Jocketty on MLB Network

Reds general manager Walt Jocketty appeared on MLB Network’s “Hot Stove” Thursday morning. Topics ranged from the status of Joey Votto and Jay Bruce, the feasibility of re-signing Johnny Cueto and the offseason in general.


he made it through without announcing the signing of another one his washed up former cardinal players so it was a good interview.

The Reds will not be able to sign Cueto and Votto will be hurt by June or he will THINK he is .

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Hey Old Jim,

Take your negativity, and go shove up your……Thanks!

Hey Milkey . It’s called reality . Just wait and see .

Shove it my what ? Not man enough to finish your sentence ?

Window #13 of the Spring Training Advent Calendar opens on another domestic scene – Devin Mesoraco’s in his bedroom preparing for his day. When he goes into the bathroom, he sees a Mercedes Benz logo drawn in the shower steam on the mirror … later on the bar in his man cave he finds a brochure for the Mercedes Benz S600 … then taped to the slimline phone hanging in the kitchen he discovers a business card for Hans Kreutzer, VP of North American sales of, you guessed it, Mercedes Benz. ‘What’s going on here?’ he wonders …

Welcome to your new reality Mes. You earned it. Enjoy it and do some good for others with it.

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Behind window #12 of the Spring Training Advent Calendar we witness this touching scene: in the clubhouse of the Reds Goodyear complex, the grounds crew is training the mayor’s son (captain of his h.s. chess team) in his duties as new ball boy. The crew chief has given him a bicycle pump needle and a box of balls and told him Cueto likes them a little soft. He’s sitting on a bench turning a ball over and over looking for the valve stem, while the crew crowds the doorway behind him with their hands over their mouths.

Reminds me of my first job, cleaning a floor. Was told I would need some elbow grease to do it right. Went to look for it. Learned a lesson at 16.

Ah,yes! Or the left-handed screwdriver …

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