Viciedo unlikely for Reds

Reds general manager Walt Jocketty downplayed a report that his club was pursuing free agent outfielder Dayan Viciedo, who was released by the White Sox earlier this week.

“We talked to his representative but I don’t know if we have a fit for him,” Jocketty said. “They’re looking for more playing time. With our outfield the way it is, I don’t see it as a good fit.”

Viciedo, 25, could have been a fit in other ways. He would still under club control for three more years and would be a right-handed power bat off the bench that hit 25 home runs in 2012. He hit 21 homers last season for Chicago but batted .231/.281/.405 in 145 games.

*Talks are continuing with the two remaining Reds arbitration players — 3B Todd Frazier and closer Aroldis Chapman.

“We’re going to keep working on it this weekend and see if we can make some progress,” Jocketty said. “Until it’s over, we don’t really know.”

*Jocketty wasn’t expecting any more signings before the Reds open Spring Training on Feb. 18.

“I don’t think so. I think we’re pretty much done,” he said. “We’ll see if things pop up here the last week or so but I think we’re pretty well set.”

*If you care about uniform numbers, Badenhop was assigned No. 25 and Gregg will get No. 37. Paul Maholm, signed earlier in the week, was given No. 46.

Update: Skip Schumaker switched from No. 25 to 55.


And I guess they’ll just have fans come down and help out on the Bench this year, Seriously. Watch Jocketty draft another pitcher too in June pathetic!!!

They are done??? With no power off the bench???? GRRRRR COME ON WALT!!!!

Why would you not go after Viciedo??? Ok, so he didn’t perform all too great with Chicago…..give him another shot!!!! He’s 25 w/ 66 homeruns in 3 years!!! He’s also 20 years younger than Marlon Byrd.’

What a joke. Im sorry I have no interest in buying a ticket to watch this team.

Why ? Because in Walt’s 1980’s way of thinking , he’s not 35-40 years old , not an ex Cardinal , he’s not a washed up pitcher ( only pitchers deserve 2nd chances ) and he probably cost too much . What a waste of a GM position the Reds have .

Sorry were going to miss out on this one. If playing time was the issue, then I agree not a fit. Sounds like he doesn’t want to be a bench player.

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If Shoemaker is #55, what number is Matt Magill?

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Schumaker changed his number to 55 any chance we can him to change his status from 40 man to DFA? He is injured isnt he torn labrum last September. With any luck maybe he will follow the route of Jack Hannahan and Ryan Ludwick…. Still hope he doesnt take a roster spot were Lutz would prove to be more useful as outfielder 4 or 5

STAC time, window #11: we get to NSA a meeting between a certain Reds minor league coach, his accountant, his attorney and a group of investors. The moneymen, anticipating the national legalization of a certain controlled substance, want to open a chain of kiosks in shopping mall food courts selling the substance along with nacho chips and salsa. They want to call them ‘Mr. Perfect’s High Heat.’ Would a certain Reds minor league coach be interested? The coach raises one eyebrow; his accountant looks up from the business plan and gives a quick nod; the attorney says, ‘Get back to us after legalization …’

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I guarantee you he would be a fit if he had played for the cardinals instead of the white sox. walt could not have over paid him fast enough if that were the case.

Really??with jay Bruce struggling … Marlon B closing 40 and we don’t need help….what a joke

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