Roster set: LeCure, Lorenzen cut

Two more Reds cut as the 25-man roster has been set on Thursday, the final day in camp.

Michael Lorenzen is going to the Minor League camp, which makes Raisel Iglesias the fifth starter.

Sam LeCure cleared waivers and was sent outright to Triple-A Louisville. LeCure had options left but the club needed the 40-man roster space for players like Jason Marquis, Kevin Gregg, Brennan Boesch and Chris Dominguez.

Reds manager Bryan Price clearly had emotions about the LeCure move.

“The LeCure thing, I never could have seen that coming when we began Spring Training,” Price said. “I think it breaks all of our hearts that he’s not on this ball club right now. We anticipate him being back. I think we feel he’s not at his best where he needs to be to help us right now. We’ve got to get him back there. He should be a big part of our team this season. We’re all just a wreck about him not being with us at this point in time. I’m very confident that he will be back with us.”

LeCure, 30, is owed $1.85 million in 2015, the second year of his two-year contract. To collect that money, he would have to report to Louisville. He can choose free agency and forfeit it though.

“Getting him back on the roster won’t be an issue,” Price said. “It just made sense because we have so many guys to add with these non-roster players. With no risk, it made sense to do it. That was definitely the toughest of all the final decisions was having to do that with Sam. He just embodies everything we believe it here with the Reds.”

LeCure has the third-most appearances for the Reds from 2010-14 at 231 games. Last season wasn’t as strong a year as he went 1-4 with a 3.81 ERA in 62 games. He had a 2.66 ERA in 63 games in 2013. He’s debuted with the Reds in 2010 and has been at the big league level non-stop since 2011.

This spring in seven Cactus League games, LeCure had a 3.24 ERA but this was a case where he didn’t pitch as well as the numbers indicated.

“His velocity is down a little bit but the concern isn’t the velocity,” Price said. “The concern is fastball command. He’s a fastball pitcher with a lot of good accessory pitches –curveball, slider and changeup. His bread and butter we’ve seen over the last five years is being able to locate that fastball with that off the body comebacker on lefties and freeze down and away on the right-handers. It’s a signature pitch for him. He’s been a little erratic with that since the second half of last season. He’s a much better pitcher than he’s shown recently. We just need to get him back there, and I’m very confident he will be back to help us during the season I’m sure.”


this all comes down to iglesius’s contract. he clearly is not ready but because of what they are paying him he is guaranteed a roster spot over Lorenzen who is ready now.

Neither are ready for the bigs…

We have to outright Sam to make room for a washed up ex card great.

LeCure isn’t the “cure” for anything…

Agree with LeCure move. Without control of his bread and butter pitch he is way to hittable. Lorenzen will be back.

I like LeCure but he ended last year bad and he had a bad spring . Hopefully he’ll get it back . It was the right move at this time .

lecure is on drugs.. we all know that.. relapse

But JJ Hoover is ready???? Give me a Break, the absolute worst pitcher in MLB from last season….JJ should have been gone long ago.

don’t the reds want to win? they have guys on the roster that are not nearly as good as lecure and lorenzen. why don’t they get rid of Bruce he cant hit.

I think they want to win . The problem is management . They painted themselves in a corner . Very few teams would take Bruce with his salary . Same with Votto and Bailey . Plus all three are coming off injury . The Reds’minor league system is lacking as well . They have bad player development compared to their central division counterparts . Until Jocketty is gone , it will remain the same .

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