3.25 Reds vs. Rangers 



Dejesus has never played lst base in either the minors or majors. However, with Soto being traded the Reds find themselves thin, again, for lst basemen. Lutz is the only
player that was raised playing the position.

He played there mostly so he could four ABs tonight and a chance to show added versatility. Dominguez and Boesch have also played there so not as thin as last year perhaps

I knew Dominguez was another alternative for playing 1B; he’s played some 40-50 games at the position, but I didn’t know Boesch could play there as he has never played the position in either the majors or minors. I assume he has practiced there some; nice to have a little bit of depth. With all that said, I have to wonder if the Reds would eventually (as opportunity permits) trade or ‘pick up’ a bench player that has 1st base as part of his resume. And, although I appreciate Pena and Frazier playing at lst, I would prefer that the Reds have a pure replacement rather than moving players around from their natural positions. Bottomline: if Lutz and Dominguez don’t make the team, we once again, have no replacement for Votto except for the ‘Cincinnati shuffle’ of Frazier and Pena.

The Reds were thin last year, but Pena, bless him, made the one play at 1st I’ll remember last year by. Mark, are there differences from this spring to last that strike you as actually significant?

Dang, DeScalfini was lights out last night. Nice curve he’s got there! A lot of late bite to it. How much MPH is he getting behind his fastball? I’m guessing around the 90mph range but the spring games don’t have the radar.

Mark, is 94 pitches normal this time of year. I thought he did great but it seemed like a lot of pitches this early to me.

Yes, 95 was the goal. He had 85 his last start. They want to build the starters to 90-95 pitches before camp breaks.

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