think the stolen bases on opening night got blown out of proportion a little bit,” said Lester, who has never faced Cincinnati. “Billy’s Billy. It’s like Rickey Henderson. You can throw over there 100 times in a row, but the 101st time, he’s going to steal second, and he’s going to steal it. It is what it is. Hopefully, you get him out and don’t have to worry about it.

So, we choose to give Hamilton a night off…this year’s Reds’ team
has got to make more specific game sense.

With a day off on Thursday, I hope it wasn’t to rest him. Has to be a better reason than that. But again, we may never know. I agree, doesn’t make sense.

Price doesn’t seem to have all the tangibles within his decision making.
Hamilton should play this game unless he has a broken leg.
Further, and more importantly…
Price seems to have not reversed his ‘milk toast’ personality; although he
is trying very hard. His move of Phillips to clean up clearly exemplifies his
‘testing the lineup’ after the “same” lineup went 4-1. His moving of the BP is
not results oriented, regardless of his ‘after game’ thoughts and descriptions.
Last season was his first, and I was willing to watch and listen. This season is
his second and I will remain watchful land critical. Price has lost only one
game this season; his lineup tonight is lacking an essential additive that the
opposition despises, however, we shall see what we shall see.
Yes, I am ultra critical this season; have to be, am leaning toward a move
the team hasn’t yet thought about…the Manager.

Radio said Hamilton stubbed finger on head first slide. I had thought he used glove last year.

Yeh, he did it in late in Saturday’s game. He was acting hurt right after it happened. Did not have the protective glove on. Did have it on Sunday.

Guys…Hamilton barely stubbed his finger; never came out of the game;
saw the head first slide at 2nd base, finger slightly tweaked. He stayed
in the game and has played every game thereafter. Sorry to say, this
is another ‘Uncle Price’ time that is totally, untimely and unwisely given.
Bottom line…unless Hamilton has a broken leg…let’m play, he is very
disruptive to this team; more importantly to this SP!
Remember Mr. Price…winning is everything; being a “good guy”; those
managers finish far, far, far back.

I wonder if Hamilton requested not playing. Don’t know but I doubt it. By the way #4-6 BA is .174/.200/.095.

Lucky to be 4-2. But once they all start hitting, could get fun to watch. I’m sorry, but unless I hear Billy couldn’t go in this one, I’ve given up on Price.

4-3 for every 7 games equals 92 wins over the course of the season. Let’s hope we can stop this skid. Need to win the series. It appears that Chapman and Hoover are the only pitchers in the bullpen that can get the job done. Unfortunately they can’t pitch multiple innings everyday. What in the world has happened to Diaz, unbelievable.

Diaz has the stuff. The last two games have just gone bad with the first two hitters he’s faced. If were not ever going to use AC in the 8th. I think it’s time to give Hoover a chance at the 8th now……I’ve stuck with his stuff all along. A lot of people were hating on him on here, and I understood why after last season. But the old JJ appears to be back. Which is a lights out relief pitcher. Get used to it though folks….it will be the death of this team this year. Pretty sad considering we have the best relief pitcher in baseball in our bullpen. Just can’t get it to him and our coach REFUSES to use him in the 8th. We have 2 of the best pitchers in baseball and our pitching is going to be what kills us this year. Sad! Truth of the matter, we shouldn’t all be that mad. Cueto is gone after the season, NO WAY he resigns with the Reds. Best thing would be to trade him at the break and get at least something for him…..only way that is going to happen is if were not in it.

The bullpen is what it is and there is no help in the minor leagues . The Reds did a terrible job in the off season with their free agent signings . This is what you get when you sign 35+ year old retreads . You’re not going to catch lightening in a bottle on all of them . Where is player development ? We do the same thing every off season . This organization has no leadership or plan . It flys by the seat of their pants . They need to decide on a direction . They’re starting to resemble the Cleveland Browns .

Badenhop actually did his job well last night. He came in with the bases loaded and got a double play ball that Pena chose not to get a double play on. They then lost on a ground ball that if there had been two outs and Phillips was not playing in he would have easily gotten to and the inning would be over. Now we know why Para was not used on Sunday, he doesn’t know where the strike zone is.

Hamilton on being out yesterday:
“It’s just sore. I can play. It’s their decision, to rest it or not. I can do everything I can,” Hamilton said. “It’s early in the season. No use in pushing it right now.”
I don’t get it. Tape it up and let’s go. This team treats their players as if they are made of glass. Hamilton could have unraveled the opposition; he’s like a fly in an elevator. Look back over the last many, many years; everyone would play unless they were on the DL, and that was thought to be the plague (being on DL). I think Price is just too ‘milk toast’ for this team to ever win 90 G or play in the WS. We now have lost 2 G we had no business losing. We are far too reverent, too caring, too careful; stop the insanity. We have got to put the W on the board and to do that we have to make tough decisions in each and every game, each and every inning. Otherwise, we will
just see another year of Reds baseball whereby we languish in mediocrity. This has got to stop; I am embarrassed for the fans and embarrassed for the ownership. We have a team that should be 6-1, not 4-3! What is the saying about insanity?

Right on Neb. A loss is a loss whether it’s now or late in the season and Price saying because it’s early and therefore OK to leave Hamilton on the bench is insanity. Milk toast is my opinion too.

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