Price, Pena postgame 

There was a ton of stuff to come out of Sunday’s 7-5 Reds loss to the Cardinals in 11 innings. I got to most of it, but not all, on

Here is some other things you probably want to know:

Manager Bryan Price had Tony Cingrani bunting  in the seventh, but not because he wanted him to pitch the eighth. Cingrani struck out, failing to move runners before the rally was saved by Todd Frazier’s game-tying two run single.

“He was not but we were not going to bunt with one of our regular position players that we had on the bench,” Price said. We didn’t have our typical bench. “We had Negron on base and we were in a situation there where I would have been were asking Mesoraco, Byrd or Dominguez to bunt and burn a guy right there. Cingrani is a good bunter. He wasn’t today. … I felt like he was the best guy in that situation to lay down a bunt and he runs well. He just didn’t get the job done.”

On letting Kevin Gregg face all the Cardinals lefty hitters in the 11th:

Price: “You guys have seen how much we’ve utilized our bullpen to this point. They were on their last pitcher. We, unfortunately don’t have a guy like Villanueva that can throw five or six or seven innings of relief. We have a bunch of one or two inning guys currently in our bullpen. And that bit us in this situation. We couldn’t match up situationally in that game. There was a guy down there that we weren’t going to pitch today. We knew that. The other part is that Kevin Gregg has historically gotten a lot of left-handed hitters out. The only guy in that lineup that has really good numbers off him is Holliday. I didn’t think it was a mistake.”


Catcher Brayan Pena is ok after hurting his left shoulder trying to slide headfirst into first base.

“I jammed it a little bit,” Pena said. “I shouldn’t slide. What am I doing? That’s what happens when you’re not Billy Hamilton, you don’t know what to do. I just try to get on base because I was trying to hustle down and I need to work on my sliding. Hopefully I’ll be OK, tomorrow will be big for me because it depends on how I wake up. I was very excited when the doctor gave me the news that it wasn’t anything major or serious.” 


Para has not pitched much at all. I would rather see him pitching against their left-handed hitters than Gregg in the 11th. My biggest question was why not let Chapman pitch the 8th and 9th? heck the Reds have lost 13 straight series against the Cardinals. Why not set a tone your tired of that and try to keep momentum going to Chicago 5-1 instead of 4-2 with a huge let down. And what is wrong with our pinch hitting? Dominguez and Boesh have yet to get a hit. Only Negron and today PENA are only coming thru. I saw Xaiver Paul was out there still. At least he was a decent pinch hitter. And Byrd does not look like the Byrd of 2013. His bat looks very slow. I hope he gets going or LF is a huge hole again. 😞

Or at least see if Alan Craig could be had from the Red Sox if Byrd doesn’t get any better.

Amen. Do not know why the Reds did not go after Craig. He seems to be just wasting his talent in Boston. Is it the money issue…..again?

This is a damn good point. Versus the Cards, you should pull out all the Cards and let him go 2 innings.

Hope the first 4 were what this team is about, not the last 2. Not being able to bunt and move the runners along cost us today. There should not have been an 11th inning. I didn’t have a problem with Diaz in the 8th. He’s done great there. Who had the crystal ball that said he would give up 2 runs.

Looks like the bullpen (other than Chapman) is no better than last yr. Hope Lecure finds himself down in Louisville. It appears that Marshall may never be the same….and all that money down the tube. And not much else -with only Cingrani being, perhaps, the exception. And he may well return to the starting rotation later down the road. And Badenhop???? Not a rosey picture.

Three things – first, that was a really exciting and interesting game, even if it turned out wrong; second, are we allowed to say the home plate umpire had a conspicuously bad day?; and finally, Iglesias has some nasty stuff – I hope he can pitch in the rotation again sometime.

Was an exciting game. From Rosencrans article: “The Reds had their chances over the last several innings, leaving at least two runners on in each of the final five innings — a total of 11 runners stranded from the seventh inning on.”
Can’t win many games with that statistic. There should never have an 11th inning for Gregg or anyone else to pitch.

LOL!!!!!!!!!! PRICE, YOU HAD MANNY PARRA WHO HAS BARELY EVEN SEEN THE FREAKING FIELD YET THAT YOU COULD HAVE USED! Listen dude, us fans are not idiots, and that comment sure makes us think that you think we are. KEVIN GREGG SUCKS! But you want to prove a point as to why you cut a fan favorite for him, JUST STOP! Gregg may not even make it the month that I originally gave him. Shouldn’t have mattered or even gotten to that point anyway, we had way to many chances and way to many screw ups to win that game. We didn’t deserve it. #1- you send Leake up there to bunt….Not Cingrani! Stupid! #2- Great effort bunting there BP, you really made all seem like you were so happy to be bunting.

Great points . Bryan Price is showing us again he is in way over his head . What is wrong with pitching Chapman 2 innings . He said that Chapman was going to be asked to go more than one inning from time to time . So much for that . There won’t be a better time . More lies from this organization . Once again , terrible fundamentals . Bottom line . The Cardinals get it done . The Reds don’t know how and it starts with their manager .

So suddenly you don’t like Jumbo. Come on! No one saw Diaz giving up 2 runs. He is the setup guy with a 2 run lead. Price didn’t fail, Diaz did.

Love Love Love what we saw from Iglesias though. Star in the making in my opinion.

Agree. Nasty stuff. Needs to build stamina. Looks like a keeper. Thought Pena did a great job keeping him focused.

I didn’t say I didn’t like Diaz . If you want to send a message , you had a chance to send out your best reliever against the heart of their order in the eighth inning . If need be you could come with Diaz in the ninth . I also liked the point of sending Leake out to bunt . Besides , Price doesn’t know where he going yo pitch any of his relievers except Chapman . He admitted as much .

What happens to Iglesias if Homer comes back this week. Does he get sent down to continue starting or moved into bulben?

I think you gotta send him down and let him keep starting. We don’t want that wasted in our bullpen. He needs to be a starter with all those pitches and eye levels he brings. Send him down until Marquis falls apart or starts to suck again, which won’t be long….The Reds coming to me tonight, I live about 45 minutes from Wrigley! Rainy now, but expected to be fine by the start of the game. Let’s go Reds!

Then again….our bullpen could use the help……Just find a way to get rid of Kevin Gregg…..PLEASE!!!!!

I think I would send Gregg down when Bailey returns and pitch Iglesias out of the BP when situations like this arise. Then we have two long relief that appear reliable; Cingrani and Iglesias. Also, I think I would send down Dominguez when Bourgeois returns (J. Bourgeois: Out 4-6 weeks w/ left shoulder fracture as of 3/15). If it turns out that Iglesias doesn’t get enough work over the next few weeks, we can always send him down to AAA, however I sense that he will see playing time in the 6th-8th innings.
Lastly, if a SP faulters, he would be available immediately rather than for the Reds to attempt to use the choppy BP in that event.

Kevin Gregg is not the only one of our issues coming out of the bullpen that needs to go. The other is Mr. Badenhoop, I guess that is how you spell it. He has nothing to get hitters out. What is wrong with this organization. They will always find a way to do things that cost us opportunities to win games. They always seem to go out and find pitchers that are over the hill, because it meets their budget. And then having BP bunting with none out is the 10th is a joke. Why do that? If he hits into a double play, so be it. But BP himself probably will tell you that he is not a guy who likes to bunt. Then you have Hamilton. He does not bunt enough. With that speed, wow. He should lay it down more often. The percentages are with him. It is a shame. Inning after inning of no production when needed. SORRY MR. SHELDON, I KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT HERE. I have been following the Reds since 1958. So if you have something to add to this, please feel free to bring it.

Agreed that there is more of a problem them Gregg in the pen. But we paid Badenhop and we gotta get what we can out of him. Hoover’s got filthy stuff when he’s on, and he’s on right now. Jumbo threw a bad pitch and paid for it. I still like him a lot. Are bullpen is our weakest spot for sure. It will defnitely cost us some games this yeah. But we still havent hit as a team yet. Just wait until this offense puts it all together. A trip to Wrigley usually helps. For you to say BP should not be bunting there kind of blows my mind. Move the runners to 2nd and 3rd with one out. Uh….no brainer in my book. You have to get that bunt down. Hamilton will lay down his share of bunts, but he’s hitting the ball well right now. I’ve got no problem with him swinging the bat while’s hot.

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