Price on Iglesias

Raisel Iglesias has pitched three innings over two relief appearances. Iglesias is vying for one of the rotation spots in Reds camp, but may not get any actual starts this spring. That’s in part because of his background as a reliever.

Said manager Bryan Price: “I think with Iglesias’ background as a bullpen guy, pitching out of the bullpen, it’s much more comfortable for me to know he knows how to get ready to come in the middle of a game as opposed to needing that full warm-up, long-toss routine that some of these previous starters have gone through historically.”

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wait so the guy who we heard about since he was signed and was going to be the next roger clemons is actually a relief pitcher? he is most comfortable coming out of the pen? so the want o make him a starter instead of letting do what he is good at and has always done? here’s a thought for the reds might want to consider before the next draft and cuban signing, how about drafting for need? it may not be popular among the experts but if they need/want a starter how about drafting the best one that is there when it is their turn to make the pick? instead of wasting time trying to convert relieves to starters just draft what you need! same thing with position players, if you know you need s or second baseman how about drafting the best guys a those positions instead of forcing guys who have never played the positions to learn how to at this late stage of their development?

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