Dominguez’s chances look good

I spoke with non-roster infielder Chris Dominguez Monday morning, before the latest cuts were made. One of the nice surprises to come out of this camp, Dominguez doesn’t know yet if he’s made the team. (although the latest moves suggest that it looks very good).

Dominguez leads the club this spring with seven doubles and is batting .458 (11-for-24) with three homers over his last 10 games. He is batting .340 in 21 games overall.

On Sunday vs. the Angels, Dominguez went 4-for-5 with a home run and four RBIs. He hit a three-run homer in the third inning to secure the victory. It’s been a good camp, but with it near the end, he is making a nice final impression.

“I try to go out there every day and do the best that I can,” Dominguez said. “Definitely, I can’t say it doesn’t help having good games here at the end.”


In my book. He has 100% earned it. That’s why I didn’t understand the Dan Johnson or whatever his name is trade. Any issues arise with Votto, this is our starting 3rd baseman with Frazier sliding over to 1st. He’s has the best spring of any Red. Pay that man his money!

My take is that we don’t move Frazier anywhere. Instead, play Dominguez at lst as he has played there some 40-50 GM in the minors and totes a .988 FLD % at the bag. With that said, I agree that he has earned a shot at the major club. He’s a surprise as he’s not on the 40-man. One last note about him playing 1st base…he has the quintessential frame for the position; 6’4″ and 235 lbs. Now let’s see what Price thinks.

One other note I omitted, Dominguez is not a spring chicken; he’s 28 and needs to get on with his baseball career while still in his prime. Maybe this is his year; be nice to have some thunder on the bench.

Please. Don’t let Price THINK anymore than he has to . I would think this kid handmade the team . But then again we’re dealing with REDS ‘ management . Anything is possible and it ‘s usually wrong .

From Mark @…
“Reds All-Star catcher Devin Mesoraco felt relieved Sunday afternoon after being diagnosed with a left quadriceps cramp. Mesoraco felt his quad tighten running the bases and worried it was serious when he exited the game vs. the Angels in the top of the third inning.”

Sorry to say, this guy is starting to convince me he is ‘fragile’…he’s hurt too often for his age.

Hope you’re wrong, but he did pull up lame last year rounding 3rd. Needs Johnny Copper compression for his legs, LOL.

First he is wearing a mask that is approved by the team; hurt with a concussion…
Next, he’s rounding a base and has a quad strain…
It’s too early for these kinds of injuries…and he’s way too young to have them.
Gotta wonder…is he getting prepared correctly? Is he going about his regiment
poorly? This is getting really out of hand and should not be happening. We may
never see his true-bat performance if this keeps up.

He’s no different than Votto , Bruce , Phillips , Ludwick and who knows else the past few years . Maybe it’s a team strength and conditioning problem .

Old Jim, I’ve been saying that for the last two years. But no one else has ever even commented on the possibility until you. I agree with you. This also shows in the VERY lengthy recovery periods we constantly see.

And now we have Chapman being taken out for a tight hamstring . You ugh the just be right Bob . Either a poor conditioning program or a lack of participation .

That is supposed to be , you just might be right .

Listen folks, were starting our season with Jason Marquis in our rotation. Have any of you let that sink in yet?…….seriously…..Jason Marquis……what a freaking joke…..

Why is that a joke??

His stats since 2010 should explain that pretty easily there buddy. These are his combined stats between 2010 and 2013 (he didn’t pitch a game in 2014).

108 innings pitched per season
21 wins
31 losses
combined 5.075 era

How is that not a joke? And all that was done in pitcher friendly parks. Imagine what it will be like in the GAB.

His best ever ERA in the MLB was 3.71 and that was in 2004! You saying you’d rather see this guy in the rotation than see Lorenzen or Iglesias given a shot at starting full time? Because I sure as heck wouldn’t and nobody else should.

Thank you then I agree the younger options might be better over the long run and the reds have been known to try to refurbish vets instead of using prospects but you also don’t want a starting rotation with three people who have barely seen any action. Also it is just march so we will see

Agreed about the 3 guys who have barely seen action, but Descalfini actually has seen action. He’s going to be very up and down though in my opinion. A lot like Homer. Great at times, bad at others. I think think they should just let Iglesias and Lorenzen get out there and develop. Throwing Marquis out there is just about as bad as it gets in the bigs in my opinion. We did it with Leake, it’s been fine….

Would have rather seen Maholm and either Iglesias or Lorenzen. If the decision is that both Lorenzen and Iglesias need more development, then it would have made even more sense to not let Maholm go. But it is what it is and a brand new season is upon us. I’m ready. The one thing that is the same as last year is that Reds management didn’t call me to get my input……….huh.

I would have 100% rather seen Maholm then Marquis. But no way in the world did I want to see us start the year with both Maholm and Marquis in the the rotation. We know what those two guys are….and that is nothing….nothing to look forward to, nothing to build on, nothing to look back on, no potential…..With Lorenzen and Iglesias, there is potential, and a ton of it. Mike Leake tooks his lumps and now his a a solif middle of the rotation pitcher. Both Iglesias and Lorenzen have better stuff than Leake. Leake just learned how to pitch at a very young age, and came to the Reds with it in him already.

I agree, I don’t want Marquis at all either. I was confusing on that. Maholm over Marquis was my point.

Hey guys . He’s an ex-Cardinal . Need anymore be said ?

The Reds have 30 players in camp. But they are effectively at 27 — two over the limit — because outfielder Jason Bourgeois, left-hander Sean Marshall and right-hander Homer Bailey will start the year on the disabled list.
Barring any acquisitions, the roster is set – except for two more pitchers have to be cut. The Reds are down to 13 healthy position players (that’s the number they plan to carry):

— Catchers (2): Devin Mesoraco, Brayan Pena

— Infielders: (6) Joey Votto, Brandon Phillips, Zack Cozart, Todd Frazier, Kristopher Negron and Chris Dominguez.

— Outfielders: (5) Jay Bruce, Billy Hamilton, Marlon Byrd, Skip Schumaker and Brennan Boesch.

Fourteen healthy pitchers remain in camp.

— Starters (6) Johnny Cueto, Mike Leake, Jason Marquis, Anthony DeSclafani, Raisel Iglesias and Michael Lorenzen.

— Relievers (8) Burke Badenhop, Aroldis Chapman, Tony Cingrani, Jumbo Diaz, Kevin Gregg, J.J. Hoover, Sam LeCure and Manny Parra.

Lorenzen or Iglesias could end up in the bullpen, if they don’t make the rotation.

The Reds also have five non-roster players – Gregg, Lorenzen, Marquis, Dominguez and Boesch – in camp. They must be added to the 40-man if they make the team.

Going to be a tough week for some players. The two who won’t make the 25 and then the 5 who will be cut from the 40 man roster. If Marshall is put on the 60 day disabled list, doesn’t that take him off the 40 man roster, then only 4 would have to be dropped? Anyway, a tough week.

The Reds informed RHP Kevin Gregg that he has made team as a non-roster invite. The 36-year-old Gregg, who allowed two earned runs in seven appearances in Cactus League play, struck out six and did not allow a batter.

Looks like Badenhop, Hoover, Diaz, and Lecure are left for the last 2 spots.

Should be last 3.

Out of those 4, Diaz has to make the big club…..I don’t think the staff lets the Badenhop awful spring deter anything. I think Sam and JJ are the odd men out. Feel bad for Sam because he’s been a big part of this bullpen for a long time….JJ needs to find IT again, because he had IT at on point.

I think Sam makes the team. I think JJ (Who still has options) and Iglesias will both start the season at AAA. They want Iglesias to Start every 5 days. The 5th pitcher spot will probably only make 2 starts before Baily comes back. Then I think Lorenzen will be moved to bullpen or sent down depending on what is going on with the bullpen. If Badenhop’s pitch continues to not sink in the cold weather he could get cut.

I think the opposite, except the fact that Lecure probably will make the club. I think Lorenzen will now get that 5th starter spot and Iglesias will start the year in AAA and work on being a starting pitcher.

The real question is who gets cut from the 40 man. Marshall and possibly Bourgeois can retroactively be put on the 60-man DL which could free up 2 spaces. I guess since Homer never pitched in a Major League pre-season game he could be put on there retroactively as well, just don’t know when that clock would have started. Not sure who else Management would be willing to cut bait with.

Then once Marquis/or sucks, whichever happens first. Iglesias will be waiting in the wings….

Marquis gets hurt/sucks

There was no point in keeping Gregg, and they put themselves in this situation why doing that. KEVIN GREGG Walt? Really?

Mike, you said the same thing as I did. Just a little more clearly.

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