Game 3: Pirates at Reds

12:35 p.m. ET first pitch



An opening series sweep would sure be a good way to kick off proving those critics wrong! Excited to see what Desclafini can do. It can’t be any worse than what Latos did in his first start in Miami….

Lol . Well put.

Ma Nature may not let it happen……

Yeah I read that yesterday. It is very cool!

P.S. Kind of funny how all the Hoover haters can’t step up and say something positive about his outing last night. That looked like the JJ of old. Hope he is back to stay!

I’m one of them. He did a great job and I’ll be rooting for him to continue.

Just have to remember he was absolutely lights out at one point. Still young, still tons of talent, still tons of upside. That’s why I was surprised everyone was upset that he wasnt cut instead of Lecure. It 100% should have been Gregg. Gregg has always been a warrior, he’s always been a battler, he’s probably a great human being. He just doesn’t have the stuff anymore. Also throughout his long career in the bigs, he’s been too big of a baby to put in contacts, because he’s always wearing glasses, so cut him! LOL

Oh and Jumbo Diaz IS the 8th inning guy! That should not change!

WOW that is how you start a season… Go Reds


WOW. 3-0………..2-0 in one run games…………2 walk off wins………..bullpen looking good………clutch hitting………GO REDS.

3-0 and besides the top 3, we really haven’t hit yet…….gonna be fun to watch when they all turn it on.

Tonight could get ugly……I’m very worried about Marquis…..I’m staying positive though. Hopefully the good spring carries over for him.

Game 4 lineup. If it ain’t broke…..don’t fix it….


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