Price confident about Votto

During the hectic Thursday morning at the Reds Hall of Fame before the launch of 2015 Reds Caravan, manager Bryan Price had another positive update about first baseman Joey Votto and the first one since Redsfest in early December.

Votto, who missed 100 games last season with a distal strain of his left quadriceps, has been monitored by Reds strength and conditioning coach Sean Marohn during the offseason.

“The last report when Sean was up in Toronto earlier this month was very, very good,” Price said. “The strength was outstanding, the stamina was good and the agility. Right now, we’re looking to hit the ground running when Joey gets to Goodyear and being able to see with our own eyes where he’s at. I’m confident that he’s going to be ready to go.”


Good news. Hope he stays that way all season. They certainly need 100% of the old Joey Votto…..and that is an understatement.

Agree. Good news. Would have been nice to have a quote from Votto himself, but then again……………….

Good article by John Fay about Billy Hamilton working with DeShields on bunting skills, contact hitting, and strength conditioning. Looking forward to Billy ball.

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Glad to hear about Joey. Been waiting for the “Ba Da Bing” to come back full force.
We know he will make huge difference for the Reds if he comes back feeling strong and staying strong. Miss him.

Good to hear about Votto’s health . I still have doubts about his willingness to adjust his approach to hitting . The Reds need him to drive in runs not walk 100 times .

there is nothing wrong with his hitting, at least he gets on base and does not swing at pitches 5 feet outside and in the dirt like other reds hitters. why is he the only reds hitter that is suppose to drive in runs? what is so wrong with him getting on base with a man on and having somebody else drive them both in? look even if he is healthy it is not very likely he is going to put up numbers like his MVP year. the injuries to his legs have robbed him of the power needed to hit homers but there is nothing wrong with him batting over .300 and getting on base and if that means taking a walk instead of swinging at a bad pitch then so be it.

He’s in the 3 hole . In that spot he needs to drive in runs . The Lead off hitter needs a high OBP . Either that or get him out of the 3 hole .

@Meathgead65, because he was to be paid over $200,000,000.00 to drive in runs not take walks.

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No. 3 hitter: According to sabermetrics and modern day thinking…the player with the top OPS (OBP + SLG) must hit third.

Where’s Votto’s slugging percentage at . I’m old school so you can shove your sabermetrics. Players win games , not stats .

@Neb. Same comment as @meathead65. Does anyone understand $200,000,000.00 when everyday hard working good people are struggling to make ends meet. It is GD disgusting what these prima donna athletes think they’re entitled to. I for one cannot afford to attend anymore because of the price of tickets, parking, food and beverages. Thank you Curt Flood and greed in general. When is enough , enough. End of my social commentary, this is a MLB blog.

Curt Flood is Jackie Robinson updated some three decades. It had to be done! Yes, it has thrown the game across the plains out of competitive balance, to be sure, but it is the greed of the well-off owners, unwilling to share television revenues as they do in pooling it in professional football, that perpetuates the unfair nature of the game today, not the greed of the players, which, of course, is also clearly present and accounted for!

I agree players win games and the players that the Reds are paying the big bucks to need to stay healthy and produce the way they are being pay to do in 2015 as this may well this team’s last harrah.

I wonder if the Reds would ever consider making an effort to bring back Bronson Arroyo,
since the Arizona Diamondbacks appear to have no place for him in their plans for 2015?
I believe a healthy Bronson Arroyo would help to fill the void left by Matt Latos or Alfredo Simon. What do you think?

If the contract was within the Reds’ budget , I would take a chance with Arroyo . He’s as good as any of the other free agent pitchers they have invited to spring training .


He had Tommy John surgery, I think.

It was some surgery and you might be right. Plus he will be 38 when season starts.

It is time to wake up. I grew up with the big red machine back when the flaying field was level between big cities and the smaller ones like Cincinnati. The problem with the Reds is that the field now tilts toward the big money teams, and the Reds still think that they can be a part of them. So Walt puts together a team with a couple of good players and fills the void with what ever he can afford, it appears that Walt can not adjust his thinking to mirror the management of the A’s and their strategy for competing. As has been said its hard to teach an old dog new tricks. Its time to move on and realize that the Reds are not much more than a 3rd or 4th place team.

Can’t argue with anything you said . No matter how sad it may be .

Reminding people that Walt was FIRED by the Cardinals for divisiveness.
He didn’t want the Cardinal way and still doesn’t let alone the A’s. His time was over when they fired him. Personally I would take the Cardinal way. Player development, no franchise players as they let Pujos know. No stupid contracts like 10 years starting at age 30. No $120,000,000.00 contract for basically a .500 pitcher because he has 2 no hitters, which when you take the emotion out of it is simply 2 wins.

Tony Cingrani and Anthony DeSclafani are the current favorites to fill the two remaining spots in the Reds rotation, though manager Bryan Price tells reporters (including C. Trent Rosencrans of the Cincinnati Enquirer) that nothing has been decided. Jason Marquis, David Holmberg and Raicel Iglesias stand out as possible contenders to earn a rotation spot in Spring Training, with Iglesias something of an “X-factor” given how he went several months without pitching while arranging his departure from Cuba.

Denny. I agree . A big reason why the NFL is so successful is the revenue sharing , something MLB doesn’t do . The luxury tax is not enough . Although the owners are to fault to a large degree , the players union has something to do with it as well. Unfortunately I don’t think we’ll ever see a level playing field in MLB .

I agree with all of that, in turn.

Been a Reds fan since the late 1960s – so guess I’ll always be. And greed has no doubt ruined this game as the NFL in turn has been able to at least keep revenues at a competitive balance while MLB has an every team for themselves mentality. And definitely agree with the previous post, screw sabremetrics as those stats can go out the window when the game is on the line. Simply can’t measure a player’s burning will to win.

AMEN !!!!!!!!

Not to be whatever but the guy has been this severly injured over a quad strain? It happened 7 months ago…should of been plenty of time to already hit the ground running.

The Reds are just too cheap to compete! They waited until all of the good free agent outfielders were gone before signing Byrd!!

I feel like the Reds are trying to stay competitive enough to draw fans to the park but at the same time rebuild . At the pace they make decisions , that should take about 10 years . That is unless they can somehow get out from under Votto’s contract and not hand out anymore such contracts .

Just watched Nast Boys on MLB network . If only these Reds played with that attitude and desire . WOW . How refreshing .

Add Homer to that. Averages 1 win over the .500 mark for 8 year career. Add any contract that doesn’t depend on performance levels with incentives for exceeding them. Nice line of business to be in when you can underperform, not play a set minimum number of games and still receive full pay. No risk to the player. I’m sure the players union wouldn’t stand for any changes that would have the players sharing in the risk. I love baseball and especially the Reds, but these contracts and demands are taking their toll on me.

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