Workout pics

Much of the daily developments from Reds camp and tidbits will be migrating to the main site at from here on out. I will continue to blog things here when I can and give additional things or immediate breaking news.

For now, here are some pictures from the first day of workouts on Thursday:





The pitcher throwing in the bullpen is Raisel Iglesias.

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I hope they work on fundamentals. Everyone needs to be able to bunt, hit to the opposite field and properly run the bases. I recall seeing Hamilton take a wide turn at third and get thrown out at home. Had he hit the inside corner of the bag, he would have been safe.

Just like pro basketball players should be able to hit free throws and play defense, pro baseball players making millions should be able to bunt and adjust to hit to the opposite field.

Home runs (like 3 point shots) are great but don’t happen all that often.

It would also be great if the pitchers could pitch to the catcher’s glove and stop worrying about the umpire’s strike zone.

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