Four-year deal for Mesoraco

The Reds and catcher Devin Mesoraco have agreed to a four-year contract on Monday, learned from two sources. Mesoraco has already taken his physical and will sign the deal later today and have a media availability.

Terms aren’t known just yet but the deal would cover all three arbitration years and one year of free agent eligiblity.

The club has not announced a deal.

Todd Frazier and Aroldis Chapman remain still arbitration eligible for the Reds.

UPDATE: It’s a four-year, $28 million contract for Mesoraco, says source. Still waiting for word from the team.


Mesaraco is gonna be a stud ! Lock him in !

YAHOO…GREAT News for Reds fans…. Hope MEZ stays healthy and in 5 years can triple his salary because his “stud promise” is fully realized, defensively and also offensively…! I hope and pray he becomes a .285 + avg guy with at least 90+ RIB EYE Steaks per year!!!

Excellent. I honestly beleive Mes can be to the Reds what Molina is to the Cards. Now let’s get Frazier. They are the future. They will be the leaders. Votto and Bruce have proven they can’t lead. Philips thinks he’s the heart and soul, but he’s the only one that thinks that.

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