Reds claim pitcher from Padres

The Reds claimed RHP Keyvius Sampson off waivers from the Padres on Thursday and now have a full 40-man roster. Sampson was recently designated for assignment by San Diego.

A fourth round pick in 2009, the 24-year-old Sampson has no big league experience and is coming off a rocky season in Triple-A. Last season, he posted a 6.68 ERA in 38 appearances, including 14 starts, for El Paso.

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General manager Walt Jocketty liked Sampson’s power arm that throws between 93-96 mph. He could be a starting pitcher or end up in the bullpen, where he worked in the second half of last season.

“It’s a low-risk, high reward move for a $20,000 waiver claim acquisition cost,” Jocketty said. He’s making the minimum salary and has options left. We were fairly certain that other clubs behind us [in the order] would have put in claims.”


just what they need a pitcher with a 4-8 record and 6.80 ERA in triple A. why are they so afraid to use their own prospects instead of signing other teams rejects?

Welllll, I guess Walt’s job is done for the year. Now, he can go back to sleep. Gonna be a great summer at the ole ball yard by the river.

I guess that’s his way of showing everyone he’s been busy.

???? The scouting dept. must see something the Padres didn’t. Given their (the Padres) success in developing new additions to their pitching staff, this one looks to be a stretch. We’ll see.

Sampson was long regarded by Baseball America as one of the Padres’ top 30 prospects, peaking at No. 9 just last offseason. However, Sampson had a very rough season in 2014, struggling to a 6.68 ERA with 9.2 K/9 and 6.7 BB/9 in 91 2/3 innings between the rotation and bullpen at Triple-A El Paso.

Nonetheless, the former fourth-round pick does come with some upside for the Reds. As recently as last offseason, BA noted that Sampson sat 93 to 95 mph with his fastball and had scrapped a below-average curveball for a more effective slider. Those two pitches paired with a “quality changeup,” per BA, though their scouting report noted that his below-average command could be an obstacle, and that was clearly the case in 2014.

Good, intelligent assessment. Thanks for the info. Nice to read posts like this.

I agree with “metalhead65”. Why can’t the Reds just use some of their own prospects, instead of picking up retreads, or never-weres from other teams? What a pile of horse manure.

Sounds like another JJ Hoover. Fastball and no control. Whoopee!

It’s all the Reds can do . They have NO money . That’s what they tell us .

All teams make moves like this. Chill people!

Nearly every player who is great is where he is because someone recognized a skill, took a chance and helped develop him. Reading these asinine (with a few exception) comments, I realize people have no understanding of how building a team works. You always have to be looking for the next potential development. It’s risk vs. reward. If you can’t understand that, go comment on something you actually understand like World of Warcraft.

We’ve been waiting for the management to build a Successful team since they announced they were planning to build GABP. We listened back then about how “the Reds are going young so that by the time they move into GABP, they will be competitive.” Twelve years and still no playoff wins, and a lot of fans are tired of watching and paying to see mediocrity.

The plan targeting 2003’s opening of the new ballpark failed largely due to the legacy of Marge Schott, having gutted the scouting and player development systems, out of sheer penny-pinching ignorance, and the continued maladministration under the baseball incompetent Carl Lindner, also blissfully unaware of how to operate his heirloom purchase other than through the eyes of a silly fan. The rebuilding out of such a mess began with GMs like Dave O’Brien and Wayne Krivsky, who are largely responsible for reviving those gutted systems and laying the foundation for the club’s considerable success stretching from, say, late 2009 through 2013. But most of that occurred before the current ownership, with their unrealistic promises, and long before Walt Jocketty arrived on the scene. Now that core is being busted up without ever having satiated the ultimate desires of the fan base. But it was almost inevitable given the limited resources at the organization’s disposal. Now the O’Brien/Krivsky Reds have played themselves out and neither the present ownership nor the current Front Office has a clue what to do about it. What’s worse: they haven’t the flexibility to implement and carry out a restructuring plan, even if they think they might stumble upon one!

Sounds like you should be a MLB general manager . I guess not .

That was for Rob .

How about The World of Intimidation, Intolerance, and Self Righteousness for you.

Also for Rob.

Another blockbuster move by the Reds. They are all set up to lead the league in Runs Allowed.

How upste were you people when the Reds signed Alfredo Simon? I guarantee many of you were saying the same remarks then as you are now, because when he came to Cincy, he was an average pitcher at best. I’ve got no problem with the organization bringing in this guy and seeing if they can work out his kinks, because our pitching coaches and staff have done a pretty good job of that in years past. 20G’s well spent in my opinion.

Agree. I think a lot of teams take chances on players off the “scrap heap ” . Especially teams with limited resources . Sometimes it works , sometimes it doesn’t . Simon worked . Who knows ?

Guys this isnt football where half the teams make the playoffs. The Reds have been in the hunt like everyone else it just hasnt happened yet. But not winning a playoff series stinks right now. We should have gotten there by now. I dont think this year is as much of a bust as many here think.

We shouldn’t be surprised with the paucity of post-season success by this club, 2010 through 2013. After all, the great Atlanta Braves of the Nineties and early 2000s won 14 consecutive division titles, operating with a starting pitching staff three-fifths of which were future Hall of Famers, yet managed to take only one world championship during that improbable stretch! Even when a team is exceptionally good (and this group of Reds now have never been that), the ultimate is not to be expected.

Thank God for I suffer from a scarcity of words. LOL. Just having fun Denny. I enjoy your input.

From MLB Trade Rumors…
Reds GM Walt Jocketty didn’t want to handicap the odds of his club signing ace Johnny Cueto to an extension prior to his specified Opening Day deadline when asked by’s Mark Sheldon. Jocketty says the Cincinnati front office has a lot on its plate right now, with arbitration cases for Mike Leake, Devin Mesoraco, Todd Frazier, Aroldis Chapman and Zack Cozart on the horizon. The Reds are also still pursuing upgrades for the bench and bullpen — a process Jocketty referred to as “slow.” Sheldon feels that given the Reds’ full 40-man roster, the most likely scenario would be a few additions on minor league deals with invites to big league camp.

Excerpt from…
Perhaps the best thing to happen to Cincinnati last season occurred after the season when Jocketty met with his players. Almost to a man, they told him they’d been embarrassed about how they’d played and that they believed 2015 would be different.
“I had guys tell me, ‘That’s not who we are,'” Jocketty said. “They said, ‘How we finished is not indicative of our club.'”

So which would be more of a plus for this team. Sign Cueto or (Frazier, Mez, Cozart). To me that is about the same price. I will take pitching all day especially someone who has proven to be a top five pitcher in baseball maybe better… I say no more bench or relief pitching and sign Cueto. It will be the best play.

From MLB Trade Rumors…
Reds prospect Amir Garrett has thrived after giving up basketball this past year, writes’s Mark Sheldon. Cincinnati selected Garrett in the 22nd round of the 2011 draft and allowed him to play college basketball as well, but the left-hander explained to Sheldon why he elected to give his full attention to one sport for the first time in his life. Reds player development director Jeff Graupe tells Sheldon that the shift to focus solely on baseball is a large reason behind Garrett’s 2.86 ERA over his final 14 starts. Now on the 40-man roster, Garrett will be in big league camp for the first time in 2015.

Sounds great !

I don’t understand a lot of the mechanics of team building. I get taking a $20,000 chance on a player with a power arm. But putting him on the 40-man roster … doesn’t that risk losing a more likely prospect who doesn’t fit on the 40-man? Put another way – if we want to bring up a non-roster prospect, doesn’t he get exposed to waivers first? Put another way, is Sampson really one of the top 40 players in the Reds organization, and if so, what does that say about the organization? I’m not being negative here, I really want to know.

I’m not 100 percent sure either , I think if you claim a player on waivers , you have to put him on the 40 man roster . Correct me if I’m wrong .

Those last few roster spots, especially going into spring training, really don’t mean a whole lot right now. Think about the guys fighting for those last spots on last years roster……I was surprised to see him go straight to the 40 man roster though.

From Bleacher Report:

Predicting Which Team Will Undergo MLB’s Next Full-Blown Fire Sale
By Karl Buscheck , Featured Columnist
Jan 12, 2015

5. Cincinnati Reds

The National League Central is once again shaping up to be the most competitive division in baseball.
The St. Louis Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Pirates, who both snagged playoff spots a season ago, are on track to make October runs in 2015. The Milwaukee Brewers are looking to rebound from last season’s second-half face-plant, and Joe Maddon will be angling to guide the Chicago Cubs into contention.
That could be bad news for the Cincinnati Reds.
After adding outfielder Marlon Byrd in a trade, Cincinnati clearly isn’t punting on the upcoming season, but the team has also shipped out starters Mat Latos and Alfredo Simon this winter. If the Reds go into the tank this summer, there are plenty of other assets for the team to sell off.
Some of the names at the top of that list are closer Aroldis Chapman, second baseman Brandon Phillips and right fielder Jay Bruce. There’s no question that Johnny Cueto is the team’s biggest trade chip of all.
The right-handed ace, who is set to become a free agent at the end of the season, ripped off a 20-9 record with a 2.25 ERA in 2014. As his agent, Bryce Dixon, explained to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports, Cueto is looking to land a monster payday next winter.
“[Jon] Lester is a better comp,” Dixon said when asked how his client compared to Reds teammate Homer Bailey, who in early 2014 received a deal worth $105 million over six years. “[Max] Scherzer’s the closest comp.”
Lester raked in a six-year, $155 million deal from the Chicago Cubs, while Heyman notes that Scherzer is aiming for a $200 million contract. Considering those numbers, there’s an excellent chance that Cueto gets traded before the deadline if the Reds are out of the race.

Odds of a Fire Sale: 3-1

From ESPN, Buster Olney…
Top 10 rotations in MLB…
1. Nationals
2. Dodgers
3. Cards
4. Mariners
5. Mets
6. Tigers
7. Rays
8. White Sox
9. Padres
10. Indians
Honorable mentions:
Pirates, Braves, Orioles
…a little bit depressing; 1) the 3rd team listed,
and 2) the team not listed above.

Finally, a realistic appraisal. Red pitching, despite the local hype, was only middle-of-the-road in the NL a year ago, and it has been weakened by the off-season shipping away of Latos and Simon.

Hopefully the Reds can duplicate what the Cardinals did 2 years ago when they had the injuries. They brought rookies who performed way above expectations. Agree with you about the local hype which seems to permeate the Reds regardless of what position is being discussed.

Would a player that put up these numbers look pretty good
on the Reds?…
15 HR/ 43 RBI
20 SB/ 3 CS
Amazing what a change of venue does for a player…
…numbers are for 2014 for a guy named…Stubbs.

Sometimes that’s all it takes. Either a change of management or teams. Have seen it happen before and am sure I will again. But yes those would be wonderful numbers. We’re going to need them. Hopefully Byrd can do it.

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