Game 4: Cardinals at Reds

First pitch… 7:10 pm



Looks like a winning line up. Let’s keep it going Reds!


Mark…this has been bothering me since all of last year…
whenever Frazier gets on base, he immediately stares into
the dugout and then makes a noticeable hand gesture…
it appears to be as if he is turning a wheel, while using
both hands. Any chance you could ask him what he is doing,
and whom he is doing it for? Thanks Mark, Neb.

My guess…..He’s turning the wheel, moving it on to the next guy in lineup. Keep the wheels a movin’!

Compliments to Bryan Price on a consistent lineup.

Adrian Gonzalez (LA Dodgers) batting line through 3 games…
13 AB
10 H
5 HR

Swell – I guess the free ride is over. Used to follow action on Gameday – now they block it with ads. Probably find a way to charge for listening on the radio!

Unbelievable…Heyward in shallow left center and perfectly approaches catch with great positioning to throw to the plate to try to get Hamilton. He comes up throwing a bullet, only to be caught by Molina AFTER Hamilton has already slide and touched home plate. He is the epitome of quickness coupled with raw speed.

Gotta give kudos to Price. He runs out the same lineup for 4 games, while making great moves throughout the ballgame…most importantly with the BP. Since opening night when he waited one batter too long on Gregg he has made all the correct moves, and made them quickly. The results – Reds 4-0!

Now, let’s see these guys start stinging the ball…

The Reds are 4-0 for the first time since 2011, when they won their first five games. They’ve won each game in their final at-bat.

I know it’s only 4 games but this team is getting me excited. They definetly have ‘fire in the belly’. You can see it and feel it. Hoover looks like he wants to be one of this years ‘nasty boys’. Votto looks like his old self and ‘Billy Ball’ is alive and well. Impressed with Marquis and the way he settled down and pitched.

After giving up a HR to the #8 hitter, Marquis got a bit insulted, I think, settled down and pitched very well (retired next 12 in a row), giving us a quality start or 3 R in 6 IP. He has the look of a ‘gamer’. Cueto today, Inglesias Sunday and Leake on Monday. What is putting the icing on the top? Whip’n Pittsburgh followed by our #1 nemesis…the pesky Cards!

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