Seth Smith to Seattle

Remember when I mentioned Seth Smith last week and how he could be a fit for the Reds? Forget all about that.

From’s Greg Johns:

Mariners general manager Jack Zduriencik made a late addition to his holiday shopping cart on Tuesday, as he completed a trade for Padres outfielder Seth Smith that gives Seattle a strong platoon option in right field for 2015.

The Mariners sent right-handed pitcher Brandon Maurer to the Padres in the deal, using their bullpen depth to add another offensive piece to a club looking to challenge in the American League West next season.

Full story below:


When does Walter get anything worth discussing done? The core Reds fans know where the club stands currently. Two successful starting pitchers are gone with nothing to immediately improve the club in the trade unless Suarez can beat out Cozart. Yet, we are supposed to believe it is not a full rebuild. The bandwagon fans may be swayed with organization hype as well as disappear when the losing starts. Feels like the twilight zone.

I agree 100 percent . If tthey feel fans will turn out regardless if they win or lose , they need to look across the way to Paul Brown Stadium. It may take a little time but this is Cincinnati . Fans will stay away . Walt . The clock’s ticking and right now , you’re losing .

I also thought Seth Smith would be a good fit. I hope Suarez frees up Cozart to be trade bait. However, as I’ve expressed, I don’t want Reds to give up too much for LF, because we don’t know if Votto and Bruce are going to rebound. If they do, we have a good shot with what we have. If they don’t, a LF won’t make any difference.

Hi Mark , i dont understand why the Reds are looking for outfielders on the free agency , instead give a chance to the players they have in the organization wich are very cheap and can produce the same or maybe more for any team , in this case the Reds , i dont know what is wrong with that GM ??

For Example does any body from the Red fans know anything about a guy in AAA named Felix Perez , an exellent cuban baseball player that has put amazing numbers every year in AA , AAA and in all the Winter leagues he has play , Puerto Rico, Venezuela,Mexico and dominican Republic , last year was a key piece in the Lecey Tiguer shampionship performing way better than alot of big leaguers who were playing in the same time , right now playing for the Leones del Caracas he is second in Ave in the League hitting a 358 ave, 78 hits, 16 dobles , 2 triples and 9 Hr with 38 RBI’s and right there in the hunt for the MVP , last year he was the team Leader in Rbi’s with 74 in the Lousville Bats AAA for the reds , 36 dobles , 12 HR and around 124 hits plus a very high obp , sluger % and he can play the all 3 outfields ,a very good Lefty bat that hit lefty pitchers as good as righty’s , good spead , and he is been in the organization since 2010 and the Reds never have invite him formaly to Spring Training and when they have give him a chance bringing him for just one game , he has hit like a big leaguer that he is , this past year was an All Star in AAA and he only hit a doble and a trple y two chances at bat with a couple of Rbi’s , something has to be wrong with the GM against him because a guy like this goes every year to spring training do you guys out there can give me an explanation about this , because i can not understand , thanks god there are several teams trying to get him from the Reds , lets see if the Reds give him the chance this Year and you all will see if the guy deserve the chance in the MLB or not.
Thank you to all of you.

Admit I wasn’t familiar with him. Minor league stats look good. Thanks for the input. Helps strengthen the point that Reds have within the organization what they need to compete IF Votto, Bruce produce. Again if they don’t, nothing makes any difference.

The available no. of possible LF’s continues to dwindle. Looks as if we may be looking at waiver possibilities during spring training.

Sheldon, why are you putting this info out for fans to see. Seth Smith is not the answer for left field this 2015 season, so keep this to yourself. If the Reds ever decide to open their bank accounts and go out and sign some talent, let us know. Until then, shut it down.

J.R. – Mark’s job is to , not only report Reds’ news, but also Major League Baseball and news that affects the Reds . Besides , the Reds aren’t doing a whole lot . He has limited choices on what to write about .

Mark any coment from you about OF Felix Perez , you may know a little more about what is going on with this guy that the Reds dont want to give him the chance and dont release it eather , they are blocking his career , give him the chance to show he belongs to the majors or trade him .

Yes why isn’t Felix Perez even given any shot???

Nobody knows why not give him a shot like they have give to Chris Negron , Neftali Soto, Donald Lutz, and alot of younger players that we all know they will take some years to get to the majors , you Mr sheldon as the Writer for the Reds should find out the reason why ? People say that is because the GM does not like the way he plays or the way he is as a person without never even talking to him a world and he plays baseball the way this game should be played , agresive and hard , that is what people who like this sport likes , so i think this guy Walt should meet this guy in person and talk to him to see what kind of person he is , always with her wife and her small daugther everywhere he goes and giving the best of him in everey game to try to get a shot at least in spring training and then judge him walt.
Thank you.

Yep Walt will wait till the other MLB teams get who they want to improve their teams, then pull his excuse book out and pretend this team has a chance to win. Haha. This is the first time since 1983 I’m not even excited for the up coming season. Zero help to fix the team and ownership could careless what the fans feel about it. They only care about making money off the All-Star game period!!! I’m not drinking their koolaid!!! 5th place is all they will see and they will blame the fans for the empty seats and not their own self for bad contracts, failures at EVERY trade deadline to get help. And now the off season they still have done nothing to get to the next level. How many teams who trade 2established starting pitchers and get zero offense help ever make the postseason much less win a World Series??? I bet Zero!!! The Cardinals,Pirates,Brewers and upcoming Cubs are not even worried about the Reds in 2015!!!!

Teams DO NOT make money from playing host to the All-Star game. It’s only for exposure for the city and organization. In fact, in 2013, the Mets actually lost money hosting the game at CitiField!

Denny. I’m not disagreeing with you but does MLB get the money from concessions,parking,etc. Maybe that money is used to pay for expenses . I don’t know .

Ohh realy ? I thought the cities make alot of money out of this event ,

All baseball-related monies generated end up in the coffers of MLB, not the individual club.

To Ray: The cities do, of course, from the tourist dollars generated on the spot and for the exposure that translates into future tourist dollars, but the individual clubs make little or nothing or, occasionally, lose dollars in the short run.

If I remember correctly, in the earlier years the money from the All Star game went into the pension fund but since the players union has negotiated a better setup for the pension fund that money now goes into the MLB coffers. One of the best pension funds in the US of A. Health coverage is outstanding to say the least. Once again the Reds WILL NOT MAKE any money on the All Star game and Hamilton County is already spending $1,000,000 in early maintenance on GABP so it will look nice and purdy for the game. They used some creative thinking to get the seats replaced. It is not about the initial making of money it is about the image projected by the city to attract people and industry. Helps to sell too some of those new condos down by GABP which go like hotcakes as it is.

Earlier today, the Rays reportedly struck a one-year deal with Asdrubal Cabrera, prompting immediate speculation that the versatile Ben Zobrist could be on the move before the offseason is over. Given the fact that Zobrist’s defense ranges from adequate to exceptional at second base, shortstop and the outfield corners, he could help virtually any team in the game. In this afternoon’s MLBTR Chat, I noted that Zobrist could plausibly draw from interest from nearly half the teams in the league, as the one year and $7.5MM remaining on his contract is something that any club can absorb.

I think that guy zobrist is an exellent player for any team , he hits alot and also plays several positions .for 7.5 mill is a christmas gift, jajajaj

What do the Reds have to fill a need the Rays have. I really don’t know, just asking.

The Reds have agreed to a deal for Phillies outfielder Marlon Byrd, with Ben Lively among the players headed east, FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal tweets.

Marlon Byrd comming to Reds according to MLBTR. Ben Lively going bye bye.

Looks good to me…veteran Byrd should help ‘wake up’ the power of the team…
Hamilton CF
Phillips 2B
Votto 1B
Byrd LF
Bruce RF
Frazier 3B
Mesoraco C
Cozart SS

Also, less stress on the bench players; should be far less platooning. Love the bench with Schumaker, Negron, Bourgeois, Pena, Suarez.
Now, on to the bullpen.

How about Cozart on the bench.

Cincinnati Enquirer is confirming the trade is done deal, C Trent and Fayman both tweeted such.

Marlon Byrd
Age: 35 (August)
2014 stats:
154 G
637 PA
25 HR
85 RBI
Has played parts of 6 seasons in LF; 144 G, .993 FLD%

s/b…Age: 37 (August)

Did they finaly finalize the Deal with Marlon ? It’s official ??

Reports today have the Reds acquiring M Byrd from Phillies ?

Mark what’s up ?


Reds To Acquire Marlon Byrd

By Charlie Wilmoth [December 31, 2014 at 12:38pm CST]

The Reds have agreed to a deal for Phillies outfielder Marlon Byrd, with righty Ben Lively heading east, FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal tweets. Rosenthal also notes that the Reds will receive a significant among of money in the deal to cover Byrd’s remaining salary. CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman tweeted immediately before the deal that the two sides could soon reach an agreement.

USATSI_7979355_154513410_lowresEarlier this week, FOX Sports’ Jon Morosi reported that the Reds and Phillies had discussed a Byrd deal that ultimately didn’t take flight. It appears, however, that they finally found common ground. The Reds have traded Mat Latos and Alfredo Simon this offseason and have added few significant players of their own. An outfielder to add to Jay Bruce and Billy Hamilton was high on their shopping list, though, so it’s no surprise they’ve agreed to a trade for Byrd.

Byrd, 37, is owed $8MM in 2015 and has an $8MM vesting/club option for 2016. After an excellent 2013 campaign with the Mets and Pirates, Byrd kept hitting in 2014, batting .264/.312/.445 with 25 homers for Philadelphia. He’s also average to above average defensively in a corner outfield spot. He had also frequently been connected to the Orioles this offseason.

Lively, 22, was the Reds’ fourth-round pick in 2013 out of the University of Central Florida, and he’s quickly made his way through the minors, spending 2014 with Class A+ Bakersfield and Double-A Pensacola. Overall, he posted a 3.04 ERA with 10.2 K/9 and 3.1 BB/9. ranks Lively as the Reds’ eighth-best prospect, noting that his stuff overwhelming but that he does have four good pitches and hides the ball well.

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