Pena’s Patriots prediction

Last week before Reds Caravan kicked off, I encountered backup catcher Brayan Pena knowing he would have a view on the upcoming Super Bowl between the Patriots and Seahawks. Pena is an enthusiastic Patriots fan as you may guess from the quotes that follow.

“New England, baby, they’re definitely going to win it,” Pena said. “Seattle had trouble with Green Bay. New England is a much better team than Green Bay. I still believe Seattle just got lucky, to be honest with. On the onside kick, if they missed the ball, it would be a totally different game. With New England, that’s not going to happen.

“We have too many weapons to use. We can run the football. We have wide receivers. We have [Tom] Brady. We have the defense. It’s too much.”

How did Pena, who hails from Cuba, become a supporter of the Patriots?

“I’ve been a Patriot fan for years, ever since 2000 when I got here to the States,” Pena said. “The first professional athlete I met was Tom Brady. He was so humble and so kind. I had a man-crush on the guy. And his wife is Giselle — you can’t go wrong with that.”

Pena’s predicted score for a Patriots win in Glendale?

“I would say 27-20, definitely,” he said.

On Sunday during the Reds’ Select-a-Seat event at GABP, a fan asked Pena about the “deflategate” scandal that hovers over the Patriots. His reply?

“I don’t speak English,” he said, getting a laugh from the crowd.


From the Pacific Northwest where the 12’s are THE truest NFL fans…

HAWKS rule and will make everybody talk MORE about deflategate and the legacy of stretching the rules for Brady and Belacheck (sp)….

Up here in Seattle,….
all the way from the Owner down to the fair weather fans…. it is WAYYYY different than being under the DESERVED negativity surrounding the Brown family in Cincinnati and their “money grubbing vacuum cleaner” sucking the Hamilton County Taxpayers dry….

HAWKS by 9….

Haha, I love Pena and his enthusiasm for everything. He seems like such a fun, cool guy!

Today’s Spring Training Advent Calendar window is #20 and behind it … Corky Miller is looking over the cover art for his new book, “Catching the Corky Way.” The picture shows a face from the base of the nose down, the mouth spread in a gaping grin and biting a baseball, while above it looms a huge mustache. Corky takes a black sharpie, draws an arrow pointing to the mustache and writes the word ‘enlarge.’

Reds need to put a “CORK” in their MLB management team. Looking forward to his arrival sooner rather than latter.

Window #19 of the Spring Training Advent Calendar opens to reveal … Mark Sheldon with his I-pad reviewing his coverage plans for Arizona: ‘Day 1: La Cantina Rosita [note to self: leave Rosita alone – remember last year!]; Day 2: Wheeler’s Steakhouse; Day 3: The Wrath of Khan Mongolian Beef [note to self: yum!]; Day 4: Ocean View Fish ‘n Chips; Day 5: Tora! Tora! Tora! Steak and Sushi Show [note to self: chef’s knives are sharp! keep hands in pockets]; Day 6: Burger King …’

Poor Mark. It’s a rough life on the road, making him eat all that food. LOL.

Just read an article by Hal McCoy where Price said Mesaraco is going to catch 145 games this year . I’ll believe it when I see it .

@Jim. Sounds overly optimistic to me. Not sure I would want him to play that many. I think that’s only 1 day off for every 9. I don’t think Molina plays that many. Did Bench?

Bench: 154 in 1968; 148 in 1969; 139 in 1970.
Most for Molina 138 in 2009.

Sparky would play Bench at other positions sometimes when he didn’t catch just to keep his bat in the lineup . I’m not sure Price knows how to do that . Mesoraco’s bat needs to in the lineup as much as possible .

Time to open Spring Training Advent Calendar window #18, to discover … Joey Votto preparing to report to Goodyear early. He’s anxiously peering out the window at his front porch watching for UPS to deliver his order from TommyCopper: 2 elbow sleeves, 2 knee sleeves, 2 ankle sleeves, 1 neck sleeve, 10 toe sleeves …

Forgot the head brain sleeve to keep him wrapped tightly. However, I’m sure he is making progress.

What day are they going to sign Gueto . Oh , I forgot . They don’t need to sign him . They have their number one signed . That .500 stud with 2 no hitters .

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