Extension near for Mesoraco?

MLB Trade Rumors is reporting that the Reds and catcher Devin Mesoraco are nearing an agreement on a multi-year contract extension that would avoid arbitration.

Mesoraco is first-year arbitration eligible and filed for $3.6 million while the Reds offered $2.45 million. He made $525,000 last season.

“My agent came back to me a couple of times. It’s more in his hands,” Mesoraco told me during Reds Caravan last week.

Mesoraco, 26, is open to a multi-year contract and it was something general manager Walt Jocketty said had been discussed on the day salary figures were exchanged.

“Definitely, no doubt,” Mesoraco said of his desire for a multi-year deal. “I definitely enjoy it here. It’s a perfect city for me. Team-wise, I feel as comfortable as I could possibly feel.”


That’s great . I wonder if an extension will mean he’s good enough to catch Cueto . Oh well , just a thought . Almost forgot who the manager is .

It is almost Spring….. Hope is eternal for the new season… Let’s all make this to be very positive news….. There are more than 50% of the major league Baseball clubs that would love to have “MEZ” as their starting Catcher… So this development of a longer term deal IS A GREAT THING and VERY POSITIVE FROM MY PERSPECTIVE. Now, if MEZ drives in 100 + runs and throws out &0% + of base strealers, this year, Walt and Bob C. will look like geniuses if they get a long term deal done….

That was 70 % of base stealers y’all…I suck at typing…

It is a good signing and the Reds did a good job getting it done . I wish Mesoraco all the best including a healthy future .

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