Votto discusses Reds leadership

Joey Votto weighed in on the recent discussion about leadership, or the lack thereof, the Reds clubhouse. Actually, he called the beat writers over and had a passionate few minutes where he pushed back on the criticisms. While Mat Latos certainly brought the situation to the forefront the other day, Votto addressed the issue in more general terms.

Here is a snippet — with a story to come on MLB.com.

“The thing that upsets me the most is the people that are talking about leadership and talking about our clubhouse are not in our clubhouse,” Votto said. “They’re not consistently here to make any sort of comment on the clubhouse. These are guys that very rarely show their face in the clubhouse, are never on the bus, not in the hotel, certainly not on the field and these guys are constantly commenting on the importance of leadership with no sort of experience to be able to have that conversation. They don’t see the interactions. They don’t see the bench. They’re going to write and talk endlessly on something they have no information on. To me, I think that’s doing a disservice to this team. It’s doing a disservice to the front office, to the coaching staff and I think it’s highly, highly convenient because we lost last year to highlight something like that.

“I played with Scott [Rolen] – a wonderful, wonderful teammate. But Scott was one of the more quiet guys I ever played with. He led as an example. We don’t need that. We’ve got a group of guys that do not need to be led because we are that example. You don’t see any guys dog. Brandon’s become a wonderful leader on this team and a wonderful teammate. It’s been such a great experience playing with him and learning from him. He never gets any credit and he does little things nobody sees. The people who write and talk about it are not being very fair, I don’t think. I think it’s totally out of left field. I think, in my opinion, it’s just talk. We win this year, all of a sudden there’s going to be a leader on the team or a group of leaders, and so and so did this or so and so did that, we win and all of a sudden everything changes. We have one unhealthy year last year — not a good year, let’s not forget about that, we did not have a good year last year — we need this and we need that. Leadership is one of the things people have been pointing out. I don’t think it’s objective.”


Believe Votto is right on target with his remarks. Who else would know better? His comments about Brandon P. are also very interesting. A good 2015, and the
barbs disappear.

Well said Joey, agree with your comments.

very well said. Joey is a silent assassin! Doesn’t say much but when he does it’s very on point and people listen. I wish Latos the best as he matures. There’s a reason he’s well traveled. In hindsight, the jury is still out the Latos trade from San Deigo. Now we have 2 more youngsters with a shot to make good on the trade. Clearly the 4 people we sent packing haven’t done much.

sounds like a leader

Injuries were undoubtedly the cause of a down 2014, stories about injuries don’t make good stories, so we add on “leadership”……a lot of stories can be told about team leadership coupled with the injuries and then you have ongoing stories all through spring training and the first month of the season. I’m sure there will be other stories to occupy the sports page that are more appealing than “leadership”.

go reds!

Wow Joey, You don’t speak often, but when you do, you make your point. And,if anyone would know about the clubhouse leadership, it would be you. You don’t always have to be vocal to set an example. That is proven here. Point taken.
If anyone has the nerve to say negative comments about you and the Reds, they need to be a fan for another team. Looking for a successful season. GO REDS!!!

Let’s make sure we don’t miss the point of Votto’s comments: those who speak about leadership or lack thereof, who aren’t in the clubhouse and who don’t play the game, don’t know what they’re talking about. In fact, though he doesn’t say this, those who don’t know what they’re talking about, talk about leadership because you don’t have to know anything to talk about it. If you listen to sports radio you know it’s so: if a team’s losing the hosts don’t talk about x’s and o’s because they don’t understand them – they talk about leadership and personalities and other intangibles so they can’t be called to account. To some degree or other, we’ve all caught the disease. The game still comes down to hitting, fielding and pitching, and these take skills whose technical nuances, I’ll speak for myself here, I don’t understand at all. I take for granted an outfielder’s going to lay out to catch a line drive in the gap but I have no idea how you teach yourself to throw your body parallel to the ground knowing what gravity’s going to do to you in the next second. I can’t speak for anyone but myself: I’m going to limit my criticisms to obvious lack of skill or extremely obvious lack of effort; and stay away from intangibles altogether. (I wish Latos had done the same – though if he unified the team and fired them up, maybe he did the Reds a favor – see how easy it is to slip into the intangibles-speak?) (P.S. – notice how little Mark Sheldon writes about intangibles? Smart man, that Mark.)

Couldn’t have said this any better myself. Love seeing this and this is leadership in itself Joey. Really liked Byrd’s comeback to Latos in the first place. I honestly think Byrd’s acquisition is going to be much bigger than most think. He’s going to thrive in the GAB.

I agree with Max its this new fad the past couple of years that media use as an excuss. You never heard leadership as an excuss 20 plus years ago. You just here people say back then their were leaders… Well why didnt you point that out back then.

well I cant spell excuse I guess. haha.

Big – I like the word ‘excuss.’ It’ something like ‘If I hadn’t broken my #@#&# pinky, I’d have hit .330 last year!’


I don’t live near Cincinnati and haven’t had my baseball radar on much this winter, so I’m just now hearing about this whole Mat Latos dust up. I’m sorry the team and it’s true fans have had to deal with this classless move by Latos. I’m sure the local radio has been overrun with fair-weather fans calling in to point fingers at most of the team and coaches. Joey, as always, gives us a cool-headed, reasoned response. To me, he is the epitome of professionalism. I’m sure glad you’re a Red, Joey!

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