Reds set 25-man roster

There are still some 40-man roster decisions to be made to get non-roster guys on there, but the Reds have essentially set their 25-man roster on Thursday. It won’t be “official” until all of the corresponding moves are done.

Here it is:


25 Badenhop, Burke……….RHP
54 Chapman, Aroldis……….LHP
52 Cingrani, Tony……………LHP
47 Cueto, Johnny……………RHP
28 DeSclafani, Anthony……RHP
70 Diaz, Jumbo………………RHP
37 Gregg, Kevin*…………….RHP
60 Hoover, J.J………………..RHP
26 Iglesias, Raisel…………..RHP
44 Leake, Mike……………….RHP
31 Marquis, Jason*…………RHP
43 Parra, Manny……………..LHP


39 Mesoraco, Devin
29 Pena, Brayan


2 Cozart, Zack
89 Dominguez, Chris*
21 Frazier, Todd
17 Negron, Kristopher
4 Phillips, Brandon
19 Votto, Joey


27 Boesch, Brennan*
32 Bruce, Jay
9 Byrd, Marlon
6 Hamilton, Billy
55 Schumaker, Skip

Disabled list:

Homer Bailey, Sean Marshall, Jason Bourgeois.


Badenhop is horrible. What are they thinking?

Don’t have to worry about Marshall . He’ll never be back . That has to be a contract issue . The man hasn’t pitched in two years .

I’m pretty disappointed to see Hoover on there.

Travesty that Groover made this not so optimistic team over LeCure!

This team is much weaker than previous teams…not much room for optimism this year. If this team gets to the World Series…it will be due to heavenly intervention…

Hoover must have dirt on someone in the Org….

Lacure to minors and keep Hoover. What in the hell are they thinking!

Both are lousy at crunch time. It makes little difference, other than that they found a sneaky way to keep both within the organization. Whether that is a desirable thing is an entirely other question!

Agree on this one with you Denny .

Agree. This is a bullpen to be very concerned about. I think we’re gonna need plenty of offense. Love the utility players this year versus the retreads we’ve had in the past.

Wow Hoover over lecure didn’t see that coming. ??? If they go 500 that would exceed my expectations. They can’t hit and the pitching has declined every year since 2010.

Washington Nationals SP named…
Max Scherzer, 18-5, 3.15
Stephen Strasburg, 14-11, 3.14
Jordan Zimmermann, 14-5, 2.66
Doug Fister, 16-6, 2.41
Gio Gonzalez, 10-10, 3.57
…wow, looks like the strongest staff in either league.

MLB Preview: NL Central
ESPN The Magazine

Editor’s note: Projections and tiebreakers from ESPN Insider Dan Szymborski. Contribution age is a team’s average age, weighted by 2015 projected wins above replacement (WAR). The more a team is fueled by younger players, the lower the contribution age will be.

1. St. Louis Cardinals

Projected Record: 86-76
Contribution Age: 28.06

New card in the deck
The Cards made one major move. After their right fielders had MLB’s worst wOBA (weighted on-base average, a catch-all metric that captures offensive production), they acquired RF Jason Heyward from the Braves. He projects to hit .269 with an OBP of .348, but he alone can’t fix an offense that relies on declining vets such as LF Matt Holliday, SS Jhonny Peralta and C Yadier Molina; the Cardinals scored 164 fewer runs in 2014 than in 2013. The pressure is on aging but still elite SP Adam Wainwright (career 1.16 WHIP) and Michael Wacha, 23, who is coming off a rare scapular stress injury. — David Schoenfield

Cardinals way
The Cardinals have been one of the most consistent teams in baseball, regularly making the playoffs and seemingly immune to team cycles, thanks to an organization that rarely panics and consistently develops reinforcements from the minors. St. Louis ranks in the middle of the pack in team age, but the Cardinals are not invincible. — Dan Szymborski

Value Judgments*

*Young player (25 or under) and vet (30 or older) with team’s highest projected WAR.

2. Pittsburgh Pirates

Projected Record: 84-78
Contribution Age: 27.47

Primed in Pittsburgh
The Pirates, with 84 projected wins and a young contribution age, can win now — and later. The rotation still lacks a true No. 1, and the loss of C Russell Martin (.402 OBP last year) hurts. But CF Andrew McCutchen (projected line of .293/.384/.501) is the best all-around player in the NL, and he’ll be flanked by the promising duo of Starling Marte (.808 OPS at age 25) and Gregory Polanco (50 runs in 89 games as a rookie). If 3B Josh Harrison can put up anything close to last year’s production (.837 OPS), the Pirates will do more than challenge for the wild card — they’ll be in the running for the NL Central title. — Schoenfield

Built to last
One of the best stories in baseball over the past decade has been the resurgence of the Pittsburgh Pirates. The current front office, headed by Frank Coonelly and Neal Huntington, had a Herculean task to repair the damage left by the previous administration. They successfully cleaned out the Augean stables and still have one of the younger teams in baseball. With prospects yet to come, Pittsburgh is set up for success in 2015 and years to come. ZiPS still projects the Cardinals to have a slight edge in the division, but smaller than it has ever projected before. — Szymborski

Value Judgments*

*Young player (25 or under) and vet (30 or older) with team’s highest projected WAR.

3. Chicago Cubs

Projected Record: 83-79
Contribution Age: 26.38

All hail King Theo!
With baseball’s third-youngest contribution age, the Cubbies are rising. New ace Jon Lester shores up a rotation that ranked 24th in ERA in 2014. And the offense, which ranked 26th in runs, should eventually get a boost from 3B Kris Bryant, MLB’s No. 1 prospect (1.098 OPS in the minors), and a fellow rookie, RF Jorge Soler (.573 SLG in a 24-game call-up). Then there’s 1B Anthony Rizzo, 25, who projects to an .851 OPS. The Cubs won’t win it all in 2015, but few teams are better-positioned to do so in the near future. — Schoenfield

Best yet to come
The Cubs have started to open the wallets and increase payroll to fill holes around the team’s stable of prospects as they start graduating to the majors. Lester was the big addition for this year, but while he’s projected to be at the front of the rotation for years, the team’s minor league depth leaves their contribution age the third youngest in baseball behind only the Braves and Marlins. A wild card in 2015 is possible, but ZiPS still thinks the Cubs are about a .500 team. But the best is mostly yet to come. — Szymborski

Value Judgments*

*Young player (25 or under) and vet (30 or older) with team’s highest projected WAR.

4. Milwaukee Brewers

Projected Record: 77-85
Contribution Age: 28.37

Milwaukee’s average
Time is running out for this batch of the Brew Crew. Jonathan Lucroy, perhaps the best catcher in baseball, and Carlos Gomez, perhaps the most electrifying center fielder, continue to provide hope (the two project to amass 10.2 WAR in 2015). But both are 29. And former Toronto 1B Adam Lind, the Brewers’ solution for an offense-oriented position at which they ranked 28th in wOBA, turns 32 in July. Major holes remain: SS Jean Segura’s production fell from 3.5 WAR as a rookie to 0.6 in 2014, and the rotation, built around has-beens Matt Garza and Kyle Lohse, projects to a mediocre 1.29 WHIP. — Schoenfield

Wrong direction?
While the Brewers played the public role as the young upstarts shaking up the division in 2014, in truth, the team isn’t very young outside of Wily Peralta and the middle infield. By contribution age, the Brewers rank eighth oldest for 2015, meaning that their best chance of winning is now, not later, and the trade of Yovani Gallardo is a real setback to a rotation that now has no Plan B if something goes wrong. Keith Law ranked the Brewers’ farm system 28th in baseball — a pessimistic view with which ZiPS concurs — so it’s possible that 2014 was the high-water mark for these Brewers. — Szymborski

Value Judgments*

*Young player (25 or under) and vet (30 or older) with team’s highest projected WAR.

5. Cincinnati Reds

Projected Record: 77-85
Contribution Age: 28.44

Walks to remember
Aside from 1B Joey Votto, who should regain All-Star form in 2015 (projected .279/.417/.469), the Reds have been allergic to getting on base. Cincy’s .296 on-base percentage ranked 29th last season. And with the continued decline of 2B Brandon Phillips (on-base and slugging percentages have dipped three straight years) and a likely deep regression from C Devin Mesoraco, the Reds will again struggle to score (28th-ranked 3.67 runs per game in 2014). The rotation, led by Johnny Cueto, Homer Bailey and Mike Leake (combined projected WHIP of 1.18), is undeniably good but won’t be able to overcome a stunning lack of run support. — Schoenfield

Prospects for success?
If there’s a team whose players seem a lot older than they are, it’s the Cincinnati Reds, who appear to be an over-the-hill franchise on its last gasp. In truth, the Reds aren’t as poorly set up for the future as it looks at first glance, with players such as Billy Hamilton and Mesoraco still in their 20s, young enough to be part of the next good Cincinnati team. — Szymborski

Value Judgments*

*Young player (25 or under) and vet (30 or older) with team’s highest projected WAR.

The Reds are the Rodney Dangerfields’ of the NL Central…

Hoover was terrible last year,but Hoover has a ton of ability and he was really good in years before last he has a good chance of being really good this year so lets see what happens,but i don’t understand cutting Lecure hes a gamer with a lot of experience his problem is velocity,hes very hittable.

The Reds greatest needs in the off season were LF and bullpen. LF is not fixed and the BP looks awful. I hope I’m wrong. It looks like a long year for the Reds. But what’s even more concerning, what is the plan going forward? After this year, unless the offense surprises us all, we will be Cueto-less with an average bullpen and weak offense and no apparent help in the minors. It is time to panic? I’m starting to wonder if the Reds’ management is serious about competing anymore.

I couldn’t have said it any better . The best thing the Reds’ management is good at is lip service .

I disagree with the LF comment. I think Byrd (if he stays healthy) has a very nice season here. 30-35 homer potential. Hit the cover off the ball in the spring, so I’m not sure how your saying it isn’t fixed. Maybe for the future I can understand….but we have our future LF’er in Winker bud and Byrd will be a nice 1-2 year stop gap.

The Reds outrighted right-hander Dylan Axelrod off their 40-man roster and down to Triple-A, according to the team’s official transactions page. This move will help free up space for one of the several veterans Cincinnati is looking to add to its 40-man roster. Axelrod posted a 2.95 ERA in 18 1/3 IP for the Reds last season and a 4.01 ERA in 103 1/3 innings at the Triple-A level in the Reds and White Sox organizations.

Well… I still think we are better than last place. I mean come on we have Cueto and Votto. Man our bullpen looks bad. I sure hope some of these vets fall off so we can get our youth in here to carry us the end of the season.

Not sure why. Call it blind optimism if you want, but I don’t have the same doom and gloom outlook for the Reds. I think they will definitely score a lot more runs this year (I know that won’t be hard), and I don’t think their bullpen looks as bad as the rest of you. Clearly only time will tell. Now I don’t think this team is a world series team by any means, but going into the 1990 season, if social media existed like it did today, I think a lot of people would not have been so high on that team. The reality is that there are teams that look good now that will not be good, and there are teams that look bad now that will be good. Let us watch some games and see what happens before we make judgment. The people making the decisions have been watching these guys every day for the past 6 weeks, they saw what they saw.

100% agree. Votto is healthy, Byrd is a big upgrade in LF and Jay will bounce back. I think we’ll be in the top 5 in runs scored.

The bullpen won’t go 11-31 again either. I think the Reds contend.

J K Bruce bouncing back from what?? Even when healthy the bum has the some of the most inflated numbers in the game, he is up down and all around, and his so called good D is overrated, what about the 2 balls he misplayed in 2 playoff games, hmmmm? When are fans going to realize this organization will never win with these Adam Dunn type players! Put Byrd in his natural position in left until Winker is ready, Billy in center and the very deserving Brennan Boesch in right!

Byrds natural position is Right sorry

I 2nd that.

oh I agree I think this team will be in the race and might get in with a couple of unexpected performances. This bullpen as it is now worries me. I have no faith in Marquis. But I think our youth is ready to jump in and I hope they get a chance.

I don’t necessarily disagree with you . The problem is with Reds’ management . They won’t give the young guns a chance . They have to justify their off season signings of over the hill players . Jocketty’s time is over . Also, if Bruce can’t or won’t hit the ball to left field , he will not be any better .

HA – MLB said watch on-line FREE the Reds in Montreal. LIES – why don’t they just say discount if you subscribe. Nothin FREE with MLB!

Marquis today:
5.0 IP
1 H
3 SO
0 BB

Helluva job.

Marquis had a very, very strong ST…
7 GS
31 IP
2.90 ERA
1.03 WHIP
.200 BAA
l HR

Almost every “expert” picks us last, not one with 80 wins. We won 90 two years ago, 93 the year before and Frazier and Mesoraco were better than what we had those years at those positions, and Byrd is much better than we got in the last 2 years in left. Votto and Bruce aren’t Ryan Howard-age yet, hell, Bruce is in his twenties. I don’t think we’ll be winning it all, but unless we go firesale I see us in the 80-85 win range, in third or fourth. The pitching is questionable, but we should have a heck of an offense and Price has done wonders with pitchers before (Alfredo Simon anyone?) so I don’t rule out a wild card. I don’t see us under 79 wins unless we have a bunch of injuries again, or trade Cueto/Byrd/Leake whoever else after the all-star break. Next year will be the year to start to be sad about our chances, and think about what all this potential missed out on. For now, enjoy #JohnnyBeisbol, the Cuban Missile and a heck of an offense, and hosting the all-star game, which sadly will be the highlight of this group’s run.

I mean we won 76 with Brayan Pena at first and had 4/8 of our lineup spending time on the DL and two of the four who were playing might as well not have been for offensive purposes (Cozart and Ludwick), along with 3/5 of the projected rotation (Cingrani not Simon), Chapman and Broxton, and got bad years out of about everyone else in the bullpen, which had previously been pretty good. Last year is a worst case scenario, how anyone can expect us to have a similar win totally is beyond me.

Considering how none of our touted future stars made the roster it appears as if the Reds management is throwing in the,towel for this season. Lorenzen, Stephenson, Winker, or Rodriquez ar having their service clocks started…. No point i. Watching 2015. i will tune in after the season to see who we pick up from losing Cueto and Leake and peak at the projected lineup. Instead of following the,Reds I will follow their farm system and llok forward,to 2016.

Where in the world did the Reds get Kevin Gregg ? The Blue Jays would’ve had a harder time hitting the ball off a tee .

Usually this is the time of yr I always get excited and try to be some what optimistic about our team and the start of the season, this yr on the other hand pessimism has taken over cause I see absolutely see no chance in Hell with with this half assed roster they are throwing out there to compete in this division. Fire sale at the break and let’s bring in some fresh new faces!

Hoover is the worst. This guy has never held A lead

Hoover had a rough 2014, but relieved well in both 2012-13…
2012, 2.05 ERA, 30.2 IP, 0.978 WHIP
2013, 2.86 ERA, 66.0 IP, 1.106 WHIP
2014, 4.88 ERA, 62.2 IP, 1.388 WHIP
At only 27 years old he had a decent ST…
9 G
8.1 IP
1.08 WHIP
3.24 ERA
.194 BAA

In his last games in ST Hoover has been very good. Like the Reds I am not ready to give up on him.

I think Hoover should get another chance . The leash might be short but considering what else they have , it’s worth a shot .

When the Reds were gun-ho on moving Chapman to SP role, the name that kept coming up as the heir apparent was Hoover. For the Reds to once think this, the guy, when right and right on, had incredible control and a moving FB. Somewhere down the line (2014) he’s lost his way, so the question is, has he/can he find what he once had and of course, maintain it. If not, the shuttle leaves every hour on the hour to Louisville. And, in the immortal word of the ‘soup nazi’ on Seinfeld…”NEXT!”

Well put . You do have a way with words , Neb .

It all begins tomorrow guys. About 6 weeks from now we should know where we’re heading. Lot’s of reasons to hope, and lot’s to be concerned about. One of my concerns remain with Price. He admitted he didn’t do a great job last year with lineups (trying to keep everyone happy) and strategic decisions during the game management. Has he learned enough to take this team forward??? I will be rooting each and every game for the REDS success. LET THE GAMES BEGIN.

Excerpt from John Fay; Cincinnati Enquirer…
First on the lineup: I’ve written a lot about Brandon Phillips’ numbers dropping. But if he’s your seventh hitter, that’s a pretty good lineup. Reds manager Bryan Price finally acknowledged that Phillips will likely hit seventh. It’s a little puzzling why it took Price so long to admit that, but it’s clearly the right move.

Adding Marlon Byrd allows the Reds to drop Phillips to seventh.

But the biggest thing that will make the lineup better is a healthy Joey Votto and Jay Bruce. The only thing to really matter in spring training for the Reds was the health of Votto and Bruce. Votto was moving in spring training like he never had knee surgery. Bruce drove the ball to left like he did pre-knee surgery.

If Votto and Bruce are healthy – and Todd Frazier and Devin Mesoraco are close to what they were last year – the Reds have a pretty dynamic lineup.

Now onto the bullpen: The guy to watch is Tony Cingrani. He’s been terrific since he was moved to the bullpen from starting. I think he can be a two-inning difference-maker. Burke Badenhop was terrible in the spring. But he’s been very good the last three years. That counts a lot more than spring stats.

Manny Parra has looked like the guy he was in 2013. Kevin Gregg was a good closer as recently as 2013.

Finally, on the rotation depth: If DeSclafani or Marquis falters, the Reds have Michael Lorenzen in waiting at Triple-A. I thought Lorenzen pitched well enough this spring to win the spot Raisel Iglesias eventually got as Homer Bailey’s rotation stand-in until he’s healthy.

The Reds obviously went in a different direction with Lorenzen. But he, Robert Stephenson and Jon Moscot give the Reds starting pitching depth that they haven’t had in years.

Those three reasons give the Reds a chance to contend. I could come up with three equally sound reasons why they won’t contend. But Monday is Opening Day. It’s time for optimism.

The Reds are no lock to be good, like they were in 2012 when they won 97 games, but I think they’re a lot better than people expect. I’d guess they’re good for 85 or 86 wins if things go right.

That should keep them in contention.

Injury updates…
*Bailey, Homer (P) 04/03 Spring Training Mid-April Recovering from September 2014 forearm surgery Made Minor League start March 27, April 1.
*Bourgeois, Jason (CF) 03/15 Spring Training Possibly April Left shoulder fracture Exited game early March 14; out 4-6 weeks as of March 15 update.
*Marshall, Sean (P) 04/02 Spring Training Possibly April Recovering from June 2014 shoulder surgery Shut down from throwing off mound week of Feb. 9; throwing on flat ground as of March 2 update.

As an aside…the LA Dodgers have Heisey penciled in as their 4th player for LF in their depth charts.

JJ hover a joke😱

All these people talking crap about Hoover. At least he’s not pushing 40 like non roster invitee Kevin FREAKING Gregg. How does he honor his addition to the team. He goes out and pitches like a 12 year old in his last spring game. Cut Lecure (what a horrible, crappy thing they did to this guy) so that we can kepp KEVIN GREGG. I guarantee this guy pitches awful and is not a Reds within about a month. Our upper management is full of the biggest POS people in baseball. Lecure has worked his butt off for this team for years and despite his general lack of wow factor. He has been a steady picther for this team for years, and has done it in a very good manner. He’s a true professional, and a great team guy. And management just cut him for KEVIN GREGG!!!!!!! Trust me people, JJ Hoover (at least he has some upside and we know he was a stud at one point) is going to look like Nolan Ryan compared to Kevin Gregg! Opening day is here, excited to see the Reds. I just hope we don’t see Kevin Gregg.

Guarantee that this is the starting lineup today. Any takers?

B. Hamilton, CF
J. Votto, 1B
T. Frazier, 3B
D. Mesoraco, C
M. Byrd, LF
J. Bruce, RF
B. Phillips, 2B
Z. Cozart, SS
J. Cueto, SP

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