Badenhop, Gregg added to bullpen

Reliever Burke Badenhop was signed Saturday by the Reds to a one-year, $1 million contract with a $4 million mutual option for 2016. If either side declines the option, it can be bought out for $1.5 million. He can also earn $250,000 in performance bonuses.

Also, veteran right-gander Kevin Gregg agreed to a Minor League deal with an invite to big league camp.

A groundball specialist that turns 32 on Sunday, Badenhop posted a 2.29 ERA in 70 games last season for the Red Sox. Over 70 2/3 innings, he had a 61 percent groundball rate with 70 hits, 19 walks (five intentional), 40 strikeouts and one home run allowed.

One of better arms remaining on the free agent market, Badenhop has a lifetime 3.71 ERA in seven seasons in the big leagues with the Marlins, Rays, Brewers and Red Sox.

“He’s able to pitch a lot,” Jocketty said. “He has very good numbers. He is a groundball pitcher that throws a lot of sinkers and sliders. He’s a very good fit for our ballpark.”

A specific role for Badenhop was not identified.

“We can use him a lot of different ways,” Jocketty said. “I think he can do anything. We will see how he fits. He is very versatile.”

Gregg, 36, pitched in 12 games with the Marlins last season after signing in June. He struggled, though, allowing 10 earned runs in nine innings. Gregg was better in 2013, when he saved 33 games and posted a 3.48 ERA in 62 appearances with the Cubs.

In a corresponding roster move, left-handed pitcher Ismael Guillon was designated for assignment.


wait did walt run out of ex-cards to sign so he has to go with washed up ex-cubs now? have to love the signing of a 36 year old pitcher who gave up 10 runs in 9 innings for the last team he played for. typical walt signing though a guy on his third team in less than a year. this will not end well for the reds. this 2015 not 2013 and if he had anything left he would still be a cub not a red. well at least marshall will have someone to share stories with when they both are on the dl this year.

Dude, instead of focusing on the move that isn’t going to make a difference. How about making a point of the one that does. The Badenhop add is a great addition to the pen and he was one of the best relievers on the market. You keep calling out Walt for the minor league contracts he is adding. Who cares?!?!?! THEY ARE ON MINOR LEAGUE CONTRACTS! The Guillon thing does concern me, I thought we were high on him. But it’s not like were defnitely losing him.

Badenhop is legit. Like this one.

Good signing (Badenhop). Gregg??

Surprised the Reds gave up on Guillion – been a top twenty prospect for last few years. Guess his ship has sailed. Gregg is a low risk option. Do see there is anything to get upset about – not on the 40 man roster and reliever pitchers are more prone to up and down seasons than most players which makes the Badenhop signing a little more concerning to me, but sounds like a nice fit for the Reds. Hopefully he has a few more games left in this tank.

nice job walt

I like it. What was the knock on Guillion?

yeah great signing, the reds will be his 5th team in his 8th year in the big leagues. he had a good year for the red sox so why did they not resign him? a era under 4 is good for the reds though. and sure they are minor league deals now but do you really think that that maquis will not make the club? does not matter what he does in spring training he is an ex-cardinal! name one that walt has signed that has not made the club? yes other teams sign guys like this all the time but they do not expect them to make the club but the reds do. has everything to do with the veteran leadership they provide. will there ever come a day when this team will not need a professional babysitter?

You said give you an example of an Ex Cardinal that Jocketty signed and didn’t make the team. I’ll give you two.

Joe Mather
Jason Isringhausen

Russ Springer and Mike Lincoln should also both count but can’t because they did get some time in the bigs with the Reds.

Any more brain busters?

Wow ! I don’t feel so bad now . You sound very knowledgable of the personnel involved .

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