Reds stuff is in Goodyear

The Reds’ equipment made the 1,800-plus mile trek from Cincinnati and arrived in Goodyear on Saturday. The clubhouse staff unloaded it all ahead of pitchers and catchers reporting on Wednesday.

I will be flying out to Arizona on Tuesday and the stories/posts on will be plentiful. Be sure to check there every day for fresh content. I will also try to have some blog extras and breaking news on here as well.


Jeff Brantley has no clue that he’s visible through STAC window #4 (!!!), as he’s using his 1968 plastic dial-a-letter label maker to label the shelves in his new walk-in freezer at home: ‘Black Raspberry Mocha Chip Rumba;’ ‘Chocolate Caramel Swirlies;’ ‘Five Miles of Bad Road – Mint;’ ‘Vanilla’ …

Max you’re killing me. I wish the Cowboy stayed on the radio permantely. 2 days in a row you’ve reminded me of unpleasant things about the the TV games while I’m excited about the upcoming season. C’MON MAN! LOL.

I don’t think the Reds’ broadcast team is that bad . In fact I think they’re pretty good . Marty is in the HOF and Thom does national broadcasts for multiple sports . Brantley and Welch are very baseball knowledgable . Jim is as good of play by play announcer there is . What other organization can match that .

I’ll take Kelch and Welsh. Personally I don’t like a lot of color commentary in lieu of play by play calling. So I just turn the sound down to where I’m aware there are voices and can still hear some fan noise, but can’t really hear the announcers. Works for me.

Okay . I can understand that .

Marty used to be great at play-by-play, vividly painting the pictures of the game in the listener’s mind, but as he has grown old, cantankerous, and onry, he has also lost that touch through distraction and tripping over his own soliloquy ramblings. And he never really was what you would call eloquent, too wooden in his prose and verbose. The gold standard is someone like Vin Scully or Al Michaels. The Hall induction means nothing. He was at the right place at the right time. And the son is a “national’ joke who is kept around only because he likes kissing the behinds of the Fox goons. The rest of them, Brantley, Welsh, Kelch, et alia are okay, with the exception of Sean Casey, who is an utter embarrassment.

The more I read your posts , the more I think you’re a national joke . What HOF are you in Denny ? And speaking of sounding old and cantankerous . That’s you to a tee . I was right . You are self righteous . I bet you kick the cat at night .

Just my opinions about what was under discussion. They are strong but uninfluenced by home cooking, that’s all! Certainly did not warrant your ad hominem attacks.


Okay . I can understand that .

For the record, I think Brantley is terrific. I just find his stories of 8 scoops in a bowl with a big boy spoon a tad hard to believe.

Did Marty,Thom & Casey warrant your attack , Denny ?

In my opinion, yes, because all three are hacks and open themselves up to reaction as public figures involved in placing their talents, or, lack thereof, before the eyes and ears of media consumers. I’ve seen you do similarly, or worse, on Jocketty. Okay, it’s your opinion. I don’t agree at all, but I never launched ad hominem attacks on you for the silly points you make about Jocketty’s decision-making. Chill. It’s a forum for exchanging ideas and opinions. Most, on the part of others, are not going to dovetail with your view of the world.

Denny. You know what ? You’re right . I have . Sometimes I let my emotions get the better of me . I apologize . We’re all entitled to our opinion.

And I also apologize if I stepped out of bounds with my reactions. I recognize I have the very same tendency, to allow my emotions to get the better of me!

Behind todays Spring Training Advent Calendar window #3 (!!!!), we overhear Billy Hamilton excitedly talking to his agent: “That Mercedes thing with the hare and the tortoise was the lamest ever! Picture this! Between the third and fourth quarters at next year’s Super Bowl, me, the Flash, the Roadrunner and Willie Mays Hays race end zone to end zone live! And hey, maybe some players try to tackle us or the Coyote drops safes on us or something! We’ll get Jimmy John’s to sponsor it. We’re ‘so fast, you’ll freak!’ TV Gold, baby!” “Uh, Billy, you know those guys are fictional characters, right?”

Lots of rabbits out there Billy. The ones who are successful a good percentage of the time listen to their natural instincts of survival. They don’t run for the sake of running. They have a purpose. Hope you have learned it in the off season.

At first, when one opens STAC window #2 (!!!!!), the scene appears blank. What, no picture? Yes, Virginia, there is a picture for Spring Training’ Eve. It’s a picture of a randomly selected local landscape covered in a perfectly smooth, perfectly white, perfectly awful layer of snow. It’s a cold and annoying reminder (along with college basketball teams that score fewer than 20 points in a half) of why we await the advent of spring training so avidly – it sounds the death knell of winter once more! Only one more sleep ’til p&C report!

I am so ready. Looking forward to see what develops this year. Hope better than what Las Vegas predicts. According toEnquirer the have the Reds at 77-78 wins, last place in the Central, and 23rd out of 30 overall GO REDS and prove them wrong.

Yay! One more day! This season will hinge on the health of the team and whether players like Bruce and Cozart can bounce back from last year’s performance. I personally will expect great things from this team until they prove me wrong! Opening day can not get here fast enough- this eternal winter is sucking the life out of me. Go Reds!

I agree . As much as I complain , I still love baseball and the Reds . They’re due to stay healthy . I want to believe Price will do a better in his second year . Let’s hope it’s a magical year . GO REDS !!!!!!!

The day has arrived! Spring Training Advent Calendar window #1 (!!!!!!) opens of its own accord on this scene in Goodyear, Arizona: the sun is shining; it’s 75 degrees with a 5-10 mph breeze from the south. There’s not a cloud in the sky and no, repeat, no snow on the ground. The whole Mark My Word blogging crew is gathered outside the Reds training complex, eagerly awaiting the arrival of spring. And here it comes! A column of buses and limousines pulls up in the parking lot. Out of the first bus comes a giggling gaggle of (genuine certified) Rosie Reds, each one a junior at the Goodyear Therapeutic Massage and Nursing school, and each one carrying a six-pack of our favorite beverages. There’s exactly as many of them as bloggers and they attach themselves to us, getting the beverage choices and hair color preferences just right. The second and third bus disgorge the players and coaches who high five each of us as they pass into the complex. Finally, out of the limousine step the Castellini’s, Walt Jockety and Mark Sheldon. Walt steps up to a small podium and addresses us. “It’s great to see you all here this morning! I speak for every member of this great baseball franchise when I say how much we all appreciate your passion for the Reds, your support of the players and coaches, and most of all your ideas and advice on how to better run the organization and manage the team. Personally, I think of you as an advisory council and never make a decision without consulting ‘Mark My Word.’ And now, I’d like to greet you each personally.” Whereupon he steps down from the podium, wades into the group and shakes each of our hands. “And you are?” “I’m Denny.” “Greetings, Denny.” “I’m Neb.” “Welcome, Neb.” “I’m Bigblu.” “Glad to meet you, Big.” “I’m Carl.” “Hi, Carl.” A group off to the side says, “We’re Jim’s.” “Good to have all of you here, Jim’s.” “I’m …” and so on through the crowd, until finally, “I’m Tired of Waiting.” “I feel you, bro. I feel you.” And then after each of us gives Mark’s head a rub for luck, we and our Rosie Red escorts enter the complex, not to emerge till Opening Day. And that’s how pitchers and catchers report in Redsland and spring comes to Cincinnati!

maxblue…an excellent wordsmith. Thanks for your very entertaining Advent Calendar; well done! An everyday treat leading us up to today. You know you
have created a job for yourself in years to come.

Ditto!!! Great job Maxblu . You helped get me through some cold winter days . And welcome back Neb . Good to hear from you . Hang in there folks . Warmer weather will be here before we know it .

I’ll join the thank you group maxblue. I never got “tired of waiting” . You delivered and shortened some very long days. PLAY BALL!

A lot of fun to follow over these weeks and very imaginatively-presented. Thank you, max…

Funny stuff with the calendar. Although I see no scenario where I’m ever invited to ride in a limo with Bob C. and Walt.

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