Price, Jocketty discuss Latos

Reds manager Bryan Price and general manager Walt Jocketty responded Monday to the comments made by former pitcher Mat Latos. See below for full text:


“You know… Obviously this is a distraction that we anticipated and we’re not going to allow it to become a long-running distraction, it’s obviously something we need to talk about today and address, unfortunately. To me, it’s a bunch of tabloid BS that’s unnecessary. First things first, we have a top-shelf training and medical staff and have had them for years. Their credibility is undeniable. It’s a non-issue. It’s unfortunate that we even have to address it. We universally support our training staff, they are as invested in our players as any staff I’ve been a part of and having been a staff member here for the last five years, I’ve seen fully the interest that Mr. Castellini, Walt, Dusty, myself, our medical staff, our training staff, coaching staff have taken in making sure we’re up to date with what’s happening with our players. We would not compromise the health of our players to win a baseball game. I couldn’t be more supportive of what we do here from a medical standpoint.

Had Price talked with Mat after his trade to Miami in December?

“I talked with Mat. I texted Mat. I sent Mat a nice note of appreciation for his time here. This is going to be something that should be a non-issue that has now become an issue. I’m not going to get into a he-said, she-said environment, all I can tell you is a lot of things came out that shined a really negative light on our organization and that is unfair and inaccurate. We have outstanding leadership from ownership through the front office, through the coaching staff, training and medical staff and we have outstanding, quality, high-character people in our clubhouse. We have our own imperfections, as does every other club, but this is a first-class organization and it’s ridiculous we even have to discuss something of this nature that would shine a negative light on this organization, because we’ve done nothing to deserve it.

“We’re like any other team, and last year was a year we were hit with a lot of injuries. That being said, it had zero to do with anything that would be negligent on the backs of our medical staff, our training staff and our strength and conditioning staff. We honor our players by the way we care about them and if we’re waiting for our players to be 100 percent healthy when they take the team, no one is going to field a team, I can tell you that, no matter what sport you have. 162 games in 180 days, if you’re looking for 100 percent, no one is going to field a team on a daily basis, that’s not going to happen. If that’s our goal, we’ll cut our season back to about 20 games.”


“First of all, we feel very strong that we have one of the best medical staffs in baseball from Dr. Kremchek all the way down to our trainers and physical therapists and our minor league rehabs and so forth. We follow very strict protocols after surgeries, rehabbing and so forth with the physical therapists. We treat everyone the same to make sure they are ready to go. We don’t rush anybody. If anything, I’ve always had a philosophy that if a guy says he’s ready, you wait an extra day or two just to make sure. We’ve always kind of followed that protocol.

“Then when I read the rest of the stuff and saw some of the other comments he made, I even got more upset. No. 1, it’s something that’s not true. There might have been a couple of things that were exaggerated – more than a couple. There’s just no reason to go there and we’re spending a lot of time today talking about it.”

“We have a great group of players. We’ve had good leadership. We haven’t had the vocal leaders that everybody tries to look to or point to. We’ve had a lot of guys who control things in that clubhouse and manage the clubhouse. I’ve always told some of the key players that it’s up to them because the manager, the general manager and the coaching staff can only do so much as far as managing the clubhouse. It’s their clubhouse and they have to control it. They have to manage it. It’s that way in my career in St. Louis and Cincinnati. We’ve never had any situation that was out of control. It’s always been well managed and well respected by the other players.

It’s uncommon for players to discuss stuff from the clubhouse, even after leaving?

“I think he made some comments when he left San Diego as well. You have to consider the source,” replied Jocketty.


Does Jocketty really expect to be taken seriously? I don’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth .

…and I don’t believe a word out of Mat’s mouth. He’s always been a cry baby, and is obviously very immature. He was treated very well here in Cincy, and he actually ruined it for himself with his antics on the mound. Good riddance and GO REDS!!!

Well stated by both Jockertty and Price. Latos should take his sour grapes, stuff them in his mouth and keep his mouth shut.


It sounds like a lot of damage control . Jockety and company can’t afford any more fans to be ticked off . They can’t afford too many empty seats .

I dont want empty seats either…We all need to do what is right and support the Reds in every manner….I think sometimes we take advantage of and don’t appreciate what this organazation means to our area..

Some people just see things in a negative light and blame others for their own failures. I agree with the Walt I recall the player in question saying negative things about his previous organization also. I wish Matt the best of luck in Miami and hope he will mature and fine success there.

Last season, more than once, I raised the question on this blog about the Reds’ conditioning/rehab practices. To my knowledge, there was not a single response from anyone in agreement or disagreement. I don’t know what Latos said, and tend to think that it was likely a lot of sour grapes. Yet, the situation again raises the question to me about an inordinate number of injuries and excessively long rehab periods. Further, it also causes pause to wonder about some individual attitudes on team spirit and a will to play for the TEAM. I would like to see an approach to the game/team as illustrated by the KY Wildcats basketball players this season.

Didn’t Jim Edmonds take issue the medical staff after he left ? Just asking .

After all is said and done you must have talent and desire to win!!! Do the Reds have enough? We shall see….

I would think that he did exaggerate on some things but I doubt everything he said was not true. I would think that some of his comments hit close to home. as a veteran if he did see some clubhouse problems why didn’t he step forward when he was playing not taking shots as he headed down the road. the one thing said that I think rings true is the lack of leadership on the team among the players. you would think that votto, Phillips and bruce should provide some leadership and obviously that has not happened.

to be truthful forget latos and ask yourself do you like direction were going seems backwards ! its time this team got the leadership it needs starts at top too just saying !

Huh ?

I think Latos needs another tattoo —Miami would be a nice place for it. He griped about Diego,now Cincy , better give Miami a heads up. they will be next.

Latos’s best days are behind him. He showed he is a .500 pitcher at best. He blows big leads. He crys.>>>>>>>Bye!

I wish Matt had half the maturity that Bronson has, he has shown his true colors in San Diego and Cincinnati and now is unhappy in Miami from the arbitration loss. He has shown his lack of class by his comments. I sincerely hope that someday he grows up. The Reds are a class organization and have been for years. This is a classic case of sour grapes. Love Bailey’s comments, tell it like it is Homer, LOL.

Sour grapes is right. I think he should take them and pack his scrotum with them because what suppossed to be there is not.

if latos was upset about the way the club house was ran why did he not try to take a leadership roll ? oh i forgot we are talking about latos

Latos showed that he is not a professional. His lack of maturity both on and off the mound had shown through in his stay with the Reds. He was brought here as a #1 level starter to help win a World Series or at least go far in the playoffs and when that opportunity in the first round game 5 2012 in the playoffs arrived when his team needed him against the Giants, his lack of maturity showed and he melted down on the mound over a series of batters eventually ending in a Grand Slam to Buster Posey that ended that chance. He didn’t show any maturity or leadership then nor now.

I don’t disagree,but what Reds’ player has shown leadership ?

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Considering that Price and Jockstrap are upset only makes me inclined to believe Latos. The truth hurts. When we wind up in the basement hopefully it will spell the end for the,blunder twins of Jocketty and Price

I have always heard that players from other teams have come to dr. Kremcheck to get looked at…..

This wont be an issue if the Reds win! That’s right Walt they need to win and make it out of the 1st round of the playoffs! Otherwise this issue will hang on further down the road.

Sounds like he wanted to stay because the Reds are such a good team. Hurt his feelings he is just not good enough to co tinue to be carried on staff.


I can’t wait for MLB to start up. I like my soccer, my hockey, basketball and football, but for entertainment… NOTHING beats the MLB. Come on CUBS🙂

+1 for the cubs

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Jocketty and Price….zero credibility. They gave up on July 4th. The crap product they put on the field demonstrates their commitment to the fans. I have never seen a team roll up so hard and fast as the Reds. Price is a stooge for Jocketty…they had their run….Where is the next Mike Matheny? The Reds had a core and they have destroyed their youth by not adding to their talent. They abandoned the team after 2012….did not invest in a left fielder and better shortstop. No bench depth. Now their players have lost enthusiasm… Latos is absolutely right. Look what crap they put on the field…the effort..the lack of professionalism. The coaching!!!! Jocketty…retire. Price…Fire!!!

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