Games have finally started

The return of games is here as the Reds and Indians met Tuesday.

Got a picture for proof.

First pitch temperature: 63 degrees.


PLAY Baaaaaaalllllllll

Although it’s only ST…Bruce just tattooed the cf wall; Reds 4-0 over Indians in
early going.

Really enjoyable kick-off!

Just finished watching recorded game. Have to be impressed for 1st game out of the box. Liked the pitching. There may be some surprises in the bullpen come opening day. We’ll see. Tomorrow will be interesting watching the game and the 4-8 inches of snow predicted to fall outside my door. I am now officially TiredOFWaiting for the snow season to be over.

LONNIE!!!!! We won the opening game of spring training, world series champs here we come. Right buddy? We’ll wait, which mood are you in today? Marquis looked pretty bad IMO in his two innings. Yeah he gets crazy movement, but that guy isn’t scaring any MLB hitters. On the days where that sinker isn’t doing anything, what is he going to do. Excited to rasiel today. When is Maholm pitching? Interested in seeing what he looks like.

Okay, now. We don’t want to overreact to winning a spring training game but … I say the Reds tweet the other 29 teams: ‘We’re set to go. We’ll take the 25 who played yesterday. How about y’all? Let’s start the season early!’ Jus’ kiddin’ …

On more thing. I’m high on Jesse Winker and really like what I see in the kid. However, I’m even higher on Kyle Waldrop. Dude just hits the ball everywhere he goes. Great swing, tons of pop, outfield capable for sure. Nice seeing that we have 2 young kids grooming out there in the outfield.

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