Winker, Stephenson among cuts

The first round of Reds roster cuts were announced on Tuesday.

optioned to Double-A Pensacola: OF Juan Duran;

optioned to Triple-A Louisville: OF Yorman Rodriguez

Reassigned to the minor league camp: RHP Jonathon Crawford, LHP Ismael Guillon, RHP Nick Howard, RHP Robert Stephenson, RHP Nick Travieso, IF Neftali Soto, OF Ryan LaMarre and OF Jesse Winker.

That leaves 54 players in camp.


No surprises here.

I would have liked to see Winker stick around a little longer.

I would too, however the reality is that there is no room for him on the senior team.
With Byrd, Hamilton and Bruce in the outfield, he was invited just for a cup of coffee.
Also, he isn’t on the 40-man so more seasoning was decided long ago. However,
I don’t think there Is any question that we’ll see him as a permanent fixture in LF once
Byrd is done; maybe as soon as next season.

Agree. I do think he’ll be back up before seasons end. Also, I think Soto is done. Don’t know what you do with him unless you throw him in on some future trade. Need to start developing another 1st baseman, Neftali isn’t it.

That’s what Duran gets for hitting a 3 run walk off yesterday. In all seriousness, he does look like a specimen. If he can continue to mature and improve, the once bleak looking future for the Reds outfield is starting to look more and more promising with the likes of Hamilton, Duran, Winker, Waldrop and Ervin. Will be interesting to see how everyone shakes out over the next few years.

These great prospects need to play all the time. Reds mgmt knows what they are doing.

Soto has never been able to translate his 8 minor league seasons; .274/.322/.447/.768 to the bigs…
2013…13 G…12AB….000/.077/.000/.077
2014…21 G…30 AB…100/.097/.133/.230
Clearly when Votto went down last season the Reds weren’t able to play him
full time at lst. Instead, Pena, Frazier and even Bruce were platooned.
I think that pretty much says it all.

Las Vegas odds as of March 2nd…
Odds to Win 2015 National League Pennant (11/1/15)
Washington Nationals 12/5
Los Angeles Dodgers 4/1
St. Louis Cardinals 6/1
San Francisco Giants 9/1
Chicago Cubs 10/1
Pittsburgh Pirates 10/1
San Diego Padres 10/1
New York Mets 15/1
Miami Marlins 20/1
Cincinnati Reds 40/1
Milwaukee Brewers 40/1
Atlanta Braves 50/1
Arizona Diamondbacks 65/1
Colorado Rockies 65/1
Philadelphia Phillies 150/1

Watched the Brewers game on MLB tape delay. Hoover hasn’t missed a beat in his ability to give up home runs. The gift that keeps on giving.

Hold on a minute! Vegas odds say the Cubs are four times more likely to win the NL than the Reds are? Four times! This is a reminder that betting odds reflect public perception, not actual likelihoods of events. The Cubs made an off-season splash and now they’re seen as up-and-coming, but I’ll take any (non-cash) action straight up the Reds finish ahead of the Cubs this year. For every ‘if’ the Reds have in camp this Spring, the Cubs have two. Example: who would you rather have at SS, Cozart or Castro? [Spoiler alert – the answer is Cozart]

Here are the “opening lines” for a number of bets in Vegas. These are set by a linesman in a certain club and seldom stray too much from club to club. This one is
from Ceasars…


Cardinals…88 1/2
Pirates…84 1/2
Brewers…78 1/2
Cubs…82 1/2

Max, you are correct. These odds have been bet already. And, being in my neck of the woods here on the left coast, the volume of betters are mostly from California;
Interesting that there is very little following for the Reds here, yet the Cards are supported yearly. I feel sometimes that I am on an island.

On another topic: I watched some of a Minnesota-Boston grapefruit league game a week ago and it was really ugly – poor fielding, base running, pitching, hitting, throwing; a five-tool mess – and it reminded me how hard a game to play baseball is, and how we take for granted the great play of the major leaguers. Minor league ball is fun, and I really like going to Dayton to see the Dragons, but we are blessed to live in a major league town and to get to kvetch about the best players in the world.

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