Three roster cuts

The Reds sent out three more players Friday afternoon…

OF/1B Kyle Waldrop and RHPs Keyvius Sampson and Matt Magill were optioned to Triple-A Louisville.

Waldrop, a lefty hitter, looked impressive at the plate this spring as he batted .273 with one homer and five RBIs in his 12 games. The organization’s Minor League hitter of the year in 2014, he could be intriguing call-up down the road this season should there be a need.

Sampson looked decent as he had a 2.25 ERA with six hits, one walk and four strikeouts over eight innings in four games.

Magill, who came over the Chris Heisey trade with the Dodgers, had two scoreless innings in two appearances.

There are now 42 players remaining in camp.


I don’t understand why the Reds seem to get the short end of the stick when it comes to trading players. They give up players who are ready to play immediately. ae. Latos, Simon, and Heisey and receive players who end up in an “A” or “B” league and never heard of again or someone who is ready to draw a pension, such as Byrd. They now have (3) starting pitchers I’ve never heard of and I can’t pronounce their names in the rotation replacing Latos, Simon, and Bailey. Did I miss the latest star in the East that will bring miracles and happiness to this Reds Baseball team?

The Reds’ hands are tied to the big contracts of Votto , Bruce , etc . They traded Latos ,Simon and Heisy to unload salary . They HOPE the players they get in return will help . . Who knows if they will or not . Time will tell . Plus they come at a lower salary.The problem is that Bailey is not a #2 and Leake is not a # 3 . They also move soooo slow that most of the quality players are gone by the time they’re ready to make a deal . The Reds are always a day late and a dollar short .

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