Details on Mesoraco contract

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Here are some details on the four-year, $28 million contract signed Monday by Reds catcher Devin Mesoraco:

Year-by-year breakdown:

2015: $2.4 million
2016: $4.9 million
2017: $7.2 million
2018: $13.0 million

Signing Bonus: $500,000

Playing Time Incentives: For every season 2015 through 2017 Mesoraco reaches 502 plate appearances, the 2018 season salary escalates $400k (maximum cap of $1.2 million)

Incentives: Mesoraco’s 2018 salary can reach an additional $150,000 for every All Star selection, Silver Slugger Award and Gold Glove, an additional $200,000 for a top five in MVP voting, an additional $150,000 for placing 6-10 in MVP voting, $100,000 for placing 6th through 15th in MVP voting and $50,000 for 16-20th (maximum cap of $800,000)

The total maximum cap of escalators for the 2018 salary is $2 million — which means the deal could be worth $30 million.

One percent of his total salary ($230,000 over four years) benefits the Reds Community Fund.

Extra quotes about the signing:

“This is the only organization that I’ve ever known. It’s always been a pleasure to be part of the Reds. This was definitely something I was very excited to really go forward with.” — Devin Mesoraco

“It’s another example of the organization trying to step up and reward a young player we’re very proud of. We Drafted him out of high school. He has overcome some setbacks during his career, but not many. He’s worked really hard. It’s an example of a guy that’s worked extremely hard, has a good work ethic and the type of guy we want to build our organization around.” — Reds GM Walt Jocketty

“When he hit the way he did and caught the way he did [last season], we thought we better get him signed as soon as we can. I think it was a breakout year for him. I saw him when I first got over here and first saw him in Sarasota. When I saw him in Lynchburg, I could see he was really starting to make some change, really progressing and start to come into his own. Watching him grow through the organization is kind of the fun part of our job and develop into one of the best young catchers in the game. You try to lock those guys up and keep them part of your organization as long as you can.” — Jocketty


I think it was a great deal for Devin and the Reds. He is the real deal behind the plate and at the plate. Go Reds and hopefully we keep Devin for many years past this four year deal.

Glad to see this done, helps the Reds to set their budget for the catching position for future years. Barring injuries at this position we are good shape.

Opening today’s Spring Training Advent Window, number 23, we find Bryan Price hosting his coaches at a dinner at Montgomery Inn.

Gotta wear the bib.

When we peek inside today’s Spring Training Advent Calendar window, #22, we see Brayan Pena packing his suitcase for Arizona. His wife hands him his first baseman’s glove, which he strokes tenderly, perhaps remembering the play he made lying on his stomach and flipping the ball backhand to get the out. With a gleam in his eye, he tosses it in the suitcase.

I’m really digging the spring training advent calendar- That visual of Pena might have made my day! Come on, Spring, hurry up!


LUV the calendar.

Behind the Spring Training Advent Calendar window (#21), we spy Tucker Barnhart sitting on the sectional in his man cave with a dreamy look in his eye. He’s been consulting a sports psychologist and he’s practicing visualizing the announcement of the lineup for game 1 of the World Series: ‘Batting fifth, at catcher, T…’ Suddenly his wife bursts in to see how’s he’s coming with that before-you-leave-for-Arizona honey-do list. Moment over.

He can visualize all he wants. Can’t hit. Won’t play. Still love the calendar… day closer.

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