Guillon clears, outrighted

LHP Ismael Guillon cleared waivers, and was outrighted Friday to Triple-A Louisville.

Guillon will be at big league camp in Spring Training as a non-roster invite. He was designated for assignment last Saturday when the Reds signed free agent reliever Burke Badenhop.


wtf has haoppened to this guy? I was definitely expecting him to be plucked by someone.

Word is evidently out there to something we aren’t privy to. We’ll see during Spring Training.

@mikewels11. Maybe this is what it’s about. From Steve Adams on MLBTR:
•Reds left-hander Ismael Guillon has cleared waivers and been outrighted to Triple-A, reports’s Mark Sheldon (on Twitter). Guillon was designated for assignment when the team signed Burke Badenhop over the weekend. Guillon, who turns 23 years old today, has been a mainstay on Cincinnati’s Top 30 prospects list (per Baseball America), topping out at No. 9, but he’s struggled to a 4.82 ERA over the past two seasons at multiple Class-A levels. Fangraphs’ Kiley McDaniel recently ranked him 21st among Reds farmhands, noting that one scout called him a “pull your hair out” type of guy due to his wild inconsistencies.

The 2015 season is right around the corner, the REDS still need hitting help in the worse way. Nothing is being done. LOOK at the starting pitcher, right now Cueto,Bailey & Leeake, that is a pitiful rotation start. Bailey (shoule never had that bug BIG contract), he and Leake WAY too inconsistent. Of course the Reds GM will do zero. Always hears his excuses EVERY YEAR, player just doesn’t fit in?); then season starts REDS get way down in the standings and we hear “IT’S EARLY YET”.
Same old, same old every year. REDS GM better get on the ball and get the team some come hitters & pitchers, there are still a few Free Agents worth taking a chance on, PLUS, TRADE. Got a couple of trade items that can bring in a ton of talent if the GM knows what he is doing. Cueto, Chapman the two main jewels & Bruce, mercy!
REDS haven’t won with these guys, or most of them, in years. Isn’t it time for a change?

You need to tone down some of your rhetoric. Won 90 in ’13 and took a Wild Card entry into the post-season; won 97, closing in on the franchise record, as recently as ’12 along with a division title; won 91 in ’10 when this core was very young, plus a division title too. So, they have, in fact, won. On the other hand, have they run their course? It would seem so. But can they undertake the team facelift you recommend? No, there are no resources for such boldness. Is it a matter of a waiting game until the talent at the lowest levels of the farm system bubble up to the top? Pretty much. Such are the unavoidable ups and downs of a small market franchise. It ain’t gonna change, so you might want to look around and attach yourself to a club that has already inked, or is about to, a billion dollar television contract. Then you could pull for a team whose GM could indulge in playing Fantasy Baseball in real life… There are no fantasies to be fulfilled in Cincinnati, Ohio, in the Age of Free Agency and Television Money.

Denny. You’re probably right . It’s going to be long wait . It gets frustrating . MLB needs to fix it’s financial structure before small market teams can compete on a consistent basis . And that is not going to happen .

Spring Training Advent Calendar window #5 (!!): upon opening, we are magically transported to the Reds’ Media Dept. offices in GAPB. There sits John R. who, having drawn the short straw, has been given the task of scheduling the radio and TV announcers for the year. He works for an hour, develops a headache, and solves a Rubik’s cube to relax …

Oh dear God, I forgot, Thom. Thanks Bigblue for crashing me back to earth. I almost wore out the mute button on the remote last year. I hope it is making progress, comming along OK, and will hold up for this season. I have a backup, but I don’t know if it’s quite ready to handle the day to day performance required when Thom is on the air.

Meant Maxblue.

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