Notable quotes from Thursday

The first day of workouts is complete here on Thursday afternoon. At the moment of typing this, it’s exactly 72 degrees warmer in Goodyear than it is in Cincinnati (sorry).

Be sure to check out today’s story on Johnny Cueto by clicking here. Cueto says he isn’t worried about his contract talks and doesn’t expect it to be a distraction here at camp.

Other stories:

*Devin Mesoraco to get increased workload and catch Cueto more. (Click here)

*Bryan Price isn’t worried about his job security (click here)

Quotes from today:

“I do anticipate him taking on a higher workload this season. He missed some time last year with the injury to begin the year and then the hamstring, which took some games away from him. I also had Johnny linked with Brayan Pena and I’m not going to do that to start the season. Johnny threw well to both of them last year. It will be a little more random with how I use Brayan.” — Price on Mesoraco.

“Preferably, I’d like to catch 161 and take one day off after we clinch. I’m sure there are going to be some times where it makes sense to get Brayan in there and give me a couple of days to just regroup. As much as they want to write my name in the lineup is as much as I want to be back there.” — Mesoraco

“Honestly, it would be good to have something done before [the deadline] because that would take things out of my mind. All I have to do is continue to play baseball.” — Cueto

“He’s a very talented young man, very polished from what we’ve seen. It’s a small sample size, it’s never more than two innings. It’s been very good. Our feeling is he has the stuff and the command to start, but he hasn’t taken on a starter’s workload in some time. We’ll integrate him at some time, that’s where we feel he’s best suited until we feel otherwise. We’ll integrate him there, that’s where we feel he’s best suited until he proves otherwise, we’re going to get him ready as a starter.” — Price on Raisel Iglesias


All good reading. Now the proof becomes with the performance(s). Good luck to all. We wish you all well.

Man I can’t help but to be excited about Iglesias. Hearing that this kid has 4 good pitches ALREADY is absolutely huge. Much rather see a guy like that out there changing things up some. Instead of seeing a guy like Cingrani (who I still have hope for) out there throwing two pitches and only one good one in his fastball that he throws 81.7 percent of the time. I’ve read he’s working on it. But it sounds to me like Iglesias already has it. I know nothing about DeSclafini or whatever, so I can’t make judgement. My sleeper here is Maholm, dude can pitch if he can return to form. I think he easily makes this opening day roster as at least a reliever.

I see where Price has already canned any idea of Iglesias starting for now, although he will begin preparing him for that role. Don’t understand and I know there will be differences of opinion on this. But a couple years ago they stretched out Chapman in ST and had him set to start until injuries to others forced him back to the bullpen. Iglesias is already 25, has the pitches, should be #5 starter. Let the others battle it out for #4.

I’m with you . I don’t understand why the Reds do what they do . I’m trying to stay positive , though . Let’s hope it works out . You know the Reds’ way . SLOW .

Injuries are never an excuse for poor management. Glad Price feels secure despite a pitiful rookie management season. I hope Cas has the guts to fire both Price and Jocketty after we come in last place in our division.

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