Reds players respond to Latos

Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal posted a pretty candid Q&A with former Reds pitcher Mat Latos on Sunday evening that certainly caught the attention of everyone with the Reds.

Latos, now with the Marlins, told Rosenthal that the Reds medical staff rushed him back from his Spring Training left knee surgery last year. See the next paragraph:

“It’s kind of obvious when you’re looking at it and the (physical therapist) is looking at it, and this knee looks like a water balloon and this knee looks like a regular knee, don’t you think you would say, “Hey, let’s get some of that swelling down before we do anything?” But there’s nothing I can do about it. I went along with it because I wanted to be out there. I figured they knew what they were talking about.”

Latos also described a lack of leadership and hijinx inside the clubhouse last season.

“After Scott [Rolen] left [following 2012], we had guys with two years in the big leagues, in the clubhouse, on their phones, laying down in the video room, just hanging out during games, not in the dugout, not cheering their teammates on. Our dugout looked like a ghost town,” Latos said. “After Bronson [Arroyo last season], the same exact thing. We had starters in there roping our (clubhouse attendants), like, cattle-roping our clubbies. Guys on their computers, buying stuff, hanging out in the clubhouse. We had a guy with a year-and-a-half in the big leagues wandering around the clubhouse, hanging out. We had a closer in there sleeping until the seventh inning. We lose that veteran leadership, that’s what happens. You can’t have that … it turns into a circus.”

Two Reds players that have had injuries in the past, Homer Bailey and Devin Mesoraco, refuted Latos’ comments, especially regarding the trainers and medical staff.

“I never have [felt rushed],” Bailey said. “I always felt like our medical staff has done an outstanding job from day one – all the way from Dr. Kremchek to all the way down. I couldn’t say enough good things about Paul, our PT staff, Steve Baumann. I don’t know what kind of experiences Mathew had. I’m sorry he feels that way. I’m sorry that he feels that way.”

“The only thing I really wanted to say is those guys in there [the training room] do an unbelievable job,” Mesoraco said. “I fought and fought and fought to say ‘hey I wanted to play Opening Day.’ And they kind of held me back. They wouldn’t let me get to the point just because they knew how much time it took to heal. For him to say that they‘re rushing people to get back into the game couldn’t be any further from the truth. They really had to hold me back just because I wanted to be in there so bad. Even the second time after I pulled my hamstring, it was kind of the same thing. I wanted to come back on day 15. I didn’t want to do rehab or do anything. We talked about it. I fought a bit over it. At the end of the day, they knew what was best for me as a player. That was something that wasn’t even in question. They did exactly what they were supposed to do.”

For background — in a June story on, Latos was miffed that the medical staff ordered an added rehab start in the Minors rather than activate him from the disabled list. Latos had the flexor mass tendon strain near his elbow after the knee issue.

“It’s pretty bogus I’ve got to go on another rehab assignment, but it is what it is,” Latos said. “I’ll go down there and throw 100 fastballs and call it a day and come back up here and we’ll assess what’s going on.”

The only starting pitcher who does calf roping as a hobby, Bailey, had this to say about Latos’ clubhouse comments.

“I don’t care. I’m not going to waste my living breaths talking about it, I can tell you that,” Bailey said. “The best thing I can say is if this was a court of law, the cross examination would probably go after the credibility of the witness.”

Bailey also had this just before…

“Those were his comments. I don’t know any other players that would go that route,” he said. “It was the way he chose to go. I think you’ll find the majority of the people here have a sense of professionalism and are probably not going to comment on it. However, you all holding your pads and microphones have gotten to be around Mathew enough and can form your own opinion.”

More on later …


Price is obviously NOT a leader and needs to go

Seriously you are going to throw Price under the bus for Latos having sour grapes??

Exactly, but it does explain the lack of leadership, hence the lack of production.

I don’t know if what Latos said about leadership is true or not. However,it wouldn’t surprise me . It’s hard to make up ALL that stuff. My question to him would be; Why didn’t you step up and be that leader.

Latos never should have thrown that low heat to Buster, he was biting on the high fastball. Good riddance. Btw, he said the players slacked after Rolen, then again after Bronson. That doesn’t make sense.

The issue here is Latos’ credibility. I’ve always thought he was a crybaby. Still do. Glad he’s gone.

If Latos was with keeping, the Reds would have kept him. Sour grapes, and anyone with a moderate imagination could make up a laundry list of perceived grievances. Sad he missed the Festivus window for airing them, but then he would have needed to perform an act of strength, where he would have failed.

Why is that Jeff?

I think the leadership of the players has to be a player that is well respected by his teammates . The manager does have leadership responsibilities to a certain degree but that kind of stuff should be handled by a player (IMO) .

Nice, comment about the creditability of the witness, Homer

All the medical stuff aside, if the horse play in the dug out is true, people sleeping, and etc., then the reds are going to remain irrelevant once again. Practice how you play. WOW

i like how Homer never denied roping the “clubbies”, therefore you know that stuff happened, which is the kind of shenanigans i feel is what clubhouses need just as much as leadership to mesh and succeed.

maybe not sleeping during the games, but yall know what i mean

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I would have to say I believe in him lactose after the second half of the season the teen vanished and it just looked like they had aI don’t care attitude but that’s all in the manager I know it’s his first year and I would think if the team respond like that again it will be his last year go reds PS hope VOtto wants to play baseball this year

Was this English!? Proofread please. Also, Votto plays baseball every year. Just because you don’t understand Baseball doesn’t mean he isn’t playing it. You need people on base. That is more important than home runs.

Thank You !

Latos is simply a slightly better than average pitcher with a slightly worse than average attitude problem….I am ok with his departure….See ya Maty…..Unless you are a superstar don’t burn too many bridges is my advice to you…..

I believe Latos ! I think it was even worse when you had Larkin and Griffey, the two that thought they were untouchables. I bet they won’t call Latos a liar to his face ? He just seems like a guy that tells it like it is and is not afraid of who likes it. And as far as Dr. Kremchek, however u spell his name, I think he is awful. You didn’t see Palmer let him touch him did you ? Palmer went to his own Dr. ! The leadership starts at the top, and this guy is no coach. And I can see why they never did it when Rolan wwas there, everyone loved Rolan and they couldn’t call him a liar ? Latos told it like it is, period !!!

I would be interested in what Arroyo would say about it all. He loved the reds but also would not hold any punches. He would have nothing to gain or lose by his comments. I believe there is a little truth if any. I think the medical thing is stupid. I believe the rest is just opinion. Yes we all know Champan does not take it seriously. And does it really matter. Until he starts to screw up then I dont really care. he can throw 100mph in his sleep and Iguess he actually does

This is one man’s view of the clubhouse. Evidently there are other opinions. Let’s remember the injuries that really destroyed the 2014 season and start off the year with good health and a lot of wins. The National Central got a lot tougher over the winter. It’s going to take a lot of leadership and team work.

I like Latos. Despite his imaturaty, he’s a talented pitcher. His comments, however were unwarranted. As a longtime Reds fan, I’m left questioning the younger players’ professionalism and the veterans’ leadership. Get it together Redlegs! Reds fans won’t tolerate disfunction. That means empty seats!

I have to agree with a lot that was said. After Rolen left you could see a change in mentality of the players, I’m sure Votto being out most of the season didn’t help any, but it just feels as if the heart has gone out of the team. It’s more like watching the Astro’s than the Reds. Now as far as Price, he knew how to work with his pitchers, but he just doesn’t have that aggressiveness for overall

If we have the same results this year then ok… I think everyone is going to be pleasently suprised this year on how well this team does. Remember this team put together quite a run before injuries derailed them last year. All writers look at is last year. They do that every year unless you are a big city team.

Regardless of whether or not what Latos said was true, it’s shady and unprofessional to throw your old team under the bus like that. It’s easy to sit back and complain about a lack of leadership, but if it was that concerning to him then he should have stepped up and filled that role. I’ve seen a lot of people talking about how Latos stepped up and pitched in the NLDS when Cueto got hurt and how that made him a leader. Big deal. Show me a player that wouldn’t step up in that situation. Just about any pitcher in any organization would have done the same thing. If they weren’t the kind of players that wanted the ball in that situation, they wouldn’t have made it to the majors in the first place. Either way, it’s incredibly douchy to stir up drama with your old team going into a season. Glad he’s gone!

I agree with Latos, when Rolen left there was a huge leadership hole in this team, no one has filled that hole. Rolen was always prepared did what it took to get ready, yes he was at the end of a great career, but he taught the young guys there is no one there to kick butt when needed. When Arroyo left there was a huge leadership hole in the pitching staff, like him or not Arroyo pitched every fifth day, kept himself in shape and did what had to be done to prepare. He taught that to the other pitchers, he leaves and there is no one there to teach. You have to have teachers.

Ye gads, Latos is no longer a Red. He no longer supports the organization and he has always had a loud mouth. So 2 + 2=s 4. Where is the surprise? He was the same way in S D and will be the same way in Miami. Big deal! I think him for the wins he got us in Cincy, but he is now the enemy and he is telling all of us just that.

Obviously there is some truth to the guys comments as the Reds haven’t even been relevant the last couple of years and I think there is nothing wrong with telling the truth. It’s not badmouthing if he is just stating the facts. If I was focused on winning and no one else was I would have some bad feelings myself for that place.

I completely believe Latos’ account. it was effing refreshing ….. to be honest. C’mon make the connection, Teams with leadership and heart win the 1 run games. For 12 months we have had neither.


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When do we play Miami?????That should be interesting. Buy the tickets NOW.June 19,20 and 21st here in Cincy.

Yeah . What a firestorm. I haven’t seen this much intensity in a long time .

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Doc K is a jerk. Votto was a disaster! Muscles do not take that long to heal. There has been no leadership since Rolen retired. Bruce needs to become a hitter that uses the entire field, then they would not put the defensive shift – that he hits into 99% of the time. He is too stubborn. Hope they all get it together and prove that the talent is there and so should a championship trophy.

Votto, you should be the leader. Stop pouting, get pissed, and snap that crap into shape! People hanging out, using phones and computers? Smash that stuff and wake them up. Maybe if you got mad, it would invigorate you! Bruce you’ve been there long enough to whoop some ass too! Let’s go!!!!

Votto and Bruce aren’t leaders . Never were, never will .

Agree. Just not part of their makeup.

As far as the clowning around goes and that kind of thing, read about what it was like with the Big Red Machine. The attitude they had about winning and playing as a team is different. True the talent level was also different but you have to want to win. The whole deal about leadership and people sleeping etc needs to be taken care of. Can someone tell me what a bench coaches job is??

And today’s meeting of the Perpetual Whiners & Gripers Club is hereby called to order ….

well i like Joey Votto but he has been down on his luck with injuries for quite awhile I hope he springs back this year, i love the Reds all the way, good luck in 2015

Latos is providing enough sour grapes to fill a couple of barrels of wine! But….he’s right. No leaders or bad a**es on this team. Can’t believe Jocketty and all his years of experience doesn’t see it or even worse fix it!

Interesting, if Latos thought there wasn’t any leadership after Rolen left, then why didn’t he step up to fill the leadership position? Very weak Latos, very weak!

It comes down to the word of a guy they traded (and seemed to not appreciate) versus 2 guys the organization spent big $$$ and time on. Of course they are going to get better treatment when the club has more invested. They were using Latos as a stop-gap. He saw it, had not problem leaving, and why shouldn’t he be honest. Reds are saving face with fans asking Bailey and Mes to counter his words. I liked Latos, is a good pitcher, amd is ashame the Reds didn’t also.

There has to be other reasons why the Reds signed Bailey instead of Latos . Latos is the more physically talented pitcher .

Agree.,,! not only on the good looks of my point of view

Agreed, as well.

lawyers austin

Me and my kids loved Matt Latos. He was great with the fans before games. He was a bulldog on the mound and a winner. Homer Bailey has been a head case since he came to the Reds. The cant misser who has had one good season as the 4th man in the rotation against poor opposing pitchers. Latos and Cueto drove the Reds to a near World Series. Look at Joey Vottos knee. He has not been the same since they rushed him back from the Meniscus. Homer freakin Bailey has zero credibility and I believe Latos. Club house leadership is the key. Reds have had the talent. Pryce is no Dusty…he is a milk toast minor league baby sitter. A coach has to kick ass and take names….total accountability…but still fairness and time invested with his players. He is no leader of men. Good luck Matt, we loved you. Reds are done for 10 more years..

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