Reds sign LHP Maholm

The Reds have signed left-handed pitcher Paul Maholm to a Minor League contract and invited him to big league camp at Spring Training.

Maholm was 1-5 with a 4.84 ERA in 30 games for the Dodgers in 2014, including eight starts. He’s also pitched for the Pirates, Braves and Cubs during a 10-year career.

This is the second veteran pitcher signed by Cincinnati in the past two week to a Minor League deal. RHP Jason Marquis was signed on Jan. 21 and will compete for a rotation spot. UPDATE: General manager Walt Jocketty said Maholm was signed to compete for a rotation spot as well. That would add him to the list of guys competing for the final two spots — which include Marquis, Tony Cingrani, Anthony DeScalfani, David Holmberg, Raisel Iglesias and Dylan Axelrod.

Maholm could also be added left-handed bullpen depth for the Reds, which already has Manny Parra and Sean Marshall on the 40-man roster and Jose Mijares as a non-roster invite. Marshall is still trying to return from shoulder surgery however.


Quite a crowd of pitcher hopefuls and wannabees at spring training. Gonna need extra rooms and bunks. Come on 2/18, I’m ready.

Not to mention extra beer.

Lots and lots.

another winning signing by walt and the reds! 77-100 record with 4 teams in 10 years. why bother having any of the minor league pitchers come to camp? we read all the time how pitching is the strength of the system and even got to see some good results last Sept. when they were forced to use the ones they called up. but let’s keep signing anybody who has pitched or played in the majors because they have experience while forgetting if they were any good they would not be available to sign. or better yet forget how they got that experience and that would be by playing! something they refuse to give their young guys.

Not how the game works…

by winning teams it is. you do not see walt’s beloved cardinals doing this do you? as much as I hate them all they do is win! and last year all they did was keep plugging guys in from their system when someone went down with an injury and once again they pound the reds and win the division. meanwhile walt keeps using the small market excuse while signing every ex-cardinal who has played in the last 20 years and guys like this and the bernidina’s of the world.

EVERY team has these types of signings. It’s not like the other 29 teams have no non roster players trying to fight for spots.

sure they do but they do not depend on them to make the roster like the reds do. there is a reason nobody else signs them and the bernidina’s of the world. you really think this guy and marquis will not make the roster? as long as they keep the era under 8 this spring they will head north and nothing guys like holcomb and the young pitchers do will make a difference.

I’ve seen many a similar veteran clean out their locker in spring over the years and either go home or back to the Minors. The idea is to increase competition, especially for young pitchers. Would you rather see them earn a job or have it handed to them? Plenty of younger players have beaten out guys for spots over the years … Leake famously comes to mind at top of my head.

I would just like the reds to give their young guys a fair chance at showing what they can do. they never gave lutz a chance last season choosing instead to keep sending out ludwick and skippy to suck everyday in left field instead of actually giving him a chance to do more than strike out as a pinch hitter. same thing with the pitchers they called up like contreas. he pitched 3 shut out innings in a game against the cubs then pitched 1 scoreless inning 2 days latter then did not pitch again for 2 weeks! instead of seeing what he could do they sent out hoover and ondrusek to blow leads. then when they do finally let him pitch he gets pounded and they send him back down.

Leake is one of the best examples Mark. As you say there have been many who have made it and haven’t, been done this way for years, as said not unique for the Reds.

All teams play both sides, as Sheldon and others have pointed out…

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Walt is a loose cannon now

Hey hey got Billy Crystal out !!

We must have two Jims now . That post was the new Jim .

Reminds me of the years when Don Gullet was the pitching coach – throw enough sow’s ears at the wall & hope Donny turns one of ’em into a silk purse Thought we’d progressed.

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you all are joking right? This is a minor league signing… Its a great move to tell a guy come in here and compete for a starting job. Look we have openings. Its not going to happen but if we get lightning in a bottle what was the loss?

Behind the STAC window #17 – Raisel Iglesias has just consulted at an atlas to see where Arizona is; then to see where Cincinnati is. Now he’s on the phone making a plane reservation to Miami to take a long, last, wistful look at the ocean.

Glad he knows where the mound is and what to do when he gets there. Looking forward to seeing the gas.

you’ll get 2 out of 3. The spirit may be willing, but the flesh?

I think with the Reds , it’s more about perception . They act so slowly with everything they do , whether it be signing a left fielder or any other position . It seems they always settle for leftovers . Walt has a long way to go for me to have confidence in what he does . He always seems to be a day late and a dollar short .

Latos and Choo werent leftovers…

Where are they now ? Not with the Reds . They couldn’t afford to keep them . They would rather sign a . 500 pitcher because he’s HOME GROWN .

Wait I also forgot Champman, he was a pretty good signing and player. I actually think are issues started when Walt began thinking he was GM for the yankees and signed Votto and Phillips to the big contracts… I still like the Votto one with it was not 10 yrs, then went crazy and signed all kinds of players to big contracts. hopefully we go back to being what got us to the playoffs, develop young prospects and trade them off when they get too expensive or let them go for draft picks. Make trades for other young players. Stay out of free agency…

“Leftovers” is a good way to put it. Leftovers are cheap, even free, and if we don’t like them after a bite or two, we chunk them. People (or teams) with money eat the main dish ’til they’ve had enough, then get rid of it or feed it to the less fortunate. Guess who that is?

That would be the Reds .

You got it, O.J.!

Bigblu . Lots of good points . I was for signing Votto at the time . I didn’t like the length of The Bruce deal and REALLY didn’t like the Bailey contract . He’s an average pitcher with occasional great stuff and he has had an adequate sample size . I think Latos should have been signed before Bailey , not to mention Cueto .

Agree that I would have been fine with the Votto signing and a big pitcher signing like Cueto. Would have loved some forsight there. And the rest play youth or basic small ball players. I really hated the Phillips, Ludwick, and Bailey deals. Just killed this teams budget.

Thought you would like this Bigblu:
Rangers Sign Ryan Ludwick To Minor League Deal

By Jeff Todd [February 4, 2015 at 2:16pm CST]

The Rangers have agreed to sign outfielder Ryan Ludwick to a minor league deal with a spring invite, executive VP of communications John Blake announced on Twitter. Ludwick can earn $1.75MM if he makes the big league roster out of camp, Jeff Wilson of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram tweets.

A 36-year-old veteran of a dozen MLB campaigns, Ludwick has had a fairly rough go of things since inking a two-year, $15MM with the Reds before the 2013 campaign. He missed much of the first year with shoulder surgery, then slashed .244/.308/.375 over 400 plate appearances last year. In the aggregate, he provided below-replacement-level production to Cincinnati in that stretch.

Of course, a more optimistic look would note that Ludwick was a .275.346/.531 hitter and provided 26 home runs as recently as 2012, and had generally hit at a comfortably above-average clip prior to that season. Texas will be glad to take a risk-free look this spring before deciding whether to commit to Ludwick.

Bigblu: Hard to believe the Reds had a contract for $9,000,000 to keep him, $4,500,000 to get rid of him, and Texas gets him for $1,750,000.

If I remember correctly Ludwick signed his big contract with the Reds after having a decent season, he signed his contract with the Rangers after being hurt for most of the last two seasons, apples and oranges to me. I for one was glad he was a Red when Votto went down as Ryan basically carried this team by stepping up and driving in the runs that Joey wasn’t.

Spring Training Advent Calendar window #16 opens on Homer Bailey leafing through a photo album looking for a photo on which to base this year’s bobble head. He pauses at a baby picture of himself lying on a white bearskin rug. ‘Hmmm – interesting …”

Love it. Homer standing on his head with his butt bobbling around. The first butthead bobblehead. A collectors item.

Hey Walt, you awake yet?

We open STAC window #15 … and there’s Johnny Cueto in full uniform standing in front of a mirror, trying on his ball cap. he twists it to the right … he twists it to the left … he centers it … then turns it facing backwards, and with a quick nod walks away.

Johnny could put it on upside down or inside out and he would still be the man. Go Johnny go!

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