Two-year contract for Frazier

The Reds and All-Star third baseman Todd Frazier avoided arbitration on Sunday by agreeing to a two-year, $12 million contract.

Frazier, who was arbitration-eligible for the first time this winter, will earn $4.5 million this season and $7.5 million in 2016, and will have one year of arbitration eligibility remaining at the end of the deal.

When he filed for arbitration last month, Frazier was seeking $5.7 million while the club’s counter offer was $3.9 million.

“We went back and forth with all of the options. My agent thought this was the best one,” said Frazier, who is represented by CAA Sports and agent Brodie Van Wagenen.

Frazier turns 29 on Thursday, which was also the day his arbitration hearing was scheduled.

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Good to know we have our third baseman for at least 2 more.

He is already assured of being here three more years. Was under club control anyway. This just takes out the first two years of arbitration.

So the Reds get him for the next 2 years for $12,000,000.00. With arbitration this year and next they figured it would cost them more than that IF Frazier has another good year. With that it sounds like a good deal. Also would help them if the Reds would choose to trade him with him under contract and not arbitration elgible until 2017 season.

Nice signing, benefits both sides.
I was afraid the Reds would offer Frazier another one of those stupid (5 years or longer) mega-millions deal.
I mean I love Frazier’s total approach to the game – his hustle, work ethic, etc. – but let’s see if he can match last years production consistently over several seasons before backing up the Brinks truck to his door!!

Well said . Agree . Let’s hope he does .

Todd seems to be an emerging star at the hot corner so I do think this was another good move for Jocketty and the Reds. It does seem the brass is trying to put a good product on the field right now. If everything goes right and all stay healthy, well who knows. I am so ready for baseball and warm weather.

Spring Training Advent Calendar time (window #10): we look in on Max Blue’s begrudged man-foxhole, and find him skimming through his collection of baseball card albums. First, ‘The All Ugly Team,’ featuring Willie McGee, now and forever, in centerfield, with No Neck Williams in left …; then, ‘The All Fish Team: including Ralph Garr, Catfish Hunter, the two Trouts, Mike Bass, Mike Carp …’; then, ah, here it is, ‘The All How’d They Make It in Baseball with That Name Team.’ He passes Bob Walk, Steve Balfour, and slips in the Boston card he got from E-bay of Burke Badenhop …

really?… really? you are not going to state Homer Bailey on the All How’d They make it in Baseball with that Name Team? I am a little concerned right now. haha.

The scene behind STAC window #9 is set in a high school baseball diamond. Jay Bruce has heard about MLB testing a 20-seconds-between-pitches rule in the minors so he’s trying to get ready for when it hits the majors. He’s practicing stepping out of the box; his wife times him with a stopwatch. ‘That was good, honey,’ she says of his latest attempt. ‘Just 27 seconds.’ ‘Hmmm.’ ‘Maybe if you cut out that little Japanese bow …’ ‘Hmmm.’ Just then, his cell phone buzzes. It’s a tweet from Jonny Gomes: Hey, bro, I’m down to 24 seconds! how you doing? ‘Doh!’

Oh, what an irritating subject you raise today. To think that I’ve have to face the reality of seeing Jay constantly walking almost back to the dugout between pitches. Maybe all those extra steps have put unnecessary stress and wear on his knees. Maybe he could repolace that routine with adjusting his helmet like Gomes. OH GOD NO. SHOOT ME NOW.

Was there a Tim Salmon who played ball? I need to add him to the ‘All Fish Team’, if so. And I guess I could include Jack ‘Tuna Boat’ Armstrong.

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