Game 6: Cardinals at Reds 

First pitch @ 1:10 pm ET



Highest BA #4-8 is Cozart @ .200. Gotta get the bottom half going.

Dominguez needs a bit more seasoning in the minors, imo. He is swinging at far too many ‘outside the strike zone’ pitches. He has tremendous potential and tremendous power, yet he looks really ‘green’ in the batters box. When Bailey is ready, so is the train to the minors for Dominguez.

Sorry…Gregg down; Lecure up…

Why in the world can’t Chapman pitch more than one inning ? Again , Price makes a poor decision . Should’ve brought him on in the 8th .

Sorry, the Reds have no business losing a game like this. Why? Because they need to understand and practice the art of bunting; an art their team has not practiced for many years now; save Hamilton and Cozart. This game was lost by the lack of the art of learning how to bunt in the minor leagues; Phillips bunts the runners along, we win.
Failure of such a basic learning is beyond me. We gave this game away.

Amen !!! It starts in the minor leagues . The Reds are a middle of the road or worse organization at developing talent . Also , Price said before the season , as he did last year , that Chapman would be available to pitch more than one inning . The eighth inning was a perfect spot to do that . Again , Price fell short .

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