Game 2: Pirates at Reds 

First pitch at 7:10 p.m. ET



Thanks Mark, much appreciated. Neb

Just think. We could still have Latos. I wonder how many runs he would have given up versus the Pirates at GABP?

can you say 2 – 0?

Would dearly love to blitz the Pirates this time around.

Here is one of Mark’s posts on Inclusive, Mark links us up with HR’s by both Bruce and Frazier. Check out when Frazier hits his HR and enters the dugout;
Bruce and others are really, really into it; really nice to see that intensity and emotion from the players…especially in the 8th inning of game #1. I think the guys, as a team, have something to prove this season, as the prognosticators treated them pretty rough in everything I read. Especially when most suggest they finish last in the NL Central while winning only 78 G.

well so much for the lineup being the same every game! spare me the match up nonsense we have seen how that has worked out the last few years for the reds. I thought byrd was going to be the answer for the reds offensive woes but he is moved down after 1 ofer? doesn’t make any difference if it is only 1 spot set the damn lineup and give it a chance to work before you start messing with it! how does he expect any consistency if they are changing it day to day? you say don’t worry it’s only 1 game but that’s how it starts and before you know it cozart will be batting second again because of the match up!

Hey, one of you guys near GABP…what’s the 411 on the weather?

They’re pulling the tarp…

First pitch scheduled for 9:45PM ET…

Votto singles in Cozart…btm of the 11th; Reds win 5-4!

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