Iglesias’ debut notes

Raisel Iglesias debuts for the Reds on Sunday, and appears in the Major Leagues without playing in the Minors first.

The old note with all the players that skipped the Minors only applied to DRAFTED players…. but this part is true: Iglesias will be the eighth Reds player to ever go straight to the Majors. Below are the other seven:

Year     Player                   Previous Team

2010    MIKE LEAKE, P      Arizona State

1957   Bobby Henrich, SS High School

1957  Jay Hook, P    Northwestern

1957  Don Pavletich, C  High School

1955  Al Silvera, OF     USC

1953  Bob G. Miller, P High School

1944  Joe Nuxhall, P   High School


Nuxy probably would have been in JUNIOR high, had they had such a thing back then.

Joe Nuxhall ,was 15 yrs young 1945 the war yrs. The Reds had a 45 year old rookie pitcher,A deaf mute outfielder and a roster of 4f(unfit for service in the Army)Non the less,Joe was a kid playing against men

Mark, I believe that Grady Hatton, my first favorite Red’s player, went straight from the University of Texas campus to the Reds in 1946.

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