Game 1: Pirates at Reds



In six starts against the Pirates, Cueto has amassed a 5-0 record with a 1.76 ERA.
As the Pirates are thought to be vastly improved, today would be a good time to
tie their bats in Cueto knots.

2014 Redwoes…
2014 – 595 R
Per game: 3.67 (13th in NL)
League avg: 3.95
2013 – 698 R
Per game: 4.31 (3rd in NL)
League avg: 4.00
2012 – 669 R
Per game: 4.13 (9th in NL)
League avg: 4.22

World Series odds; bet $100, make:
Washington Nationals +600
Los Angeles Dodgers +800
Boston Red Sox +1200
St Louis Cardinals +1200
Los Angeles Angels +1500
Chicago Cubs +1600
Seattle Mariners +1600
Detroit Tigers +1800
Chicago White Sox +2000
Oakland Athletics +2000
San Francisco Giants +2000
Baltimore Orioles +2500
Cleveland Indians +2500
Pittsburgh Pirates +2500
San Diego Padres +2500
Kansas City Royals +3000
New York Mets +3000
Miami Marlins +3500
New York Yankees +3500
Toronto Blue Jays +3500
Cincinnati Reds +6000
Tampa Bay Rays +6000
Houston Astros +7000
Milwaukee Brewers +7000
Colorado Rockies +8000
Texas Rangers +8000
Atlanta Braves +12000
Minnesota Twins +12000
Arizona Diamondbacks +12500
Philadelphia Phillies +60000

as of March 30, 2014

It often pays to have sources close to the situation. ESPN the Magazine recently conducted an anonymous survey of 117 random Major League Baseball players on a wide array of questions ranging from who they think will win the 2015 World Series to how they felt about the legacy Bud Selig left behind. Which teams do the 117 players who were polled in the survey feel have the best chance at winning the World Series in 2015? Here is a look at the three teams that received the highest percentage of votes.

Harry How/Getty Images
3. Los Angeles Angels – 10%
The Angels landed 10% of the overall vote, in large part due to them having Mike Trout, the reigning AL MVP, on their roster. In a separate poll question, 61% of the players who took part in the survey voted for Trout as the best player in baseball. While the Angels have an impressive lineup, they will only go as far as their pitching staff carries them.

2. Seattle Mariners – 17%
It was somewhat surprising to see the Mariners held in this high of regard by the players around the league. Vegas currently has their odds to win the Fall Classic at 16/1, and the over/under on their win total at 85 games. The Mariners were one of the biggest turnaround teams in the majors in 2014, and while they added a few pieces to the puzzle this offseason that make them look like a better team on paper, they will have a hard time repeating their performance from a year ago without improvement from their pitching staff.

1. Washington Nationals – 30%
The Nationals appear to be the team to beat in 2015. Vegas has them as the World Series favorites, and the team they expect to win the most games during the regular season. On top of that, 30% of the players polled in the survey think the Nats will win the first World Series in franchise history this season.

It’s easy to see why everyone thinks so highly of the Nationals heading into the season. They have arguably the best pitching staff in baseball and a lineup that is talented from top to bottom. If their key players all stay healthy, it’s hard to envision the Nationals not being among the best teams in the league in 2015.

Mark…not to nitpick, but is there any chance that you could add the time of the game every day in ET? If a headache for you, no problem.
“Game 1: Pirates at Reds; 4:10PM”
Thanks for your consideration.

I eat crow . Votto is in the two hole . Good batting order . Credit goes to Bryan Price .

At least you’ll admit it bud! LOL This lineup looks great on paper. Let’s hope they stay healthy, BP stays happy (in the 7 hole), and it produces on the field. With the state of our current roatation, were going to need a lot from our offense on the days Cueto doesn’t pitch.

I wonder if he will stick with this lineup 2 days in row? hopefully longer because guys need to know where they will be in the lineup to consistently perform. you can’t get into a rhythm switching places every day. I am not the only one who feels that way either, Pete Rose stated that as a fact and who would know better than the hit king?

Agree 100% .

Agree 100 % !!!!

I have a feeling were going to see this lineup shuffle to looking this way versus the righties:


I can live with that . That’s a good one ,too .

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