Votto to debut Saturday

I have lineups here for the next two games. You will notice that Joey Votto is scheduled to play vs. Royals on Saturday, which would mark his Cactus League debut. 


Come one, when is somebody gonna complain about Votta not playing today? Wait for it…..

finally going to get to see votto on saturday🙂

Interesting, maybe tellingly so, that Votto begins his spring playing time inserted in the 2-hole!

Doesn’t surprise me, since we don’t know which year replica of Votto we are going to get for 2015.

I don’t buy all this talk of two Joeys, by design that is, the one who had MVP calibre seasons in 2010, 2011, and half of 2012, then made a conscious change in approach at the plate to go for walks and maximum OBP that produced a 2013 that was great in many ways in its own right but that managed to disappoint, even anger so many at the presumably cheapened version of Vottomatic we got. All of this is myth. Joey is what Joey is when he is healthy and Joey is what Joey is when he is not…and now an aging factor may have to be taken into account, but the two Joeys are by accident, not by design.

That’s exactly where he should hit. This should be our opening day lineup.

Hamilton- No doubt
Votto- Where he should be
Meso- Keep it going kid, keep it going.
Bruce- Comeback 35 hr season in the near future ladies and gents
Byrd- Dude can hit, and he will a ton in the GAB if he stays healthy. Can’t hit higher though with having his highest K rate ever last year and the year before.
Phillips- How will he feel about moving down in the order? Will he?
Frazier- Tough to see him this low, but do you hit him above anybody up there besides maybe Phillips. I think you use Phillips to break up Byrd and Frazier.
Cozart- Defensive wizard

Mike you must have crystal balls to look at.

Why do you need to break up Byrd and Frazier? it should be the other way around Frazier should be breaking up Byrd an Phillips. Frazier has the best OBP and takes the most pitches between the three. In other words the most patient hitter to give you a good at bat between the two. Frazier is perfect for 6.

My lineup . Hamilton , Votto , Frazier . Mes , Bruce , Byrd , Phillips , Cozart .

I could care less where they hit as long as they hit.

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