3.27 Reds vs. Brewers

Also today: Homer Bailey is starting in a Triple-A game and Johnny Cueto is starting a Double-A game and will throw to Tucker Barnhart. Both games are vs. Dodgers Minor Leaguers.



Seg Dennison is insisting all afternoon that Chapman is starting. ??

Seg has no real understanding of the game and why people think he does is beyond me.

Guess what ? Chapman is starting against the Cubs . Seg had it right . What say Denny ?

I knew that when I posted. Not rewally a start. That was my point.

Not really a case of understanding the game – since Seg just passing on line-up info. Still, doesn’t make much sense – since he was giving info about today’s game – with the Brewers.

It’s WLW . It’s what they do .


Sure ya did Denny . Right .

That news was old by then, all over the internet long before
seg and Sheldon had it.
Too bad you seem incapable of taking the face value of someone’s word who you know nothing of.


@Gobucks. Hoping somewhere along the line you’ll make a constructive and meaning full comment.

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