Chapman starting vs. Cubs

While the headline above might likely raise a eyebrow or two, the grand experiment to try and put Aroldis Chapman in the Reds rotation again isn’t happening. Chapman is slated to start on Saturday vs. a Cubs split-squad club though.

Manager Bryan Price explains the decision to start with his closer.

“We have [Mike] Leake scheduled to pitch tomorrow in a Minor League game, so we’ll get our relief pitchers out of the way first,” Price said. “Then, I’m sure we’ll have some Minor Leaguers come up to pitch, to make up for the innings we’re not going to get from Leaker.”


A reds fan can get real confused in spring. Snow flakes March 27 and then Chapman starting? Help.

Chapman was just getting in his work; as are all the other players that Price wants to see. After all, ST is about working out and auditioning; W’s and L’s mean absolutely nothing. BTW…what are “snow flakes”…

Rub in California man. LOL.

Weather might be better here in So Cal, but I envy you guys that can go to the gameS in Cincy at GABP. Would love to drive to 10-20 games rather than seeing
them on MLB. Can only catch a few of them at Dodger Stadium and always with the Blue. I wear my Red jacket proudly, but I must be 1 in 100 wearing red here in Dodger town. Only thing I can route for is a “grilled Dodger dog” (with mustard and onions)!?*. Would love to see the Reds in their ballpark play Cards. GL all; we are only a few days away! I still say we look decidedly better this ST over last ST.

Nothing to be confused about Chapman. The Phillies started there closer Jonathan Papelbon yesterday going two innings. It’s just a way of getting your closer pitching against front line players in spring training.

…guess I should “root” rather than ‘route’…

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