Video: Bailey, Lorenzen

Reds pitcher Homer Bailey threw 49 pitches Sunday in his fourth bullpen session as he tries to come back from flexor mass surgery near his right elbow. He mixed in split-fingered pitches and sliders and also worked from the stretch for the first time. See below for video of Bailey.

I’m also writing about RHP prospect Michael Lorenzen today, and he talked about learning from veterans in camp.


Hello Mark , you need to write also about the injustice that Mr Walt is comiting against cuban outfielder Felix Perez , that is unvilibable , they invite him to spring traning this year just to make it suffer watching players who dont even play outfield playing over him , that’s no to have respect with this guy , you need to find out deeply what is behind all this against him , you will have something good to write about it beleive me Mark.
Thank you.

I have truly wondered the same for past 6 years. He is light years ahead of some of the others that has been brought up. He is a line drive type hitter with power. We have I believe had him for 6 years and he has never been given a chance.

Yeah it is a real story that needs to be talked about. I don’t get it at all.

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