3.12 Reds vs. D-backs

At some point today, Will Ferrell will appear in the game for both clubs. MLB.com will have stories on the entire day as Ferrell tries to play 10 positions, including DH, for 10 different teams in five games today.


Really don’t care about Will and the antics. ST is getting ready for the regular season.
Reds have many issues to deal with and don’t need to deal with the entertainment industry and one persons over inflated opinion of himself. Can we stick to baseball. Would have been better for the Reds to donate the money spent promoting this farce to a charitable organization instead. And no, I won’t chill out.

Wow so life is fun huh???

Has nothing to do with whether my life is fun.

It’s for a good cause. No regulars will be affected, at least on the Reds. It’s not like they play the whole game. And most of the main players are not even in the starting lineup. Sometimes, it’s ok to loosen up a little.

Agreed. He’s playing today to raise over $1 million to assist surviving cancer patients that want to attend college but cannot afford it.

Hey don’t get me wrong. I support the Breast Cancer Research promoted by the Reds with the pink bats and shoes, also the Armed Forces promotions, etc.. The play on the field is not affected and doesn’t involve personalities just the cause.
I’ll try to loosen up until BARK IN THE PARK days.

Dude, don’t chill out. Just get a freaking life. What Ferrell did yesterday was for a GREAT cause. And that post made you sound like a complete horses A$$. In the words of the man himself…stay classy!

Go back to kicking puppies… may you not suffer your death due to cancer.


It ultimately will benefit cancer research….”Antics” is a poor choice of words.

I have to agree . It’s a great cause . Unfortunately all us have or will be touched by this dreaded disease. If Will Farrell or any celebrity can use baseball as a platform to raise awareness of cancer , more power to them . And THANK YOU WILL !!!

Yes ! Will is a great American unlike some of these old nagging mules that are haters against people giving back a la Will Ferrell… they just do not understand what cancer is.


Not a problem . You’re just passionate about what you believe in. I’ve been known to get that way myself . It’s all good .

Cancer is already over-blown and, as a result, receives the lion’s share of available research dollars, far out of proportion to the actual number of lives it takes. Raise money and earmark it for diseases that regularly get overlooked and by-passed because of all the exaggeration swirling around, as one of you put it, “dreaded” cancer.

I guess Mike is right . You do need to get a life. Anyone that diminishes the effect of cancer and says it’s overblown needs a reality check . You must have never had a loved one suffer and die from cancer . You’re DEAD wrong . It along with any disease that can take a life is a DREADED disease .

Do the research yourself and talk to people in the medical community, which I am strongly connected to here in Central Ohio. Then you’ll understand and not rant without any basis. You reflect perfectly the kind of hysteria that the cancer peddlers want you and other knee-jerk thinkers to be!

And the above reference to not having a life, whatever that might mean in the context of simply providing factual correction for a gullible public, was certainly NOT directed my way, as you indicate, since it was posted a day previously! Someone is a sloppy debater.

Tired of waiting, I agree that I hate Bark in the Park. Love dogs but I cant stand dog owners. But, I thought the Will Farrel even was great… Heck even if it just helped the players have a little fun that is what its all about. Will Ferrel brings a kid like enjoyment to life, which I respect. Doing it for a great cause only makes it better. Most celebrities do this for their own enjoyment and not for a cause.

He’s doing it to revive his own flagging career…

I think we need to find a way to raise money so someone can surgically remove the stick from Denny’s ass.

It is a forum for opinion. If I don’t appreciate the humor of Ferrell or the zany worship of cancer elimination as a kind of societal metaphor for excess and paranoia, that’s my right. If you don’t like it, you can express the opposite without graphic personal attack.

It’s time to move on from this … Will Ferrell’s helicopter departed nearly 24 hours ago. Story is over.

Jordan nice, Denny just does not understand.


Denny Reds Observer will have the stick removed from his ass soon !


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