Nasty Boys on MLB Network

MLB Network announced that the second installment of its new Bob Costas hosted series, “MLB Network Presents,” will focus on the 25th anniversary of a memorable 1990 Reds team.

The program, “Nasty Boys: The 1990 Cincinnati Reds,” will focus specifically on the three relievers known as the “Nasty Boys” in Norm Charlton, Rob Dibble and Randy Myers.

The episode premieres on MLB Network on Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET. All three relievers were interviewed, as well as manager Lou Piniella, Hall of Fame shortstop Barry Larkin, right fielder Paul O’Neill, infielder Ron Oester, catcher Joe Oliver and starter Tom Browning.

Below is a clip from the program:


Mark…great flick showing a great time. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. If only the 2015 Reds had the fire, tenacity and drive of the 1990 team.

I love the bad ass tenacity type of play, Just “get ur done”. I agree that it hasn’t been there in 2013 & 2014. Don’t know about 2015, but I found it sad that once again (Rolen) we had to trade in hopes of finding a leader (Byrd) to provide some leadership to hopefully fire this team up. We’ll see. Don’t know that Price can instil it like Piniella did.

It is hard to change a person’s personality to make them leaders. These Reds are laid back , including their last two managers . Hopefully Byrd is that player who can light a fire .

Win the game. That’s it. Blue collar approach. Whatever it takes, win the game.

This is awesome, can’t wait to watch. Every once in a while I grab the VCR from storage and pop in “Wire to Wire”. I was really spoiled by that season. It was the last year I lived in Cincy, and I still remember Glenn Braggs robbing that homer like it was yesterday. Jose Rijo & the nasty boys dominating. Larkin, Davis, O’Neil & Sabo hitting the cover off the ball throughout the playoffs. What an incredible season that was. Remember guys like Billy Bates (and when he raced and whopped that cheetah’s a$$! lol). Or Mariano Duncan, Bo Diaz..RIP, Ron Oester, Todd Benzinger, Joe Oliver. That team was just so fun to watch. They played with such a passion. The team absolutely helped turn Barry Larkin into the best shortstop of his era. Not sure we’ll ever see a team play with that kind of passion in the Queen City ever again.

People tend to forget, though, that while they broke out of the gates fast and finished with a delicious flourish, in between, they were a very average club, barely hanging on in the second-half, failing to even play .500 ball after the All-Star break, punctuated by severe offensive droughts, one of which was accompanied by Pinella’s silly hurling of a base bag into right field. They were hardly a team of even-keel equanimity!

Quote from Paul O’Neill concerning the Nasty Boys:
” In most bullpens, you match up lefties against lefties, and righties against righties. Lefties or righties don’t hit Rob Dibble. Lefties or righties don’t hit Norm Charlton. These guys weren’t matchup pitchers. You really could’ve drawn any one of them out of a hat to be the closer.”
Oh how I wish we could have that reality again.

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