Chapman avoids arbitration

The Reds and Aroldis Chapman avoided arbitration Friday by agreeing to a one-year contract with terms not yet known.

Chapman was the final arbitration case pending for Cincinnati, which has not gone to a hearing since 2004 when the club won a case over reliever Chris Reitsma.

In the exchange of salary figures last month, Chapman wanted to make $8.7 million while the Reds counter-offered with $6.65 million. Slated to turn 27 on Feb. 28, he was second-year arbitration eligible.

UPDATE: Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports reported that Chapman will make $8.05 million, which is $400,000 above the midpoint between the two sides’ figures.


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.Good news. Now bring the season on. Locked, loaded, and ready to launch. Let’s see what we have.

I meant loaded as we’re going to get.

By a strange coincidence, today’s STAC window #6 (!) reveals Aroldis Chapman, with his translator, on a conference call with Johnny Football’s brand manager. Aroldis says, “I want to copyright the name ‘Cuban Missile’.” The b-m replies, “I can make that happen.” “Then I want to sue the Kennedy administration retroactively.” “Consider it done!”

I think people from the St. Louis Cards were the cause of the Cuban Missle Crisis and blamed it on the Russians and the Kennedy Administration. Take your frustration out on them and every other team you face. Let the Reds do the suing because they need the money worse than you.

Most of the Kennedy braintrust is six units under, which is wxactly where the 2015 Reds would land if only there were still six teams left in the division!

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