Votto: ‘I feel really good’

As you saw in the previous blog post of Tuesday’s lineup, Joey Votto is not starting the Cactus League opener. There are no alarm bells to go off, however. Votto came to camp not in his usual baseball shape because he spent the winter rehabbing back from the distal strain of his left quadriceps that cost him much of last season.

Votto is very pleased with how his camp has gone to this point.

“I feel really good,” Votto said. “I was surprised at how good I feel this early. I’m trending towards starting to play in games, hopefully here in the not too distant future. I do feel like I need a little bit more time, but the time is not a bi-product of avoiding games or not being ready when I need to be ready. It’s just to make sure after taking what seems to be 10 months, eight months, or however long off from baseball that I play the game a little bit more to get ready and get the volume in and get the reps in.”

Votto has shown no real limitations to this point but hasn’t worked in some of the little things that happen during the workouts yet.

“Those little things, I’m starting to get to the point where those I will be able to join in on and be able to fully be a part of nearly everything with the team,” Votto said.


Here we go again

Lonnie its spring training. Seriously???

Yeah – some fan! Being a fan is about having some hope. It’s spring – stifle!

This guy is hilarious. He needs some more time off, cause he has had too much time off, and is wanting to be cautious about playing, if he does plan on getting out there for the long season.

get a grip people! it’s the first game of spring training and as the article states he has spent the whole off season rehabbing so he is not in baseball shape yet. look I get it you are jealous he is making all that money but like it or not that is what the best guys in the game get payed. he knows what he is doing and if he has to miss a few games early in st instead of when the games count then I am fine with that. I want a healthy ready to go Votto when it counts not in meaningless games.

He’s not even in the top 50. Best in the game is a joke

he was the best in the game when he signed the contract. he is one of the best in the game when he is healthy which is why he is taking it slow. sorry you think getting on base is a bad thing but in my mind and anyone with any common sense, it is a much better thing than swinging at the first pitch or swinging at pitches outside the strike which the other reds did last season.

This just in…..Joey Votto doesn’t care about what you think Lonnie & Rod.

I must be like Rip Van Winkle and just woke up. Who in the world is Satin starting at 1st.

I don’t recall anyone saying he did care. I have my opinion and I’ll respect yours. Why so serious! Go Reds

Yes, seriously. I hope I am proved to be completely wrong but what a terrible investment. Even if it was BP or Jay Bruce money it’s a bad investment. When he speaks publicly he is long winded and at the end you really don’t hear anything of substance. Go out and play ball for gods sake. It’s a child’s game. Everything is so drawn out with this guy. It’s not that diffcult. It’s very hard to be a fan.

It’s a child’s game and all you’ve done on this board is sermonize about it. Get a grip.

Testy are we. I mean no harm. Just stating my opinion. What else are you to do on a comment board. As is said I hope I am dead wrong. thanks for your professionalism and insight. Break a leg!

Was his leg cut off and reattached last year? Bruce had a torn meniscus, had surgery and was back within a month. Votto had a “strained” calf (what they told us) and he’s still coming back from that???? Send him to the minors until he gets his drive back.

Sorry, strained Quad….

I get sick of this head case acting like he knows what is best for himself…forgetting how many outs there are…talking to umpires on defense as the pitch is approaching the batter…looking up in the sky trying to analyze what pitch is coming next only to watch the good ones go by… Acting like a sissy. Pete rose would run through hell in a gasoline suit to play ball. Suck it up and swing the bat…PLEASE!

When Votto is on he is one of the best in the game.

Couldn’t have said it better myself. If he misses opening day….OK COMPLAIN ALL WANT. UNTIL THEN, THERE IS NO POINT.

Get off Votto’s back! In the first place none of you are paying his salary, and in the second place if any of you are so good get your sorry butt out there and perform! If your are going to be a team fan then START BEING SUPPORTIVE instead of complaining! He will be ready when he is ready and not until. Support him and encourage all of them otherwise go root for the Cards, Pirates, Cubs, or Brewers and complain there!

We are fans. That’s why we are passionate about our feelings towards this very poor investment. No we’re not paying his salary. Because of that we can’t comment on a ” comment board”. What fantasy land are you living in. We all have opinions. I respect yours, return the favor. You be a fan your way I’ll be mine. Trust me , I support the only way we truly support, by attending countless games a year. Relax, have a coke and a smile. It’s not THAT SERIOUS.

Peace! Hope you will try and support Joey…maybe he needs some fan support and is reading this!

So are you saying if you could back to the day we signed Joey to that deal….you wouldn’t have locked him up for the 12 years. I mean a kid with his talent. His promise, no signifigant injuries at that point. You would have let him walked huh? If you say yes, you’re opinion does not matter. because you’re an absolute moron. They had to pay him. They had to prove to him that he was wanted in Cincy for his whole career, because he is one of the best hitters in baseball when healthy. Injuries have certaintly slowed him. And being a huge Bulls fan, I am heartbroken by the D Rose stuff. I’m praying I’m not going to have to deal with the same stuff with my favorite baseball team. But please remember Lonnie, you say it’s NOT THAT SERIOUS…yet you’re complaining about him sitting out the first ST game? It’s one way or the other buddy.

Mark, as a journalist SOMEONE has GOT to push for the answer to the most obvious question…. what’s really wrong with votto??The distal part of the quad is nearest the knee. It simply DOES NOT take 8 months to heal a pulled muscle. There is a bigger problem. Please, someone find out what it is! We want to know.

You or me or anyone else has no right to know as long as Joey doesn’t want it publicly divulged, assuming what is already being said isn’t the truth. Which is a huge assumption.

Unlike most fans I’m not mad, if its a bad injury that’s unfortunate, but it happens. Not his fault but quit lying to us saying in just a muscle strain!

He is the same old NO Show Votto as he has been since his 1 and only good year. Now way this guy is even in the top 50. Very bad contract for the reds!!! This guy needs serious mental evaluation….Really !!!

GO VOTTO!!!! If some of you have jobs beyond berating players, I would like to see how you all handle someone questioning your every move and why you took a sick day, why you couldnt get that report in on time, why did you mess that thing up. Come on people just sit back and lets at least enjoy it what we have and stop making everything the end of the world. No wonder this world is so crazy. We cant just sit back and enjoy what we have.

It’ll be critical for Votto to be healthy and at the top of his game if the Reds are going to have a realistic chance to make the postseason.

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