Truck loaded for Goodyear

Another sign Spring Training is right around the corner…

The Reds began loading their truck of equipment for Spring Training on Tuesday morning. I will have a story and video later on, but here are a couple of pictures for now.

truck load 1 021015

truck load 2 021015


From article on by David Schoenfield which I hope is way wrong.
“I’m just the messenger: It’s easy to envision how the Reds climb back into the NL Central race: Bruce bounces back, Joey Votto stays healthy and returns to being one of baseball’s premier hitters, Byrd adds better production to left field, Billy Hamilton improves at the plate, Cueto comes close to his 2014 numbers and Homer Bailey makes 34 starts instead of 23. That could all happen and maybe we see a fun season in Cincy as the Reds host the All-Star Game and then make it to the postseason. But that’s a lot of ifs. For every guy who may improve, there’s a Cueto, Mesoraco or Todd Frazier who may decline a bit. And while trading Simon was a good idea, you still have to replace the 15 wins and 196 innings he provided last season.

The final word: The Reds have two major issues: rotation depth and getting on base. Only the two biggest keys to winning baseball games. Outside of Votto, nobody on this team draws many walks; the Reds were 13th in the NL in walks and 14th in on-base percentage. Certainly, getting 150 games from Votto will help but they still have too many low-OBP guys such as Hamilton, Brandon Phillips and Zack Cozart to run out a consistent offense. If Mesoraco and Frazier decline, the offense will still be one of the worst in the league. The rotation is now reliant on a comeback season from Tony Cingrani and a fifth starter to emerge from a group of mediocre candidates — and that’s aside from Cueto and Bailey both staying healthy. ”

Prediction: 75-87

Sounds like a pretty much dead on projection to me, though I’d lower the win total by two.

Nice picture of Mr. And Rosey Red. Wonder if either one could be a general manager .

Please someone tell me that Fox Sports will be doing the reds games on TV again this year AND where do I look to find out when the Reds will broadcast spring training games.

FOX Ohio will definitely be the carrier, through at least 2016, but, in recent years, very little to no coverage of Spring Training games. One recent year, none at all. Most years of late, a game near the end of the month-long exhibition season. Most of the spring coverage I see is from Cleveland, Atlanta, or the Cubs, should they be playing the Reds.

thank you Denny….what about the radio schedule of spring t. games?

And the Reds never play the Braves anymore, since the move to Arizona, so in the most recent years, pretty much limited to Indian and Cub telecasts. Fortunately, they usually play those two teams quite a bit in the spring.

With radio, you usually get the games of the first weekend, a few scattered games thereafter, until about a week before the season is due to open, when they begin broadcasting all the games. If there are better details than that out there, I am not aware of where.

Last year MLB TV (DISH #152) carried several Reds games in spring training.. Don’t know if they are doing it this year. I hope they do.

If you’re right, I think we’ll be the cellar dweller.

Posted in wrong place. Should be reply to Denny.

Yep. That’s how I see it!

The bright lights of Las Vegas shine through STAC window #8 (1 week from today!): specifically the lights of Harrah’s Sports Book, where we find Peter Edward Rose checking the line on his making the HOF in 2016: 40 to 1. He likes those odds, and puts $1000 on his election – then goes home to sign another 5o baseballs …

Another losing bet by Pete.

I hope not . The new commissioner is at least willing to down with Rose and discuss the matter . I think MLB is so hypocritical with this situation . Their HOF has Rose’s memorabilia on display but won’ t let Rose’s name on the HOF ballot . Let’s let the druggies and PED users on the ballot but not Rose . Pitiful.

@Old Jim. Agree, I just think it will take longer for him to get in. He deserves to be there.

Agree .We can only hope .

He violated the cardinal sin of the game, knowingly, and placed in jeopardy the very integrity of the game he falsely professes to loveand made/makes a good living from. The only thing he loves is Peter Edward Rose. His plaque should grace the Hall only when Shoeless Joe Jackson and the others of the ‘eight men out’ go in before him. Which would then mean NEVER!

So Denny . It’s okay to hit 70 plus home runs all juiced up and break Hank Aaron’s record . That speaks well for baseball’s integrity. Not to mention his memorabilia is there . How about that for double standard . Have you ever made a mistake in your life Denny ? If not , you’re the only human that hasn’t . You sound a little self righteous to me .

Nothing whatsoever to do with self-righteousness on my part. I have made and continue to make missteps all the time, but in my profession, I never consciously committed acts I knew placed that profession in bad light. He knew this and repeatedly chose to play cavalier with it all. Those of us close in age and who grew up in the same neighborhoods where he hung out knew he had recklessly and uncontrollably bet when he was still in his playing days. But it was hard to wrap your mind around the fact that he would dare do such a thing, so central to the game’s history even in Cincy annals, when he pulled the strings serving as field manager. It is hard to imagine a graver affront to the national past-time. As to Bonds and others, there were no clear cut rules in place at the time of their indulgences, as there was with gambling for seven decades before. And the memorabilia argument holds no water: the Hall also contains and displays artifacts from the career of Joe Jackson. He may get reinstatement under the new commissioner (though I doubt it), but there exist no persuasive moral arguments for doing so.

Denny . I respect the fact that you are closer to the situation if you grew up around him and knew he bet while playing . I didn’t know that . I do disagree with PED mess . Just because it’s not written on a piece of paper as a rule doesn’t make it right . As far as the memorabilia issue , I don’t believe Jackson’s should be there either .

I gotta go with D-R-O on this one: if Pete cared about making the Hall, all he had to do was not bet on baseball; he could have bet on all sorts of other things, just not baseball. But he did. Then, when he got caught, if he had said, ‘Yes, I bet on baseball. I’m sorry. I have a problem. I’ll get counseling,’ he’d have been in the Hall 20 years ago. But, no. Truth is for suckers, not Pete Rose. I heard him say in an interview last year he needed to bet on baseball as a manager to get his competitive juices flowing. Yeah, we fans love to hear that! He had one of just thirty jobs in America every fan thinks he could do himself and would give his non-throwing arm to get. But that wasn’t enough, not for Pete. And we’d do well to remember the wonderful kinds of guys he consorted with in his gambling – just the sort of people we want around the game. And no, it’s not okay to bet on your own team – betting means losing, and when you owe money to the man, and you’ve got something worth more to the man than money, like inside information, or maybe tanking in a game you didn’t bet on, then you’ll pay off in that coin. And finally, the Hall is the only honor baseball has to bestow, and the writers, bless them, bestow that honor only in the context of baseball. You can be the lousiest man that ever lived and still make the Hall if you didn’t dishonor baseball. Pete did. He forfeited his claim on the Hall. But if he had really cared about it, all he had to do was not bet on baseball … All in all, I’m sorry I brought it up.

Hard to argue when it’s spelled out . I guess in my heart I wish he hadn’t done what he did .

A Spring Advent tour-de-force of a statement!

Maxblue & Denny. Thanks for bringing it back into perspective in my mind. After so many years I was beginning to lose sight of the real issues. As I look back over my life, I have made bad decisions and choices, and so I have become inclined to look past what others have done. But your right, although one might forgive Pete, doesn’t mean he should receive a reward as if he had never done it.

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